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Escher--we're leaving for Hawaii on Saturday. So either I get to be pregnant, or I get to go to Hawaii! (or both). smile.gif
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Dang, PrettyIsa! So close yet not close enough! I'll be on the island of Maui.


I always wonder if I'll ever get to meet any of y'all in person.



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Graceie, QMama & AmandaMom- KmFx for your swimmers to reach the egg and that your 2ww is short with a nice BFP waiting for you at the end!


Dawnjumpers.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifjumpers.gif CONGRATS on the BFP!!!!!


AmandaHope- Congrats on your new niece. Cora is a simply marvelous name (I am a bit biased because it's my Grandmother's name :-))


Maxhug2.gifJust know that in the end everything is going to work exactly the way it is supposed to. Continue to be strong :-)


Krista- YAY for Hawaii! Boo for long days on your feet in Hawaii :-( I hope that everything goes wonderfully for your 1st u/s


Isa- KmFx for your BFP!


Seraf- I am sorry that the timing seems off, but I am KmFx that you get an unexpected surprise :-)


AFM- Thank you all for the sympathy and thoughtful, caring words. I have been MIA because I have been throwing myself a pity party (I'll be honest). Sometimes in life you just feel like you should get a "Get out of jail free card" after having to go through so much and this to me should be one of those times, but unfortunately life doesn't work like that *sigh* On a more positive note we met with a potential, who am I kidding we met with our new Midwife yesterday to interview her and we LOVED her! She sees birth as a natural, normal process and the best part is that she will attend my dream birth a HBAC in water!!! DP and I are very excited about her and her energy so I think we are pretty set on going with her and her practice. We also loved the way she continued to reassure me that I would get pregnant. She talked with us about the possibility of doing an IUI and they could even teach DP how to do it, since it is something that we want to share. Can anyone who knows something about IUIs share about the process/success rates/etc? Other than that AF is still here UGH this has been a ridiculously long cycle def longer than usual which is hella irritating! Luckily I have engagement party and wedding planning to keep my mind occupied. 

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SW what midwife I'm really curious ? I'm doing IUI with a midwife ( Dr Evans ) and she told me the odds are good if you don't have any fertility issues

 oh you two enjoy the sunny islands and isa both BOTH sun and pregnant


afm still cramping from the IUI  drinking my pineapple banana carrot apple egg white ginger  smoothy and sure i will be testing on the 6th

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Dawn!!! Oh my goodness what fantastic news! Beginners luck is amazing - sorry I am a little late to the parade broc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gif

And to answer your question - DW is a brand spankin' new attorney. She was sworn in to the Bar in November - the crappy economy is not our friend.


Isa - I have been thinking about you a lot lately. Between your posts here and your blog...I don't know...I just have good feelings about this cycle for you fingersx.gif


AmandaMom - GO TWINS! I hope your timing was perfect and that this tww flies by!


same goes for you Graceie!


escher - hooray for good numbers! I am excited to hear all about your u/s!


Qmama - how's the waiting going? tested yet? orngbiggrin.gif


Britehug2.gif I totally understand the pity party. And I am so happy you found a great midwife! 


Max, Library, onemommy, mami, AmandaHope, Krista, vegan, seraf, gelly, rainbow, indigo, NAMW - wave.gif


2ez and lisedea - are you still around? How's it going?


I hope I didn't leave anyone out! shy.gif


Things are the same around these parts - still waiting. We spent the weekend in Michigan with DW's family. It was really nice to relax and hang out. I lucked out in the in-law department! They got 12 inches of snow on Sunday so we ended up staying until Monday afternoon then woke up this morning to more snow here! Ugh. It's sunny now so that's nice. I hope everyone is having a lovely day! 



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Hey everyone~ Just put a long post up asking about everyone's symptoms and testing days etc and then realized I was on Q&P, so if I forget you, please check there!!  It's a looooooooooooooong day at school and I'm a bit worn out and frustrated (car won't be ready in time for DP to pick me up this evening, washing machine won't be delivered for yet another week, no one's going to be home to let the handyman in on Friday, etc, etc, etc...)  so I mean well even if my execution's a bit off this afternoon.


Brite~ I'm glad you took the time for yourself and had a pity party, we certainly need them from time to time.  I'm also glad you have happy things to do and plan in the meantime. Just don't give up. Sometimes not giving up is the hardest part!!



Who's still in the wait?!  Isa?  Who else?  We need temps and symptom reports!!


Also, as I said in the Q&P, I found some really excellent books in the nursery as I was cleaning it out. I'm devising a new trivia contest to find them good homes. Watch this space!!!

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Wow, I'm jealous of all the Hawaii bound people! Enjoy the warmth, sun and surf!


I have now had 3 days of copious amounts of ewcm and I'm on cd25. I'm glad I'm not insem'ing this cycle! I think it might be a long cycle but we'll see. I've started charting again...threadkeeper (I can't remember who it is...seraf?), feel free to add a link on the first page...http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1c90e6

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DAWN- carrot.gif I can't wait to hear about your BFP!

- DP has done may IUI's for me at home. That was our primary insem protocol for a long time. We read about it online and watched a midwife do it twice but she wasn't showing us how. You are lucky to have a midwife there to show you. Crossing my fingers that it's perfect. Just remember at first you will be nervous, just try to relax as much as you can.

AFM- My TTC summary: Since September 2009, I have had a total of 7 ICIs, and 11 IUIs, three cycles on Femara and a trigger shot. One start of an IVF cycle and I broke my leg. Three months taking a break while my leg healed. Fully medicated IVF cycle but only produced two large follicles, changed to an IUI. Found a polyp in my uterus and so far one cycle waiting to figure out when I can have it taken out. I have an appointment next week to talk to a doctor. It falls right around the time AF will come so I doubt she will be able to do surgery on such a short notice. We will see... It may take me a couple of cycles to schedule this procedure. greensad.gif
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Congrats to all the Hawaii girls, the kids have been saving up to go to Hawaii for ages.  I think Osha has wanted to go since he saw Lelo and Stitch, which was his first movie.  We're planning to go in 2 more years.  With all I've spent on sperm we could have been there by now.


Symptom wise I have nothing, unless you count picking a fight with Sara (I'm not even on progesterone).  My first symptom with Osha was when I body-slammed a dog.


Hope everyone out there in TV land is doing well.

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Max: I'm so sorry you're in such a hard place. hug.gif This process is so unfair and so totally sucky. hug2.gif I hope that the doctor you're seeing next week is able to do the surgery right away! fingersx.gif

Carmen: It's great that you're getting such fantastic fertile mucus! Way to go, body!

MrsPP: I love that you're trying to keep track of everyone on the list, even people who are MIA. That's something Wehrli used to do, but then she got pregnant. Then I sort of tried to do that, but now I'm pregnant too. So I think it is great if you take it on! I like Michigan. Where in Michigan were you?

Graceie: That sounds like quite a smoothie! Hopefully it will do the trick! fingersx.gif

Brite: Sometimes pity parties are exactly what is needed, I think. I hope the universe cooperates soon and gets you pregnant. How exciting that you met a great midwife! I know TSBC has some statistics about success rates with various methods. You could check on their website. Good luck!

Krista: It seems like you can't be the only QC or Q&P person in the bay area. I wonder who else is there who you could meet.

Isa: I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll get to start your vacation with some great news! fingersx.gif

Indigo: How exciting that your RE appointment is finally almost here! I hope it goes well!

Seraf: Picking a fight sounds like a good early pregnancy sign! fingersx.gif
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Max~ Ugh. What a tale.  I hope you're rewarded with the world's most adorable twins at the end of this, just to make all the setbacks worthwhile. xoxox



Seraf~ Next time you body slam a dog, film it and put it on youtube!!!

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seraF  you picked a fight !  thats almost has good has sore breast !



MAX that looks like a rough road Im glad you and DP are getting a place to talk about it I hope you polip removal doesnt take has long has it seems now and that it does the trick


afm Im totaaly convicned I am knocked up I have the same crampy fullness that I had with DSand I " feeling " that might just be hope  and had a buger and a crap ton of pinapple juice for lunch and am nauseas and hungery again . I was nauaseaed from day three with DS and pukeing for day 7 I might be tottaly wrong but heres to my inpatient hopefulness

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Lurker here, just wanted to pipe in with some interesting info that I didn't know and thought I'd share.  I'm sure most if not all of you have heard about drinking a variety of different herbal teas to help increase your fertility; I know I have.  But last night, DW and I were reading in a new book of ours about drinking green tea while trying to conceive.  This was kind of confusing, since everything we've seen says to not drink caffeine while TTC.  So to the internet we went!  There was a study recently released by the American Journal of Public Health which found that women who drank 1/2 a cup or more of green tea daily doubled their odds of conceiving each cycle!  


Anyway.  I thought that was pretty amazing and I haven't seen anything in this thread lately about green tea, so I figured I'd post it.  


I'm thoroughly enjoying witnessing all your journeys!  Hugs for all the disappointments, and cheers for everyone with wonderful news!  



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Hi all--just dropping in to say hello and give a symptom update. I'm 5dpo and I feel absolutely nothing.  I know it's super early...just hoping something is happening in there!

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Fingers crossed Qmamma.
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Okay, I've been thinking about this and I think I have a good set of questions to determine the winners of four excellent books!    I'm going to do this in stages, so that we can be as fair as possible. 


This  is a matching game.  Below are the  names (the 'real',  full names, not the nicknames) of children from four different works of literature. They are books for adults, not books written for children or young adults (though that's not to say kids wouldn't/couldn't read them).   For stage one I'm going to give the names only.  The first person to give me the book title which matches ONE of the characters gets first choice of the four books (to be revealed when we have our first winner).   Then the second person who matches a person with a book gets second choice, etc.  IF we need hints after a little while, I'll give the four book titles in which the characters appear and we can make it a bit easier. 


JUST A NOTE:  I will not know if you use google to figure out the answers to this quiz, but YOU will know, and won't your conscience hurt you just a bit? winky.gif



SO:  Here are the four characters.




1)  Phillip Pirrip


2)  Frances Jasmine Addams


3)  Eugenia Victoria Butler


4)  Jean Louise Finch


Can you name the books in which these children appear? 


Good luck!!!

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1) Phillip Pirrip
Great Expectations

2) Frances Jasmine Addams
The Member of the Wedding

3) Eugenia Victoria Butler
Gone With The Wind

4) Jean Louise Finch
To Kill A Mocking Bird
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Wow!!  Well done, and so quickly!  So I guess you want all four of the books, then?  Or do you just want to choose one and I come up with three new questions to determine the next three winners?



The prize titles I have to choose from are these:



She Looks Just LIke You: Memoirs of (Nonbiological Lesbian) Motherhood by Amie Klempnauer Miller


And Baby Makes More: Known Donors, Queer Parents and Unexpected Families by Susan Goldberg and Chloe Brushwood Rose


Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation by Kate Bornstein


The Wonder of Boys by Michael Gurian


Let me know your choice/choices and pm me the mailing address. 


I'll be thinking of some new questions. 

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i will be fair, choose one and let the contest continue! orngbiggrin.gif

I'll choose The Wonder of Boys... since i'm a communications geek. (and if my feelings are right and this is a boy, we will need all the insight we can get wink1.gif)
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Good choice.  PM me your mailing address and I'll get it in the mail to you.


As for new questions, I should make you come up with them for not following the directions, but I GUESS I'll be nice. orngbiggrin.gifwinky.gif



How about this one for next choice of book:


Name all five of the Dionne Quintuplets.   Canadians, this is your chance to show some national pride!!!

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