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Nursing Mamas TTC February

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The plan for February


Waiting to be Ready








Waiting to Catch the First PP Egg!



















Waiting to O

Amanda Williams
































Vegan Princess~




Ava's Mama













purpletulip ~


4 Butterflies~




Our Most Recent Success Stories









February Thread Hostess: SoCaliMommy

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Thanks for the new thread!  I had another high temp today, so please move me to the 2WW!  (My first 2WW since last preg!)

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Thanks for hosting! I'm sorry to see that AF found you. I was so hopeful for you with those high temps...



Ladies, I need your thoughts. I've only been charting the past 6 months and this is my first O/2ww. It's been so long since I've had a period that I think I must be forgetting stuff. 

For the past few days I've been having strange sensations in my abdomen - very mild cramping, pulling sensations and twinges, and sharp little pokes.  I used to get very heavy menstrual cramps, and 

this feels different.  Do you get these feelings in the days leading up to AF?  I don't want to consider them as potential pregnancy symptoms because I know that in the 2ww you're hyper sensitive to your body and you tend to notice every little

tthing. Not to mention that so many "early pregnancy symptoms" are the same as AF.  


So, tell me that these are symptoms of impending AF and it's too early for pregnancy symptoms anyway, and then I can stop thinking about it :-) 

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SoCaliMommy--Yes, thank you for hosting again, it is such an encouragement to have this thread!  Hang in there with AF. :)


purpletulip--I hope that you find a BFP.  I've definitely had those sensations when I was first preggers, but also had them a few months ago when I was having a bunch of preg. symptoms and BFN (hormonal shift, IMO). 


My temps are all over the placemecry.gif.  I just added maca to my regime (ha ha)--and to DH's chagrin, his morning oatmeal eyesroll.gif.  To those of you taking maca, how long did it take for you to see/feel any results?

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Updated List To Here


purpletulip~ hope you end up with a bfp.


sraplayas~ sorry your temps are all over the placehug.gif



AFM~ I ended up with a fever yesterday even got to the point of feeling like i was gonna faint not a great thing when your home alone with two kids and had to reschedule my infertility appointment that was set up a month ago that was set for today to find out why my ovaries look so small for my age according to my obgyn, thankfully the appointment is now set up for the 21st.

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mariacm fingers crossed for you!


purpletulip I have thought I felt pregnant on each of my pp cycles now and then AF has shown up eyesroll.gif Hope the waiting passes quickly for you and you get some good news at the end smile.gif


sraplayas Sorry for your erratic temps and hope you have some joy with maca.


SoCaliMommy Hope you feel better soon and the wait to your appt doesn't seem tooo long.


AFM please can you move me to 2ww, I am 8dpo and this cycle seems to be going very quickly.  This is the first cycle I have managed to temp as DD is sleeping much better now, and I was very excited to see a nice thermal shift even though some of the temps are erratic, and FF gave me crosshairs so all is good.  Not sure everything is right as it should be though as had a patch of EWCM before ovulation but didn't notice any actually at ovulation.  Oh well, will see what happens.  Chart is here chartnew.gif

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 Updated List To Here


summerbaby~fingersx.gif for you. thanks i hope i start to feel better soon also. my daughter started up with a fever again this morning so she is staying home again.


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A new month..  Can't really say that with enthusiasm as it seems like these months keep passing with no signs of my PPAF or any pregnancy in the near future.


Praying for all of you this month!  I pray this month will be fruitful for us all :)


I've been trying to night wean again, but oy...!  My son gets sooo angry!  Flipping all over the bed flailing around, smashing into my head...etc.  Not too happy.  But he's going to be 1 this weekend..  I feel like he's old enough not to nurse through the night!  Am I wrong?  ugh..  It's so much easier just to appease him.. and then I start regretting giving in...   anyone else experience the same frustration??

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beccabus--yes, I have had a hard time even cutting down on the amount of times that DS nurses and he is just (2)!  He sleeps with DD, but wakes up after a few hours to nurse.  DH is working and going to school so I don't want to ask him to help anymore than he already is during the night....

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Hi ladies, 


I'm new to this whole section of the forum but would like to join this thread if that's okay! My daughter is almost three now and still nursing all the time. After much trepidation, I have finally given in to DH and agreed to start trying for another baby. :D I wanted to let DD self-wean first but I'm pretty sure she's not going to do that till she's at least five, maybe seven or eight...lol. I finally just decided I can handle tandem nursing. And I got my wisdom teeth pulled last week (which DH wanted me to do before we tried again, ugh it was awful!), so we'll be trying this month. 


I've been charting but not very faithfully. I have an iphone app that I use to track my periods, but I don't take my temps...the app tells me when I'm probably fertile based on previous cycle lengths, and since my cycle is really regular I think it's reasonable accurate, based on my casual mucus examinations. It's worked as a birth control method, anyway--at least, I HOPE it's charting that's been working and it's not that it's going to be hard to conceive because I'm breastfeeding and 35 now. We got pregnant with DD the minute I went off the pill (didn't know about charting then), so I'm totally new to this whole trying to get pregnant thing! 


So...I guess I'm in the waiting-to-be-ready group. :) 


Oh, and beccabus, I feel your pain with nightweaning! I started trying when my daughter turned two...after months and months of torture she was mostly making it through the night without nursing, but she was frequently awake for hours in the middle of the night. Sometimes as long as six hours straight, during which she would alternate between trying to go to sleep and sobbing softly because she couldn't sleep. It was awful. We traveled over Christmas and then she got an ear infection and had to go on antibiotics and I gave up. This month has been rough (some nights she nursed every two hours, which is what she was doing when I started trying to nightwean), but last night she only woke twice, I think. I decided I'm not trying anymore, she will sttn when she's ready and I will somehow deal with nursing two babies at night if that's what I have to do! 


I do think one is old enough to sttn, though. Theoretically. Although I think most babies don't do naturally, without help, till more like three. Have you tried Jay Gordon's nightweaning strategy? It didn't help me at all, but it sounds nice... :) 

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Beccabus - according to the Sleep Lady's Good Night Sleep Tight book that I used for getting DS in the crib and sleeping through the night (mostly), babies don't need to nurse overnight after about 6 months old.  That's assuming they're eating well during the day, of course.  I nightweaned DS at 5 months, except that he gets one nursing session at 10pm or so.  He gets that bc at 5 months he was supposed to still have that one feeding, and we never tried to cut it out after that. He still wakes up for it, but doesn't usually wake up after that til about 7am.  FWIW, he gained weight really well from 5 months until he started solids at 9 months. 


It was not horribly hard to nightwean him, we were doing it at the same time as gettign him to sleep in the crib since DH and I were not doing well with the cosleeping.  We used the Sleep Lady's method for the most part.  (Chair next to crib for 3 nights, then move it farther away and eventually out the door in 3 night stages.)  I imagine it's easier to nightwean when baby isn't sleeping with you, so if you're cosleeping, I don't really have any advice to offer.  But maybe having him sleep next to DH instead of you would help?  Or letting him nurse for x minutes each time for a few nights, then a couple less minutes for a few nights, etc?  I hope you have success soon!


AFM: FF confirmed with crosshairs that I am in the 2WW.  Interestingly, DS has been wanting to nurse a lot more often today and yesterday.  (He also is finally feeding himself = eating sooo slowly and not as much as before...) Anyone seen any connection with increased nursing and conception?  I mean, only conception and not even implantation?!  I'm sure that doesn't make any sense... but the whole 2WW has a tendency to make us overanalyze, doesn't it??!  LOL.

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Thank you so much ladies for the support!!  My munchkin man is definitely eating enough during the day and weighs enough to be able to sleep through the night.  He eats and feeds himself pretty much all table foods I offer.  He's in the 100th percentile height and weight.  I truly believe it's out of comfort and habit...  I just need to stick to breaking the habit...  I give in so quickly and easily when I just want sleep! :P


I will look into both of of those books!  Oh, it feels so good to feel a little bit of hope! :)  Thanks again!

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 Updated List To Here


lisavark~ Welcome to the group.


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lisavark Welcome.gif---- 

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You can add me to the Jan success story list! I got my bfp on Sat the 29th. My due date is 10/9. I am cautiously optimistic b/c my last pg ended in m/c at almost 12 weeks. I am praying and praying for a sticky rainbow baby!


Lots of luck and dust to you all!!!

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Congratulations flamama2mygirls!!!!  Praying for a very very sticky baby!! :)


AFM--No night nursing last night!!!!!!  And less flailing!!  Granted he somehow snuck out of my bed and ended up almost leaving our bedroom before I noticed!! (thankfully our house is completely baby-proof--but still!)  Anyway, I feel like I'm on the road to fertility!! :)  Feeling optimistic!  Once fertility is regained, I'll just have to deal with the LP problem.

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Updated List To Here


flamama2mygirls~ Congrats Sticky Vibes joy.gif


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Congrats flamama2mygirls!


AFM - I'm on cd 15 and so I should O in another 2- 2 1/2 weeks. Just waiting. I'm thinking I want to wean my baby by his 2nd birthday though I know he will not be pleased. It's hurting often now when he nurses, I don't like that he wants to nurse every time I'm sitting, and I need some medical testing and surgery that is not conducive with nursing. I can plan those things when I know I'm not pregnant, but can't do them at all while nursing.  He turns 2 in April. I feel really selfish. I told the drs. I need to nuse him through the winter so that's what I am doing. Anyway, just had to share that somewhere. 

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Wait, dumb question: what's the difference between waiting to be ready and waiting to O? Does waiting to ovulate mean you haven't had your first pp AF yet? Ack, I'm confused by all these new acronyms... smile.gif
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To me, Waiting to be Ready means not actively TTC right now, but planning to soon.  Waiting to O is you're TTC this cycle, but haven't O'd yet (after O'ing you go the 2 Week Wait til  you get a BFP or AF), or you're waiting for first PP ovulation.

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