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Library- I'll have to pm you later tonight for some reason my phone won't let me send pm's. Go figure! This phone is not cooperating...I finally got in to see my new RE on Wednesday March. 1st! Yeah...that should be either 14DPO OR CD1. We are finally back in the game. Thanks for the contest and the book...:-)
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Welcome back. KS : ). hope your dw gets knocked up before your donor moves

ISA and dawn good luck with the folks I will be doing my best not to tell mine until after the baby is born lol.

ISA fingers crossed sounds good to me

Dawn one apple one banana two carrots a hunck of ginger root some pineapple juice ( tomorrow real pineapple chunks ) and a little coconut milk and a handful of seeds chi sesame and flax . You can tast the seeds but they add something I'm told

Afm. Feeling the very same crampy fullness I had with ds siting in star bucks and can't really crosses my legs and I nearly puked this am ! Plus my breast are extra tender . I would say I'm jumping here being only what 3 days past O. but with ds I felt very pregnant very early so maybe also was up at 5 am:eat stufing my face . Called a midwife this am to schedule a meet and greet . Went to Costco this am plus produce delivery getting ready to make a crapnton of food sitter here to so I can cook with two hands
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Originally Posted by KSDoulaMama View Post

Hey everyone... I'm back, haha. Not that it looks like there's anyone here from when we were trying for our first a year and a half ago. Our daughter is now 9 months old and we're going to be starting TTC (with DW carrying this time) in May or June of this year. We weren't going to try for number two so soon, but we found out our beloved friend and KD is moving to Korea indefinitely beginning in August! We really want to use him as a donor again, so I guess that means we're going to be trying sooner than we thought. We'll have a few cycles to try and get knocked up- hopefully we get lucky. Otherwise we are contemplating switching donors (which we really really realllllllllly don't want to do) or banking some of his swimmers (which is kind of expensive for us.) Here's hoping. Anyway, DW has started charting this cycle so we can get prepared. I'll see if I can get her to sign up for an account here too.


I'll have to read up and and get updated on everyone!

Welcome back! I remember seeing your name here :) There are a couple of us currently on this thread trying for #2 around the same time. Good luck!


Originally Posted by DAWNMP1 View Post

Carmen – Yay for charting! When do you think you’ll start inseminating?

Afu, got the official blood test confirmation today that Ally is pregnancy. HCG numbers were 383 this morning (14DPO.) They told us that’s a good and normal number and want to check again on

We won't start until April at the earliest. Maybe a bit later depending on if my cycles come back in any sort of predictable way.


Great beta number! We told several friends the first time I was pregnant and I ended up having a m/c at around 10 weeks. It was hard to have to tell everyone. We chose not to tell anyone when I was pregnant with DD until 13 weeks. It's such a personal decision though. I would tell your DP (and you) to do whatever she feels she needs to do to feel secure and happy :) Focus on what you need rather than others at this point (imho).

Originally Posted by Graceie View Post

Afm. Feeling the very same crampy fullness I had with ds siting in star bucks and can't really crosses my legs and I nearly puked this am ! Plus my breast are extra tender . I would say I'm jumping here being only what 3 days past O. but with ds I felt very pregnant very early so maybe also was up at 5 am:eat stufing my face . Called a midwife this am to schedule a meet and greet . Went to Costco this am plus produce delivery getting ready to make a crapnton of food sitter here to so I can cook with two hands

I also really felt pregnant early on when pregnant with DD. Sounds promising!


Someone mentioned green tea for fertility on here (sorry, I can't seem to find the post). Green tea is supposed to really help with fertile cm as well! I drank tons of it when ttc DD. Thanks for the reminder!

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Krista - I hope you get a little time to enjoy yourself in Hawaii. I can't wait to hear the good news about your ultrasound. thumb.gif

Indigo - DP's cycles sound perfect. Best of luck for your RE appointment Friday. Not long before you jump back on the TTC roller coaster!

Brite - I understand about your pity party. I think we all mourn a little after each unsuccessful cycle. It's healthy and necessary. I'm glad to hear you found the perfect midwife! joy.gif

Graceie - Your smoothie sounded delicious... right up until the egg white. Blech! lol.gif How many dpo are you now?

Max - Thinking of you and really hoping you don't have to wait long before you can try again. hug.gif

Seraf - I'd love to hear more about how you body slammed a dog! biglaugh.gif Fingers crossed tight for you!

DesertSunsets - Thanks for the info about the green tea! I've heard green tea has very little caffeine in it anyway. I'm going to brew a cup right now!

Library - What a fun trivia contest. I'm sorry I missed it, though I didn't know any of the answers. redface.gif

Vegan - Glad to see you're back! I'm really hoping this is your cycle. fingersx.gif

KSDoula - Welcome back!

Dawn - 11/1/11 is a very cool due date. joy.gif I don't have any suggestions as to when to tell your parents about the pregnancy, but I can say we plan to only tell those closest to us that know we're TTC. We'll tell everyone else at 10-12 weeks. Sue's parents are not going to take it well, so they will be the last to know. They're old and rich and republican and will totally be blindsided by our news. I secretly can't wait to shock them. We're pretty certain, though, that because I will be the one carrying, they won't consider them as grandchildren.

Isa - Your chart looks great, and your symptoms sound fantastic! fingersx.giffingersx.gifdust.gif

Hello and hugs to anyone I missed!

AFM, 3dpo and no symptoms yet. Still testing positive on the HPT's because of the trigger shot. It's so nice to see two lines on those things, even if it means nothing! I'm going to wait until they turn negative then not test until 11dpo. Things have been a little rough at home these past few days. I think TTC is really taking a toll on our emotions. DP even went so far as to blame me for not being pregnant yet. mecry.gif All I have to say is this try better have worked!!
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AMom, hug.gif I'm sorry you and DP are having a rough time recently... I'd bet she didn't really mean what she said, and if she did, she's wrong! Your time is coming... And very soon! Like in 9-10 days! It's about time that all of you that were around while I was ttc get pregnant! It's just not fair... Sending you lots of fertile implantation thoughts goodvibes.gif
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Hi everyone! So many posts, BFP's, new members, contests, and lots in the 2ww! I am trying to catch up!


I've been lurking, but haven't had anything to chime in about recently. And nothing new over here really. Still waiting for AF to show. whistling.gif Today is cd36! This has been the longest cycle I've had in over a year! If I don't start by Thursday, then the doc wants me to take meds to start. Assuming there are no cysts or issues once AF starts, then I'll be doing injectibles this month! joy.gifMy RE feels really good that this is going to be the trick. My AMH level came back....(wait for it)....a 17! RE said it's the highest she's seen - EVER! Ugh. But, she still isn't worried and says I'll be fine and shouldn't have any issue getting pregnant. She said typically a level that high would mean immediate PCOS, but all my other blood work suggests I am not poly-cystic. Who freakin' knows. Im just one complicated person I guess. Ha!


Sooooo jealous to the Hawaii girls! We took an extended weekend trip to Chicago and Milwaukee last week and over the weekend. We had a way fun snowmobiling trip north of MKE with their 14" of WI snow! It was fantastic and DS was in heaven with all the white stuff! Now, we're back in the swing of things in Memphis.


Baby dust to everyone!

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Hello everyone,


2EZ~ Glad that you had a great trip. Next time you should give a shout out when you are coming to Chi-town.


Dawn~ Congrats and I hope that you have a sticky bean. dust.gif


Escher~ Congrats to you too....did you have another beta today? goodvibes.gif


Isa~ yeah for Hawaii!


AmandaMoM~ TCC is hard on relationships...it is a very, very emotional process. Hugs to you...and your DP.  hug2.gif


Gracie~ yummm that smoothie sounds good...minus the raw egg white. yummy.gif



AFM~ I've also been lurking. Library's trivia contest got me to pop in.


I was throuwing myself a little pity party as well...I finally got my allow for infertility treatments only to have to wade through 3 more weeks of red tape between the insurance company, my OBGYN and my new RE. I had a major melt down last week and DW and I then got into it because she thought that I was getting too emotional or something. She just wanted me to be patient...we got the okay we just had a bit more red tape to work through. I was just upset...I was tired of jumping through hoops.


Between now and then, the paperwork was applied for, faxed, interpreted...and whatever else needed to be done. I finally was able to get scheduled for my first consultation appointment with my new RE. I go in on March 1st...which will either be 14DPO or CD1. I am so excited I can't wait to get in there and get going. We have had to sit out these last 3 months trying to get everything with the insurance company settled and taken care of...being of 'advanced maternal age'...I'm itching to get going.


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Good morning everyone.  Nothing to report over here.  No time for personals, either, I'm running away to make a chicken and some cookies and rice crispy treats and sushi.  Geeze, I think that's all.  So happy to be off work again.  I was going to say something here... oh!


Escher!  How was the ultrasound?


Isa, you're 14dpo??  Your chart looks great!

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Good morning QC folks.  I'm just dropping by to say good-bye for now.  Life has been crazy and busy and I'm taking some time to reconnect with my partner before we do any more inseminations. I'm really adamant about only wanting to have a baby when my relationship is super solid and happy, and my current school/work schedule (that will last for the next four weeks) makes it so dp and I have one day per week to spend the day together...which is unacceptable and a drastic shift from the way we have always structured our time.  Right now I can't imagine moving directly into growing a baby from a place of missing my dp.  So, I'm taking an indefinite break from this process--although I know I'll be back again.


Hoping by the time I return you have all moved over to Q&P or Queer and Newborn.  Escher, I'm so incredibly happy and excited for you, and Library--your babe is coming out into the world soon!  How unbearably exciting.  Sending so much luck and love to everyone else.  I'm off to enjoy the snow day we're having here.  -e  

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Hi Everyone,

Seraf: I continue to smile every time I see your fantastic ticker. So Ari thinks you have a boy in there? Could be! fingersx.gif

Rainbow: It sounds like you're making a smart decision to prioritize your relationship and take a break from ttc. I look forward to seeing you back on QC whenever you're ready. I hope you have a great snow day today! I'm still hoping to have another snow day this year, but it is certainly starting to feel like spring around here...

Gelly: I'm sorry about all the challenges you've been facing with getting coverage. It's exciting that you have your first RE appointment next week! I hope it is useful and reassuring.

2ez: How exciting that you get to try injectables! It's funny that your AMH level was so high. Bodies are weird, I think.

AmandaMom: I'm sorry you're having a tough time with your DP. TTC can be so stressful. hug.gif

Graceie: It sounds like you're having exciting symptoms!

Isa: fingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.gif

Dawn: I think the question of when to tell people is really tricky. When we had a miscarriage, we had told almost nobody IRL that we were pregnant. In some ways that was nice, because we didn't have to untell many people and we didn't have to deal with lots of other people's reactions. On the other hand, it was difficult to be in lots of emotional pain (and in my case, physical pain) and have so little support. I think we may tell a few more people (including my wife's parents) after we hear the heartbeat (fingersx.gif), but we're planning to wait to tell most people (including my parents) until the end of the first trimester. Good luck making a good decision for you!

KSDoula: Welcome back! It's exciting that you'll be trying for #2 so soon!

Vegan: How is the clomid treating you so far?

AFM: I postponed my ultrasound until Saturday because of my work schedule. I was late to work twice last week because I was getting the blood hcg tests done, and I just didn't want to be late again this week. I'll let you know as soon as I have ultrasound results! fingersx.gif
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Rainbow, it's understandable for sure.


I remembered what I came to say this morning.  The dog story.  Way back in the day, when I was 21, I was taking the dog and the kid I watched for a walk in the park.  I let the dog off leash to play fetch and she kept running by and nipping at me.  She came from behind, took a flying leap and her teeth grazed my upper arm.  My hand shot out, grabbed her harness, yanked her backward out of midair and we both went down.  I pinned her and was screaming, "don't you EVER EVER EVER do that again!" before I got control of myself.  


Today I got grumpy at the idea that I should use the mac and was ready to throw it out the window when it wouldn't cooperate with my desires.  I have tender ta-tas (that looks less saggy) and just general starvation.  So nothing pregnancy specific, could all be PMS symptoms coupled with working 99 hours in 8 days *shudder* and failing to eat a lot of the time.

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KSDoula—Hi! And welcome back!

Gracie—sounds like good signs all around! Have another piece of pineapple!

AMom—I’m sorry you’ve been having a tough time. I think it’s hard all around. Also, Sue’s parents sound like my grandparents. I’m not looking forward to that conversation At. All. But it’ll all turn out fine and soon you’ll have nothing to fight about because you’re having twins! thumb.gif

2EZ—What a crazy cycle! I hope it ends soon so you can get going on the next one!

Gelly—Yay! I’m glad things are finally moving for you! It’s been such a bunch of red tape, but hopefully now you’ll have things work out beautifully! Also, maybe we should all send our DPs on some kind of sensitivity training retreat…

Seraf—I was just eyeing up a rice crispy treat in a restaurant yesterday and thinking that it had been far too long. Our favorite pizza place used to have all-you-can-eat night with salad, beer, pizza and rice crispy treats. Apparently it wasn’t as popular as you’d expect, though, because it closed. greensad.gif Poor beast! I doubt it knew what hit it! Just don’t throw you mac around—we need you to keep us entertained!

Rainbow—take all the time you need! I hope that you get through the next four weeks smoothly and that you and your DP have lots of opportunities to reconnect and decide when you should hop back in.

AFM—feeling pretty down today. I started getting back pain and more cramps and generally feel PMSy rather than preggo. Sad. Clearly I don’t have enough hormones, though, because I haven’t cried about it, but I sit around wishing I could. Still going to try to avoid testing tomorrow because I really don’t want to get a BFN and then have to come to work, so one more day before I know for sure. gloomy.gif
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Hey all...just checking in to say hi! I have been lurking but it has VERY hard to keep up with everyone when I am not on the forum 25 times a day. redface.gif On top of my normal job, I am in the process of working on my national board certification for early childhood (it's due on Library's due date!!! smile.gif) and directing the elementary spring musical....I get my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday (all 4...3 impacted crap.gif), and DW is spending the weeked off island for clinicals (emergency room and ambulance). A lot of NOT fun stuff going on....I guess I am glad I am not pregnant (kinda wink1.gif) on top of it all. We are also trying to save up money before trying again...so i am guessing we won't try again until around May.greensad.gif Who knows though... http://8tracks.com/ has been getting me through the days!

Congrats to Dawn! joy.gif I told people right away that I knew I would want to talk to about it if i miscarried (a few people at work and family members)....but when I actually did miscarry, i wished that i had only told family members (next time!!)....DW's grandma did make some pretty bad comments afterwards...she is pretty crazy herself! smile.gif I say go with your gut....but definitely respect your DP's decision!!

I love your triva, Library! Wish I had been around for it! smile.gif

Good luck to all in the 2WW!!! dust.gif

Love to you all!!

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Hey all,


For anyone interested, the book DW and I have been reading (the one with the green tea suggestion) is called, "Do You Want to Have a Baby? Natural fertility and pregnancy care" by Sarah Abernathy and Linda Page.  I bought our copy on Amazon used for $0.01 and $3.99 shipping, yay! 


It's been pretty decent, so far.  A lot of herbal remedies and supplement suggestions.  It also has a section on increasing male fertility, for anyone interested in trying to get their KD to help out that way too. 



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Hey ladies~ I feel all boring today because I don't have prizes for anyone, but I thought I'd say hello anyway.


Dawn~ Hooray for the confirmation!  But your dilemma is a real one for sure.  DP and I didn't tell my family we were trying because of the pressure, as you said. It took us a while, and the only thing that would have made the unsuccessful cycles worse would have been my mom on the phone every five minutes asking if it had worked or not. We ended up telling my family around 9 weeks. I can only say it's a personal thing and best of luck!!



Isa~ Sorry you're feeling so discouraged, but don't give up yet.   xoxo  I second the YAY on DOMA, but also wonder what will come of it. But those who oppose it would have continued to discriminate no matter what, so it can't be THAT much worse, eh?  Knock wood...



Gelly~ Got the address and I'll mail the books this weekend. YAY For being back in the game!!!!!  I'm sure you have symptoms already.



AMom~ Ugh. I'm so sorry you've been going through stress with your DP about all of this. It does take a toll for sure, but you're not to blame. Biggest hugs.I can't wait to hear your testing results xoxox




KSDoula~ Nice to meet you!



RainbowMama~ We will miss you, but your reasons are certainly sound. Don't forget us, and do drop back just to say hello. We'll be here whenever you're ready xo


Seraf ~ That's quite a dog story!  I'd wonder if something was up with me as well. 


Lise~ National boards! Yikes!  Just a bit of stress to add to the rest!  Big hugs to you for all you're doing. The wait to wait will be tough, but at least you'll be busy??



AFM ~ Not much.  Pregnancy related carpal tunnel makes it hard to type (and sleep. and drive) but I'm just thankful I've not had worse health problems.


Thanks again for a fun day yesterday!!  You ladies are the best!


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persoanls later ladies I threw up this mornig and could not make a smothy that tasted right !  OK now though  all I want is some carby goodness crakers french fries oh yeah ! and of course this could all be in my head . made 12 spinch onion thurkey burgers and called another midwife to interveiw

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Hey ladies,

   I have a very quick, and probably stupid question to ask you all. I know that the body rejects sperm as much as possible although we have the cm to help out with carrying the little guys to where they need to go. I have never been with a guy and therefore have never had any sperm inside of me so I dont know how my body will react. We are going to do IUI so do you think that this will be a factor in how my body reacts to the sperm or will I have a better chance??? Just wondering. Thanks ladies!

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2ez - Sorry to hear about your long cycle! I can relate; I've had cycles as long as 40 days or more. I hope AF comes quickly so you can get this show on the road! thumb.gif

Gelly - joy.gif Hooray for finally getting that insurance issue worked out! Good luck at your RE appointment next week. Oh, and "advanced maternal age" my a$$. orngbiggrin.gif

Rainbow - I'm hoping you get to spend some quality time with DP. Enjoy your time off from TTC!

Escher - I'm glad you're sticking around. hearts.gif

Seraf - Thanks for sharing your dog body-slamming story; it was very entertaining! Your symptoms sound like pregnancy symptoms to me. Fingers crossed tight for you! fingersx.gif

Isa - hug.gif Cheer up. Back pain and cramps could certainly be good signs. It's not over until AF shows up, and she's not going to! Thinking of you.

Lise - Good to hear from you! I was wondering how you were doing. It sure sounds like you've got your plate full. I hope your time off flies by.

Graceie - Hooray for barfing! lol.gif

Library - Sorry you're in so much pain. Have you tried any natural remedies? I had a friend who swears by peanut oil for carpal tunnel.

cnmk - I've heard that doing an IUI gives the swimmers a head start, so to speak. They get to bypass your CM and cervix (where most of them usually die) and go directly to the top of the uterus. I wouldn't worry about your body rejecting the little guys.

AFM, 4dpo and still no symptoms. It's early yet. I want to thank everyone for being so supportive. I don't have any close friends that aren't friends with Sue, so I don't have anyone I can trust to talk to about this stuff except you guys. Please send out implantation vibes, baby dust, prayers, or anything else to help me get a BFP this cycle. I really need it.
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CNMK—I think that you avoid a good deal of it by skipping the vagina and cervix. There are white blood cells in your uterus (and everywhere else) that will try to get them, but honestly I don’t think it’s anything to worry about –in this case I think timing is going to be the main thing to worry about—most women aren’t allergic to semen, and in any case the semen should all be washed out of your IUI sample (make sure you don’t use ICI by mistake or you could get really sick!)

AMom—all being sent! It’s hard when you share all of the same friends—no one to complain to! smile.gif

AFM—this is a weird one, kids. And possibly WAY TMI!!

There, you’ve been warned. Now, can anyone help? I was sitting here stewing about amI?amInot?amI? like usual, and decided that somehow my magic cervix was going to have the answer! Why not, right? So I put my finger up there to see what the position is (and, really, if there was any blood. Why not know now and put me out of my misery, I say!)…and things are really strange. The cervix is normal (not particularly high or low, soft or firm, really) but. Hmm..how to describe this one? My vaginal wall is all engorged? Just along one side. It was VERY. VERY. ODD. I’ve never encountered anything like that before and I almost passed out when I felt it (I don’t do well with unexpected body parts that are attached to me). Does this mean anything? Nothing? HALP!
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It's a good sign pregnancy increases blood flow to your pelvic I know my labia was really swollen I. My first and third trimester
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