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LibrAiry you look so cute cuepter then a knocked up teddy bear ! And I mean that in a good way

Amanda fingers crossed for you and dw and yes just me ds and the ferret keirkagaard the ferret father of exeecentalisum ( sp )

Escher has far has I'm concern you can have every flake of snow that tries to fall hear
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Rainbow: I used Donor Home Delivery and also the nearly identical product sold by Northwest Andrology.  They all use the same test yolk buffer as Biotranz, though those two are cheaper than Biotranz.  I do know of others who conceived this way; sadly, we didn't, but that was probably because as it turns out, our intended KD's swimmers just didn't hold up well under storage.  We never had anyone look at the swimmers under the microscope after they'd been shipped; if I had it to do over again, that's what I'd do right away.  It isn't a cheap option (by the time you factor in shipping to your donor and overnight shipping to you), but it is probably cheaper than a plane ticket, if your donor was traveling that way.  It is probably worth a try, though like I said, I'd try to find a clinic or doctor's office that will test it for you first. 

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AmandaHome - What trigger do you use? I've been on Ovidrel for 3 cycles, and I swear that it only stays in my system for 1 day. Frustrating. I've tried POAS the next few days after to "track" it, but have gotten such weird timeframes. Sending baby vibes your way. GO baby go!


Library - Eeeeeeek! I love your baby belly. Adorable! Can you believe it's almost time? And so sad about 5Grand. Thanks for updating us. greensad.gif


Thanks to Seraf for giving me the rundown on being the March threadkeeper. I promise to only screw up 5 times! nut.gif I make a new thread tomorrow, and let everyone know when it's ready.


AFM - Day1 of injectibles went well last night. DS and DW all watched and participated, so it was somewhat of a family affair...as weird as that sounds. DS helped get me alcohol swabs while DP opened all the necessary packages. We explained to DS what the shot was for, and he said "I hope that's a baby brother you just put into your belly mommy." I giggled, and wished it was only that easy.


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Library-Love the belly shot! Babylicious, bumpalicious--thanks for the pic! 


Isa-I'm sorry to hear about the bfn.  I know how terribly disappointing it is.  I hope the sunshine and tropical beverages can give you a little peace.  I hope you both can take some time to heal and recalibrate yourselves after this cycle's disappointment.


As for me, I tried sooo hard to wait until tomorrow.  But I couldn't, so I didn't.  I cheated a little and used my expired in Jan-09 digital test (this was the 'sister' test that I never used from '07 when I got pregnant with my dd).  Big ole 'Not Pregnant'.  I'm still holding out hope. After all, I was using an expired digital test at 10dpo.So now the plan is:  I'll see if AF shows up tomorrow.  I'll test with FRER tomorrow evening if things are still in the clear. Otherwise, it's another call to the RE to get a clomid refill.  Why does this have to be so hard?


2ez-Yay!  I love that family affair thing!  Hope the injectibles treat you well. You're on your way!

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2ez - I also used Ovidrel for my trigger shot. It was pre-mixed and already in the syringe. I had positive HPT's for about six days after the injection. It's possible the HPT's I use are more sensitive than the ones you use, or maybe your body just processes the hcg differently. shrug.gif
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Totally off subject and unrelated to any current topic, but has anyone seen "The Kids Are Alright?" I have a film degree, so I have a hard time watching any film for pure enjoyment, but this one really hit home. The first time I watched it, I was bummed and looked at it from a film degree perspective - lacked storyline development, too much foreshadowing, blah, blah, blah, etc. Then the next 3 times I watched, I was simply mad and struggled to finish it. I am watching clips on the Oscars tonight and am just curious what everyone else thinks of it, especially those of you who have WTBK donors.

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I have not seen it ez but might check it out . It looked terrible but I am a movie snob

Hay I had a faint line on the opk does that mean anything ? Yes I'm still peeing on opks where's that bag uber head smiley when I need it anyways interviewing a midwife in the am
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Graceie, I think that's supposed to be a good thing.


Qmama, I think the digitals are supposed to be less sensitive, too?


2ez, I saw the movie once.  I really don't think there's any way I could have sat through it 4 times.  I like movies that you probably hate from a film perspective, but I really really don't worry about the WTBK donor thing going like that.  Osha's donor, what kind of guy will he be?  He was older than me at the time, he was a "body performer" whatever that means.  We live very far apart, so I don't worry Osh will want to hang with him every week.  He is going to have had about 20 kids contact him before Osha even gets a chance.  This current wtbk donor is also older than me, also on the other side of the country.  Has kids of his own.  I think we're among the first people to use him, since he's a brand new donor.


Library, adorable bump.  There are 4 girls I work with who are due within a week of you.  You've got them beat on cuteness, tho.


Thank goodness 5grand is ok.  What a sad sad situation.


Off to the new job. 

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fingers crossed Qmomma






8DPO and I just want to know already !!! must not test untill wedsday !dizzy.gif    ok rant over thank you ladies

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Qmama~ I like your theory.  I was always a 'don't test for as long as possible' person, so I like the logic of using a test that you know won't work so that you can say "Well, this negative means nothing!!!"  I still have everything crossed for you.



Seraf~ Thanks for the compliment!  Aspidistra feels like she's trying to bust out of there this morning.  We have another ultrasound tomorrow, I wonder if she'll all fit on one screen?


Graceie~ Hate to rain on your parade, but I'd occasionally pee on opks and got many positives on ultimately negative cycles. But it won't be long until you know.


2ez~ I haven't watched the movie. I wanted to see it when I first heard about it but then I heard more about it and just didn't want to watch that kind of a story. I don't demand all roses and sunshine, but it just seemed kinda miserable. I think we're putting it on our Netflix, though, and I'll give you an update when I do watch it. I'm glad that lesbian stories can be told in this 'ordinary' way now, not all about coming out, etc, but then it frees me up to ignore them as I ignore other depressing movies (127 Hours, I'm looking at you...).  I had fun watching the Oscars, though. No matter how cheezy and dull, I love them.  Hello Mila Kunis' boobies!!!


AFM~ Sleepy from staying up too late watching the Oscars. Baby seems to be rearranging furniture. Good times.


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librairy yes I thought something like that two more days risnt so long right ? hope today is a easy day at work


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Qmama - Fingers crossed for you today. Hoping the HPT was just old and not picking up any of the BFP juice! orngbiggrin.gif


Graceie - What do you mean you're a movie snob? You don't like to watch them or you're selective?


Library - Yay for another u/s. Have they given you any projections about how big they think she's going to be. Loved the thought of her being so active and rearranging furniture! Cute! And, yes, holy boobies for sure! Whoa! Overall, I found this year's show to be very boring. Yawnville!


Seraf - Hooray for a new gig. Hope today goes wonderful!


AFM - Day3 of injectibles. They're much easier than I expected. The Follistim pen is great! The only downside is I seem to be having one minor s/e - headaches. I woke up again today with a terrible one. I'll inject nightly cd3-7, then go in for an u/s this Thursday, cd8. Depending on how the follicles are doing, my doc will either have me continue for a couple days, reduce/increase my dosage, or have me stop them completly. I am praying the Alien cyst will have not grown any, and would LOVE for it to have disappeared. I did begin my pineapple eating and juice adventure this morning. So long tastebuds!


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Sorry about the head ach ez. Yes I mean I'm picky
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AF is here. Like clockwork. And so it begins all over again.

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QMama: hug.gif I'm sorry. hug2.gif

2EZ: I'm glad that the injectables aren't too challenging, but I'm sorry that they are giving you a headache! I find the Kids are Alright to be a challenging film. On the one hand I am grateful that it introduced the idea of a donor to people (i.e. my in-laws) who had never considered the possibility that lesbians could get pregnant. On the other hand, couldn't they have chosen a different plot twist? I don't know.

Graceie: Good luck with the last few days of the wait! I always have faint lines on my opks, so that wouldn't mean anything for me, but maybe it means something for you! fingersx.gif

Seraf: What is your new job? Somehow I must have missed the news.

AmandaMom: How are you doing? Your chart looks good! fingersx.gif

Brite: That's a tough decision. It seems like it would be very hard to wait a whole year to try again. At the same time, watching AmandaHope and other people who have tried shipping KD sperm makes it seem like it can be very challenging to get the sperm where they need to be at the right time and to keep them healthy and happy in transit. Good luck with that decision!

It's crazy that it is almost March!
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Oh well hello all!


We had our first IUI yesterday. 16 days to wait is incredibly long!

I guess our sperms had good number, though.


Oh and I'm not going to carry, fiancee is.

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Isa- Sorry to hear this wasn't the cycle for you. :/ I have to say though, that that story made me laugh. I never would have expected that would happen using a cup while flying! I'm sure it was horrendous at the time but at least it makes an interesting story, haha.


Graceie- Hang in there. I had a crazy hard time waiting to test when we were trying for our daughter. Then, the cycle that we did conceive, I had symptoms starting 3 DPO, no joke. (I was so tired I thought I might not be able to make it through the work day without falling asleep in my classroom.) So that really messed with my head- If I were to TTC again myself, I'm sure I'd be nuts overanalyzing everything.


Amanda and maybeababy- Baby dust!


I'm going to have to keep up on the conversation about BioTranz/Northwest Andrology/Donor Home Delivery. We are thinking we might move TTC up a month and start in May instead of June. However, since DW and KD are both teachers, there's no way either of us can really travel on short notice. Our donor lives in a different state and it is NOT a quick drive. We're thinking of overnighting the sperm. That would at least give us three potential cycles to conceive- May, June, and July- before KD moves to Asia...


Also wondering, has anyone frozen directed donor sperm with a cryobank? I'm wondering how much it would cost us to do that in case we don't conceive this summer. It would probably require some serious budget-rearranging if it's even possible for us, but I figure we should look into it. We really don't want to have to find a different donor.

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I don't know why I'm trying so hard to hold it together.  I have the day off work and I have the house to myself.  I feel like crying. I hate these ups and downs. I keep telling myself next time.  But really what I fear, almost as much as going through another failed cycle, is the hope. If I don't allow myself to be hopeful, then maybe the disappointment won't be so crushing.  On the other hand, I have to believe that it's going to work--I have to trust that my body knows what to do. Arghh!

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Hey ladies. I've started the March thread! I had a little fun with it and changed the name a bit, and took off the 2007 & 2008 graduates. Im happy to relist them, if anyone would like. The list seemed soooo long and only 1 or 2 of those folks are still around.


Here's to the March BFP's. energy.gif

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For anyone who has kaiser health insurance...... How soon after your first consultation were you able to start inseminating? Do they charge to store the swimmers once they are shipped? Thanks ladies!

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