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Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post

Good choice.  PM me your mailing address and I'll get it in the mail to you.


As for new questions, I should make you come up with them for not following the directions, but I GUESS I'll be nice.

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I know~ I"m one to talk, eh? Posting to QC people in the Q&P forum. It's the babies' fault somehow, I"m sure xoxox

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Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post

I know~ I"m one to talk, eh? Posting to QC people in the Q&P forum. It's the babies' fault somehow, I"m sure xoxox

lol... i was just excited and in a hurry (at work) so i skimmed the directions after seeing the "questions"... i'm such a dope, i know. eyesroll.gif

thanks for the book, anyway! smile.gif
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Well, I'm glad you were excited. I'm a nerd, so trivia quizzes about books excite me...


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I think this is cheating, but here I go.  Cause you know, I need to show my national pride!


  • Yvonne Édouilda Marie Dionne
  • Annette Lillianne Marie Dionne
  • Cécile Marie Émilda Dionne
  • Émilie Marie Jeanne Dionne
  • Marie Reine Alma Dionne


I wish I had a picture of the museum as we drive by it when we head up north to see DW's family in Timmins.  It's a little bit of creepy Canadian history, though.

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Yay Gumshoe!!!  Well done~ you make your country proud!  And I would LOVE to see a photo of the museum. It's totally creepy, but kinda fascinating.  Is it still a museum you can visit, or is it just the shabby wreck of the house where they used to live/be displayed? 


And do pick which book you'd like of the remaining three and pm me your address! 


This is fun~ hmmm, what shall the next question be?



Okay, got it.    During the entirety of  Lucy's pregnancy on the TV show "I Love Lucy", they were forbidden by censors to use the word 'pregnant'.  What word did they use instead?


The first person to answer gets the next choice of book, after Gumshoe's made her selection.

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Graceie: Those sound like hopeful signs! fingersx.gif

DesertSunsets: That is interesting. What book were you reading? I've also recently been hearing about how green tea can be helpful in ttc, and I've read that decaf is just as good as caffeinated. I did drink half a cup of decaf green tea last cycle until I got my bfp. I don't know if it helped me get pregnant.

Qmama: I think no symptoms at 5dpo is totally normal. On both of my bfp cycles, I didn't have any real symptoms at 5dpo. When are you going to start testing? fingersx.gif

Library: I love your trivia contests. orngbiggrin.gif

Wehrli: I am seriously impressed with your literary knowledge. Wow! bow2.gif

Gumshoe: Impressive quintuplet naming! :clap.gif

AFM: Nothing exciting going on here, which is good. I'm definitely in a place where I feel like no news is good news. I think I'm going to have my first ultrasound tomorrow, but we won't be able to see anything except the sac. fingersx.gif
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Well it's not my photo, but here's a peek.  This is the Dionne Quints museum from google street view.  It's just their house plunked on the side of the road and I guess there's artifacts inside.  Here's a better pic of it.  It's kind of anti climactic.  My apologies.


I'd love the copy of And Baby Makes More: Known Donors, Queer Parents and Unexpected Families by Susan Goldberg and Chloe Brushwood Rose.  I loaned mine to our donor and he kept it. greensad.gif  I really enjoyed the book, but I know some of the parents and kids in it (queer Canada is small!), and it made the book that more special.

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I love lucy- Expecting
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Max~ Well done!! They also used 'enciente', but yours is the word they used most often. Woohoo!!!  Good job!!!  Which of the two remaining books would you like? PM me your address and I"ll get these all in the post this weekend. 



Gumshoe~ Thanks for the links! Very cool!  I've read a few books about them, and while it's a sad story, it's still kinda fascinating.  I'll be happy to replace the book your donor STOLE!  It's cool that you know some of the people in it!


Escher~ Thanks! I enjoy putting them on, and y'all are certainly helping me clean out my nursery!!  Sending you the magic opks was still the best, though.


Okay, one more question to determine the fate of the final book!!



Brooke Shields' had her first modelling job when she was less than a year old. For what product did she model?



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Ivory soap
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Thanks Library! How fun to have a little contest. I would like "She Looks Just LIke You: Memoirs of (Nonbiological Lesbian) Motherhood" by Amie Klempnauer Miller. I started reading some of it on amazon and it looks interesting. joy.gif
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Escher--I'm not going to test until Monday 2/28.  That will be the day that AF is due.  I'd like to wait until 12dpo, which is the 1st, but I'm sure I'll be too excited to wait.

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Gelly~ You win!! Thank you for playing the Queer Book Challenge!!!  I guess you get Gender Outlaws, so I hope that's okay with you!  PM me your address and I'll mail it this weekend.


And thank you to everyone who played!! A very fun diversion. I must clean out my book stack more often....


QMama~ Fingers crossed for you.


Isa~ How you feeling?


Who else is in the wait? I've been so swept away by my question making that I've forgotten to enquire about anyone's actual status. Love and luck to all!!

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Wow, a lot has happened on the board since I last posted. AF came and went and I am now on day 7 of my first clomid cycle. (50mg a day, cd5-10, unmonitored). We only have 2 more tries before our big move to Virginia so here's hoping. 


Magic Baby Dust to you all!

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Hey everyone... I'm back, haha. Not that it looks like there's anyone here from when we were trying for our first a year and a half ago. Our daughter is now 9 months old and we're going to be starting TTC (with DW carrying this time) in May or June of this year. We weren't going to try for number two so soon, but we found out our beloved friend and KD is moving to Korea indefinitely beginning in August! We really want to use him as a donor again, so I guess that means we're going to be trying sooner than we thought. We'll have a few cycles to try and get knocked up- hopefully we get lucky. Otherwise we are contemplating switching donors (which we really really realllllllllly don't want to do) or banking some of his swimmers (which is kind of expensive for us.) Here's hoping. Anyway, DW has started charting this cycle so we can get prepared. I'll see if I can get her to sign up for an account here too.


I'll have to read up and and get updated on everyone!

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Thanks for all the support and veggies, all!!! This is all just starting to sink in. I will plan to join the Q&P board when we get our second HCG test back and we know things are progressing.


Krista – Thanks for the info! Hoping you have a great, relaxing time in Hawaii. rainbow1284.gif


DesertSunsets – Welcome!! smile.gif Hoping to hear from you again soon!


Library- Loving the trivia contest! I think the only one I would have gotten was “Great Expectations” but it was fun to read everyone’s answers. Congrats to the winners!


Escher – Yay for your US and thanks for the info!! I just found out that we’ll be scheduled for one sometime toward the end of next week (5 weeks) if all goes well with the HCG tests.


AmandaMom, Graceie, Qmama, Isa and anyone else who is in the TWW - Fingers crossed for you all! I can’t wait to see your results! How are you feeling? shamrocksmile.gif


Isa, if I remember correctly, you were having some very promising symptoms! Hoping that we hear from you before the big trip, but if not, have lots of fun in the sun!!! I love Hawaii – so jealous!


Graceie – I might need your smoothie recipes! A pineapple banana carrot apple ginger smoothie sounds delicious!


AmandaMom – We were joking around about having an 11/11/11 baby as well! I think our actual EDD would be 11/1/11 which is still pretty cool.


Max – Hugs! Thinking of you. hug2.gif


Brite – Sounds like you found a great midwife! We just had the one IUI, so I would definitely not claim to be an expert here. Actually we really just dealt with the PA in the RE’s office since we were not really a complex case, but we actually liked her much better than the RE anyway. The RE tried to prescribe Clomid even though DP had no known fertility issues and we pushed back and said that we wanted to do a natural cycle with monitoring and a trigger to help with timing everything correctly. Anyway, hope AF is over soon for you and that the good energy from your midwife helps move you forward into a successful cycle!


Indigo – Yay for an RE appointment and a day off! Are you working with the same one you’ve worked with before?


Seraf – actually laughed out loud at the idea of you knowing you were pregnant by body-slamming a dog.


Carmen – Yay for charting! When do you think you’ll start inseminating?


MrsPP – It’s nice to have good in-laws! I was asking about your DP line of work because I work in HR, but unfortunately don’t deal much with attorneys. Hope that she has some good luck soon! shamrocksmile.gif


OneMommy – What a veggie parade!! Thnaks!!!


GoVegan - Good luck this cycle! Looking forward to hearing your next update! Hi to everyone else!!!


Afu, got the official blood test confirmation today that Ally is pregnancy. HCG numbers were 383 this morning (14DPO.) They told us that’s a good and normal number and want to check again on Friday to see the progression. We’ve been starting to look at midwives and hospitals in the area and I’m amazed at how few there are here in Central NJ, but there seems to be a practice nearby that is affiliated with the hospital we’d like to use and they have a birthing center there. Now we are just vacillating wildly between anxiety over something going wrong and total excitement. I wish I could peek into the future to the end of the first trimester just to reassure us. I think I’ll feel much better after we get Friday’s beta result, then it will be onto stressing about what the next test may or may not show.   In the meantime, Ally's been sleeping non-stop but fortunately no nausea yet. 


Also – question for you all who have done this before – Ally and I want to wait until 13 weeks to tell people, but she still wants to tell her mom and dad and my mom when we see them this weekend and next. She’s thinking that if anything does go wrong, she’ll want to have family support. I’ll support her either way on this, but I am kind of nervous because I feel it’s important to tell our parents around the same time, but I’m not sure I want to tell my mom this early. Especially since my mom is sometimes …. how to put this delicately… CRAZY. I just don’t want my mom to say anything stupid. I’m 99.9% sure she’ll be happy for us (she was all for us adopting when a family situation arose where it seemed we may have needed to step in), but she may need some time to deal with the idea of Ally being pregnant, sperm donor, etc. I can deal with Mom’s craziness if the pregnancy sticks around, but in the event it doesn’t, I don’t want any additional stress. Also, then there is all the pressure of them knowing that we are actually TTC. Isn’t this why people usually wait??? Thoughts?

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Library--darn! I missed the whole contest. Oh, well. Next time?

Dawn--I've been having a similar dilemma. IF I'm preggo, we'll find out about 5 hours before we go spend a week on vacation with my mom and stepmom. They know we're trying so there's no way I'll be able to avoid just telling them (plus the giddy, happy, giddy, of course). DP's parents live in Florida so we'd have to tell them over the phone since we're not scheduled for any visiting until at least May, and her mom also knows we're trying and will require an update before we get back from Hawaii. Which leaves my dad and his wife. They live a little over an hour away and we see them pretty regularly. But clearly we won't see them until we get back from the vacation. So do we call DP's parents on the day we find out, tell my mom when we see her that evening, and...call my dad? Wait until we can do some kind of cutesy in-person announcement? I don't know. I'm leaning towards calling him because I hate to think that he'd be the only parent to not find out as soon as we do (and he said some dumb thing about how we really really REALLY should wait a year before getting pregnant because our lives are busy and we should enjoy just being married and blah blah. Saturday is the day before our 1st anniversary so I think it'd be funny to call and say that we just couldn't wait one more day). Any advice? With our friends we're planning to tell the ones who know that we're trying fairly early, and hold off on any bigger announcements until it's further along.

Hi everyone else!

AFM, you ask? Well, I don't know! Things ache and then stop aching. I feel sick and then feel better. Temps are up, but not super up. I get all hopeful and then convinced that this is just a particularly impressive delusion I'm setting up here. I have made steps for either outcome--DP and I are ready to do one more try with our dr and then go to the fertility clinic. And I've also sent in a request to the nearest excellent daycare to be added to their waitlist. Good to have all my bases covered.

And YAY for DOMA not being defended. I hope this doesn't come back and bite us.
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dawn, i hear you about making the "right" decision about when to tell the news... both sets of our parents knew we were TTC so we wanted to tell them right away for the same reasons your DP wants to tell her parents. and it was good, because we did m/c our first and we really needed that support. when we got the second BFP we waited just a few days until we had 3 betas and saw properly rising numbers then told our parents. we waited to tell everyone else until we saw the heartbeat at an 8 week u/s. for us, that was a long enough wait and once you see/hear the HB, the chances of m/c are so much slimmer. and by that point, we would have needed even more support than our parents could offer... we would have needed the support of our whole family/friends.

good luck with you decisions!! and congrats on your pregnancy!!!
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KSDoulaMama - Hello and welcome back winky.gif


We know each other IRL - her DW and my DW were childhood friends!


Max - I am currently reading the book you picked - I LOVE it! I will be anxious to see what you think!

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