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WW never worked for me. I really stuck to it too but it never seemed to matter.

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I still can't hear out my left ear but I did make it to the gym each day for the last three days. Sure I didn't get to exercise for very long because my littlest is still getting used to other people looking after him. But at least I have made it to the gyms 3 times this week!!!!-

I am so happy! Plus I got to study for my midterm which I will take later today while on the bike this morning.

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I finished the Couch to 5K today - a 5k in 30 minutes smile.gif

I also joined SparkPeople. I haven't been so great at keeping up with logging food and exercise, so hopefully a new site will help. Starting the Bridge to 10k on Friday...
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Great job motivated!!!

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I was the same this Monday - 263.  BUT, i did have Chinese food over the last weekend - i am intent on being 260 on Feb 28.  My Mom is visiting, Inlaws are coming over for dinner - so it will be hard.  Trying to keep my mini goal of 10 lbs lost a month!

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it's monday!!  how did everyone do this week?


i'm at -3 for the week, for a grand total of 16 lbs lost in the last 6 weeks... which means i've reached my first mini-goal of losing 15 lbs!  woo!!  which means i get my new tattoo... woooo!!   just 14 more lbs to go to reach my next goal.

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1/1/11: 256

2/1/11: 242 (down 14 pounds in January)

3/1/11: 336 (down 6 pounds in February)


Last Week: 238

This Week:  236

Lost 2 more pounds!



Next Goal: 225 (30+ pounds lost! Can I make it by the end of March?)

Next Goal: 210

Next goal: below 200!

Ultimate goal: 175 (75+ pounds lost in total)

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Awesome work Shelley and congrats on reaching your first goal!

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Starting Weight: 220
February 1st: 205
Current Weight: 195
Goal Weight: 130

That's 10 pounds lost this month! banana.gif
That's 25 pounds in 9 weeks!

I ran the first day of the Bridge to 10k program yesterday: walk 5 minutes, [(run 10 / walk 1) x 4], walk 5 minutes, for a total of 53 minutes and 4.78 miles. Then I biked for 30 minutes and 11.85 miles. I'm repeating the running 3 more times this week. I also have my meal plan for this week and have already done my grocery shopping. smile.gif
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arg 191 gained again.


I did really well the first few days and then failed the last few but I did work out a few days. My hardest battle is myself here.

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Total starting weight: 286
last week's weigh in: 166.2
today's weigh in:165
weekly loss: -1.2 lbs
total loss: -121 lbs
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Wow, congrats everyone!  I will weigh in tonight after I put DD to bed (I use my Wii).  I didn't have a bad week, but not a super one either.  We will see where things end up.


Motivated Mama, how are you finding time to do that much exercise?  That is one thing I am definitely struggling with.  I can't really do anything when DD is awake (she is 2.5yo and crazy!) and there is only so much time after she goes to bed.  I also have evening commitments at least three nights a week so that cuts into the time as well.  DH is willing to watch her while I have some time to myself, but he works during the day.  Plus I try to get some sewing and chores done after bedtime, as well as couple-time with DH.  I just need to get my kid to sleep more or something!!


ETA:  Yep, up half a pound this week.  Grr.  Ah well, back up on the horse.  I did an hour of Wii Fit and am feeling better about things.

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Totally failing at my raw attempt. I'm gonna nix it for now and just stick with GFCF. I'm under so much stress right now greensad.gif
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just_lily - the gym is around the corner from my house and in the spring I will run outside. I literally go whenever I can. Whenever I have DH to watch the kids or even sometimes at 5am before everyone gets up. Other than Saturdays when I work 10-10 and DH is gone at 7:30, I can usually find time. I have made it a priority just as I have made meal planning and actually cooking those meals a priority. It's best to do it now and make it habit before I have to start back up with school. Also, I love.gif running.
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Can anyone help me with motivation?


I know I'm not happy at this weight and not healthy and I want DD to grow up healthy and for me to set a good example. I know I don't feel sexy or confident where I am at. It just doesn't seemto be enough to make me REALLY commit.


Any ideas to motivate me to kick my butt into shape here?

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Here is a link to the Motivational section on Spark People.  Maybe you can find something on there that helps you?  http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/motivation.asp


Really though, I think your primary motivation has to come from within.  Unfortunately.  I struggle with this too. 

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i struggle with motivation too... i just wish this was all *easier* and *faster* !!  i just don't feel like exercising or eating right sometimes, but when i make good choices, i feel good about it.  i just gotta focus on one decision at a time, and 'fake it until you make it'.

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I have been awol from here for several weeks.  I wasn't losing, and lost motivation and confidence that I could lose.


At any rate, I am dipping a toe back in, because as we all know if I do not get on the wagon again I definitely will not lose the weight I want to.



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My motivation is that I want to raise my kids. 


I don't want them to be left without a mom because of pure laziness or gluttony.  A cookie isn't worth it in that light...

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I think motivation is all about goals. Setting my 3 pound a week goal, my running goals, and my calorie goals have all helped me to stay motivated. Seeing those goals result in weight loss makes me realize that I can do this. Once the ball starts rolling, I think all is well. It's getting up to threshold that is the challenge.
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