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interesting about the bread/sleep connection. yay for looking slimmer! i know when i went GF, i actually gained weight, but looked like i lost. crazy. i did not sleep better, unfortunately. that would have been nice. i got really really grumpy and my mood swings went off the charts, til i finally gave up and started eating wheat again (i was gf for about a year, poor dh.). amazing how we all have such different reactions to things, huh?


FR, yay for being strong! i used to think i was strong, then i had my son... lol. how is it that a 5 year old is stronger than me? ack!


i am in a craptastic mood. augh. the one time a month when i really want time to myself and i cant get it-- why is that always the case? *sigh*.


at least my body weird thing sorted itself out (phew). but now i have cramps. off to find some cell salts to take for that.... ds has talked dh into buying almost the whole set of them, but now i am not sure what to use for what! (i was just taking my constitutional for so long!)



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I know its TM time (quickly approaching) but I just had to give you all an update!


So my work weight loss & exercise challenge ended on Monday and I managed to lose 10lbs.  (work scale said 12 but I trust my wii at home only!)


I started the challenge at 200 so this is AWESOME!  I am now like 5lbs from my pre-pregancy weight of 185!


Its getting nicer outside and I'm starting to get excited for more walking on the weekends (& weekdays if possible!) and to get my bike tuned up for work commutes again!  I hope that I'll keep up with that to allow me to meditate during my lunch hour.  I miss it terribly - who knew you could miss meditation so much? shrug.gif


Yippee for spring!!

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Yay ktg!  That's wonderful!  And yes, Hello Spring. joy.gif


My Spa/Gym love affair continues.  I've been to yoga 4 X this week and am going to take a joyful latin dance class with a buddy tomorrow.  Feeling good in my body for the first time in my life, and I'm not taking a moment of it for granted.  I've been in shape and at a healthy weight before, but I didn't know it.  I was too deep in disordered eating and body dysmorphia to see myself clearly.  After all this healing, I am enjoying every breath I take.  Happy, healthy minds, hearts and bodies.  

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I joined the gym.  Can't do much with it until after May 5th (after vacation & finals), but I am excited.

Hubby kissed my cheek this morning and said, "I am proud of you."  Warm fuzzies. joy.gif


I will build new work out habits - May to late August, so they are stuck when I start college up again in the fall. 


Found a gym that is open from 4:30AM to 10PM, very doable, unlike my college gym.


Now to find flip flips, create a dedicated gym bag and get new work out sneakers before the 5th. 


Includes 4 trainer sessions, which I definitely plan to use.


Shorter Term Goals:


1. Consistent Workouts

2. Complete Couch to 5K

3. Daily Yoga/Meditation Practice


Long Term Goals:


1. Pass http://www.adultfitnesstest.org

2. Complete a Triathlon

3. 150-160 lbs. by age 40 (that is 75-85 pounds in just over 2 years) 


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Aimee, that's wonderful!  flowersforyou.gif What a good feeling to make yourself a priority, eh?


kt - congratulations!  What is your next goal going to be?


I took two weeks off my pushup challenge, to work on my TM and other stuff.  It is time to get back into it. I feel really sluggish when I'm not doing that.


When the local school grounds dry up, I take the children into the enclosure that is an outdoor hockey rink during the winter.  It is enclosed and grassy, so I can play soccer or run laps with the children and not worry about toddlers losing interest and running off.   I don't know if I'm ready to commit to even a couch-to-5k, but *this* is the year I work on running with the kids.


The snow melted enough that I could hoop outdoors, finally!  Now I need to put some new tunes on my player and put some time in there.  Very meditative.


I am doing well on eating gf and low-to-no-sugar.  Now I need to add more veg and eat less fat.  I swear I could lose weight easily if I gave up cheese alone....


SO here's my list --


- I am working on the pushup challenge again

--I am outside and walking/running as much as possible with the kids

--I am biking, hooping or swimming 3x a week

--I eat spinach/greens with every meal again

--I put more cheeseless meals on the menu

-- I continue eating GF and stop cheating on the sugar.



My treasure map affirmations include me buying a pretty dress that makes me feel beautiful sometime in the coming year.  So that is the image I'm working with.  


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i feel like a walking contradiction. i eat fatty meats all the time. no fruits, no veg. no sugar. only yogurt for dairy. white rice and white potatoes. and i keep losing weight. i am now down to 140 which is a 33 lb loss. and iit keeps coming off. i must have fixed my metabolism from being on the real restrictive diet. it feels great and i have more energy. i can fit into a misses size 10 capri i found hiding in my closet. i had to go buy smaller underwear. lol.


i need to keep trying to go to class. DD2 wasnt cooperating there for awhile and i ended up sitting in day care with her while my kids finished their classes.


my original goal was to lose 15 lbs and i have doubled that. so i make a new goal? 5 more lbs and i will be the same weight i was when i was 21.

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Checking in and giving us a little bump!  I'm still on track and losing weight despite 2 weeks of plateauing.  I'm down to 188 (HOLY COW!) which is ... 3lbs pre-pregancy weight from DS1 which was like 5 6 years ago! 


Goals for the rest of April:

  1. Get into habit of doing a morning meditation session before the house wakes up (starting at 15 minutes and working up to 60 minutes)
  2. Keeping carb/sugar intake below 50g for next 2 weeks to get this bacterial or yeasty overgrowth under control again
  3. Tune up my bike and before 05/01/2011 - Get 1 ride in (to work/back)
  4. Start Push-up challenge again (or at minimum do 30+ in the morning)
  5. Keep using FEs and being open to where they take me!
  6. Take 1 epsom salt bath a week and relax thumb.gif



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Wow ladies I was just popping in to give an update and realized we ended at Beltane (ooops!)  I have managed to get down to 185!!!joy.gif

Actually it was the second time I've been down to 185, but the first I didn't count since it was during the low carb period and I bounced right back up to 188 afterwards.


Do we want to start another thread for the summer (Beltane to Lughnasadh)


I'm getting jazzed as it is the spring/summer finally starting here in WI and loads of sunshine and outdoors are in my future. I hope everyone is doing well and having fun with their health!

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I hadn't weighted myself for a while...


I stepped on the scale yesterday and Woohoo! I'm 158!  About 8 pounds less than I was in January! It's finally moving!!!


Around Easter, I had fallen from the Gluten-free wagon... My body was quick to bring me back on!  Candida A. was partying big time! I've resume the diet and C.A. has backed down (with the help of over the counter meds).



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Hey ladies! Nice to hear from you!  We so need another thread....I'm feeling pretty unwell this week so if anyone else wants to start it, please go ahead.  Otherwise, I'll get on it when I feel more up to computer time.

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Ok I'll admit I was a bit giddy to start a new thread after all it is SPRING and I know almost all of us are getting outside to enjoy and soak up as much of ma nature (if she is not in a mood) as we can!


New thread is up!  Can't wait to see everyone over there and hopes for the summer!

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