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Wow. Losing weight is HARD work when done right. Yesterday and today have been particularly hard days for me at the gym. I'm exhausted and it's like pulling teeth to get through the hour. ::sigh:: I think I just need to up the protein and decrease the carbs. Today was 6-2 for me on the c25k program. After completing the program, I plan to work on maintaining mileage first followed by increasing speed and then working up to a 10K. I want to run the Beach to Beacon (Cape Elizabeth, ME) in August. The last time I ran it, I was 20 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and overweight. Needless to say, it was a fairly disappointing run (err, I mean shuffle/walk). I'd like to do a half marathon in October, but that is getting really ambitious. We'll see how the next couple of months go.

I hope I can manage 3 pounds this week. I've been pushing through the workouts, but my optimism is slipping. Maybe I'm PMSing early this month. I guess I'll try the protein thing. OK. Done rambling.
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I am feeling very frustrated.  I have an action plan - but I am going to vent first!


I may or may not have lost 2 pounds since I started this one month ago.  I maintained, which is certainly better than gaining, but to be honest - gaining is not my issue.  I have been this weight for years (like 7 or so).  Before that I fluctuated - but even then , 235 was a pretty common weight for me.


I do not mind how my body looks - but I hate how I look in photos.  I sometimes find it hard to do things I should be able to do due to my weight, and I have huge worries about my weight affecting my longevity...and yet i still cannot get that scale to budge.


At any rate - my plan is to eat 1600 calories a day for the next week, plus exercise...if I do not lose even a single pound I am going to the doctor and making sure there is nothing wrong with my thyroid, etc.


Geesh - this weight loss things sucks and I suck at it.gloomy.gif

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i'm having a hard time keeping optimistic too, and i am just pushing through my workouts as well.  we just had a huge snowstorm here, so maybe it's just cabin fever, i don't know.  i gotta keep at it!!

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Shelly...you in Ontario?  I also got boatload of snow....

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yup, i'm in ontario!  in between london and toronto :)

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OK, so I'm not saying my starting weight, or my goal weight.  I just wanted to say that in 4 weeks, I've lost 11 lbs.  Yippee for me!


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grouphug.gif because we need it and joy.gif maddymama!


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Gym day today.  Its getting easier!

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Hello Mamas!  I hope to join you are this weight loss journey.  I've been over weight most of my life but now that I've got a little one I'm trying to take the pounds off and set a good example for my DD.  Shortly after she was born I decided that I want to run a triathlon before I turn 40 (I'm 28 now so I've got lots of time to get in shape for it).  Currently I'm 217lbs.  I started out at 220lbs so I've already lost 3lbs!  My goal weight is 130lbs.  Still have a ways to go.  For Christmas DH got me a gym membership.  I've been trying to go 3 times a week.  Last month I did really well but these last two weeks I haven't been.  Last week I was visiting my parents and this week I just haven't been.  DH has been working late and DD has a cold so I haven't really been able to get out of house.


Right now my plan is to go to the gym 3 times a week and walk/run on off days.  I have been tracking what I eat and will likely start counting calories soon (currently I just want to get into the habit of writing everything down).

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Welcome Aithnea!


Hugs for everyone who is feeling discouraged. 


Does anyone have any worries about skin after a significant weight loss?  I had a c-section with DD so have the gross belly overhang situation, and I am really afraid that as I lose weight I will just be left with a bunch of saggy overhanging skin.  Yick!  Most of the advice online seems to be to make sure to lose weight slowly (weight loss surgery really causes a lot of saggy skin because the weight comes off so quickly) and that the skin will spring back.  But I am not so convinced.  I don't like the idea of having plastic surgery, but I don't like the alternative either. 

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Welcome Aithnea! We are on the same track, starting at 220, goal weight of 130. I'm done 15 pounds since last month, so 205.

just_lily - I'm a little nervous about the skin. I've never had any sag in my belly until just recently so I can say that it does concern me. If I do end up with saggy skin, I'll be looking at surgery and I'll have them lift my large, back-pain causing, breasts as well. smile.gif The "mommy-makeover" as a last resort, of course. I feel like, if I'm able to lose a drastic amount of weight through diet an exercise, then I at least deserve to look good!
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I will not be getting any type of surgery. I will deal with the skin if I have it.  My mom lost almost 200lbs about 10 years ago.  She had the skin removing surgery and it was horrendous!  She has terrible scars and had many complications from her surgery.  I know this is anecdotal evidence but it's enough for me to decide against surgery.  Plus, I'm pretty sure I have a phobia of being put under. 

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I am not overly concerned with loose skin.  I am pretty sure I will loose weight slowly, and I will start maintaining in the 170's, so hopefully the combination of slow loss and keeping a few pounds on will mean I do not have much loose skin.  If I am wrong - so be it.  I like the idea of scars and surgery (which might not be covered so it would mean $$$$$) less than saggy skin.

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I know I'm going to have saggy skin because I'm saggy right now. I'll just live with it. There are worst things in life.orngbiggrin.gif I did really well with exercise this week but I just signed up for weight watchers and when I weighed in I hads gained a pound since Monday. Uh. I'm chalking it up to AF. I did get into the peanut butter last night.redface.gif

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I am not worried about my skin. I feel really confident that it will adjust with my body (or perhaps I can fill it with Muscles!). And, I think my belly might end up a little saggy because I am in the 30s and have had two babies. It might not go back 100% but I think I can deal with that.


Doing really well this week. I think my period set me back last week - I could not drop any pounds, But, I am down three pounds since the beginning of this week already so I am feeling much better. I did a great work out last night - 13 miles on my stationary bike, 150 crunches. lots of shadow boxing and jumping jacks. Kicked my ass and felt great!


I love having this group of mamas working together!


Starting weight 1/1/11:  256

Weight as of 2/1/11:      243

Weight as of today:       240


My first  goal weight is so close! I set 239 as my first goal because it is in the 230's. I am hoping to hit that this week. Next goal is 225!

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I really haven't given much thought to the belly skin, since it seems to be going down as I lose weight. I think it's more of an issue when you lose weight too quickly. My best friend growing up had gastric bypass surgery and she had lose skin still and she told me it was because of the quick loss of weight, but eventually it would shrink.


Today was my weigh-in day (I forgot yesterday) and I've lost 1.8lbs. since last Thursday. My goal is 1.5/week and I met it! I think the snow shoveling helped quite a bit. I've done 28 minutes on Wii FIt Plus today to make up for a cookie I ate. DH brought some home as a treat for the kids and they've been staring me in the face. Gah!! Usually I'll drink water if I have a craving for junk, but I broke down this time. Oh well, onward and upward.

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DH got home late from his first job and I begged him to go in late for his second so I could get my workout in. I know I *could* do a different workout, but I had it set in my mind that I would do my 25 minutes run today to finish week 6 of c25k. He went in late and I did it! joy.gif

I think I mentioned here how I was getting sluggish and planned to up the protein. Well, I have the last 2 days and it has helped thumb.gif

Working tomorrow and Sunday, should be able to get a workout in Sun before work hopefully so I can have some treats during the superbowl. Looking forward to losing another 3 pounds by Monday's weigh-in fingersx.gif
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I worry about saggy skin too and I'm sure I'll have issues.  I have stretch marks an inch wide from my first pregnancy and the lovely cesarean overhang.  I won't ever look good without clothes again, but I'd be happy with looking good dressed.  If there were no risks to surgery I'd have it done, but I can't take those risks!

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I'm not too worried about a saggy belly.  But, I've always had big saggy boobs.  Even as a teenager, I was never perky.  I promised my self a reduction and lift when I lose the weight. 

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Originally posted by Motivated Mama View Post

If I do end up with saggy skin, I'll be looking at surgery and I'll have them lift my large, back-pain causing, breasts as well. smile.gif The "mommy-makeover" as a last resort, of course. I feel like, if I'm able to lose a drastic amount of weight through diet an exercise, then I at least deserve to look good!

yeahthat.gif  Me too! 


I'm a little late with the weigh-in, but January was my best month EVER for weight loss! It definitely helps that I have some very competitive friends! (We are doing a weight-loss challenge at work, and there is $$ at stake.)  Now I think my body is trying to get back at me--today I have this completely overwhelming urge to eat EVERYTHING in sight!  The moderation thing is just so hard for me--if I have just a little, I want to eat a lot of it, so I do better to just avoid.  Hang in there with me mamas!


Starting weight (1/1/11):  242

Current weight: 226

Goal weight:  150

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