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mariacm---great news, so happy for your little family!!

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Updated List To Here


gozal~hug.gif Glad you found a answer. 


mariacm~ Congrats joy.gif

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marciacm-Congratulations!!!!!! and happy valentines day!  What a fabulous gift!!

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Thank you all for the congratulations!  I'll be checking back to see who I can congratulate next soon!

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Congrats, Maricam!! I have an 11/09 DS, too... so maybe I can follow in your footsteps soon!! :)

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Originally Posted by mariacm View Post

I got a BFP today!!!!  joy.gif I cannot believe it!  This was our first cycle ttc!  I was sure it would take a long time with the short LP's and my hormone issues.  We are just so thankful though that we are able to grow our little family already!!  I did another $store one, got quite the faint line, and then used the target one and got the blue + sign.  Still can't believe it!  I want to keep testing to make sure it's not a fluke and the baby keeps growing!  It was surrealistic calling the MW for the prenatal appt.  I'm still worried about m/c so we probably won't tell IRL for a couple more weeks at least.

Congratulations! I'm glad it was a short journey :)


For everyone, I'm just starting to track my cycles after my first ppaf and I'm wondering if anyone has noticed that their cm has changed post partum while still nursing?

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Can I be put on the waiting to be ready list? We're going to start trying in August. 

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carmen358--congrats on PPAF :)  I have noticed a change in cm since November.  This went along with alot of other pms-like and/or pregnancy-like symptoms.  I have been charting for over a month now and I do see a pattern, even with no PPAF yet. 

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Hello all,


Congrats on the BFPs this month and the PPAFs!


I had a couple days of light spotting about 2 weeks ago which may have been ovulatory spotting, and than 3 days ago my first PPAF arrived in earnest, so I guess I'm now waiting to O. I have to admit, I'm still not quite 100% sure we are ready to TTC as DD (almost 20 months) has been really challenging over the last couple weeks, but as it took us over a year with DD, I think we'll take the plunge.

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Hi Everyone!!  I just found this thread today and I am so happy!  My DS is 6 months on Saturday and DH and I want to try for another...  Not thinking, I was all excited to start trying but I haven't had a cycle yet as I am nursing, boooo, I am so sad as we really want to try for another.  Any tips on getting my first cycle?  Here is our routine...


We co-sleep so DS feeds a couple times in the night, not a lot just enough to get him back to sleep.  I BF in the mornings before work and pump a couple times during the day and nurse in the evenings.  He does have to get some formula as well as I am unable to provide enough milk (Breast Reduction 10 years ago).  I have been trying cereal a little and a few times a week he does eat it but other times he's not interested.  I am wondering if anyone has any tips for us?  I am trying to "get" all the acronyms but some I don't understand quite yet so be gentle with me, lol...

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AF arrived today. Could I please be moved back to Waiting to O?

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Sorry about AF zwitterion!


FF changed my O date.  Now I'm 4dpo.  irked.gif


Our timing was better with the first O date than the second.  We got "High" chances with the first O date, but only "Good" chances with the second one.  We shall see what happens I guess.  I'm not convinced I agree with FF.


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Hi Everyone!  I am on CD 15 here.  I am a little confused.  I don't temp yet and have just been using the ovulation calendar ap on my iphone to track my cycle.  According the the ff ap I should have ovulated on 2/14.  But according to the babycenter ovulation calendar it says I should ovulate on 2/18.  I have been trying to pay attention to my CM and it was a little stretchy yesterday and the day before, but no major EWCM.  We have been DTD every other day and I am supposed to get my AF again on 3/1.  So, I might be in 2WW or in waiting to O.  If I don't get prego this month I will try to start temping, but DD is back to nursing a couple times a night so I am not sure how accurate that will be.  It was so nice the two months that she slept through the night...now we are back to square one and I am oh so tired!

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ava's mom---hang in there!!!

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Hi all,


haven't been here in a while. I needed a mental and physical break from TTC after my miscarriage in Deecmber. But I just finished my 2nd period since the M/C and feel like Im ready to start trying again. So pls move me to the waiting to O!


Geez Im scared sh.....s that it will take another 9 months to conceive and/or that I will ,miscarry again. Im pushing 39 so I feel my clock is SUPER LOUDDDDDDD!!!!!!


Congrats to all the BFP's and sorry to any ladies who have had disappointments. (I have not read the whole thread - short on time!)

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I waited until Valentine's day like I promised, still no period, and a BFN. I had 2 possible ovulation dates, the 29th and the 5th. I thought if I'd caught luck either time, it would have showed positive by the 14th. But I still haven't started my period, haven't had a 30 day cycle in over a year, always 28 or 29. So now I'm suspecting the later ovulation date plus late implantation? If no period by Monday, I'll test again.

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goodvibes.gif averlee :)




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Marnica--Welcome back!  And best wishes of an quick and healthy conception :)


Averlee--That sounds promising!  My last pregnancy was mysterious in that way.  I had missed my period, had DTD on the days surrounding my temperature spike but had many BFN, 14+ days after O.  I even went to have a blood test done and that was a BFN too!  The weirdest part was that just a few days after my blood test, I finally got my BFP POAS!  We're talking nearly 20+ days after O!  For some women this just happens!  

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Hi.  I've been MIA for awhile, but I think I'm officially in the 2ww today.  I think I O today.  (2 days late ggrrrrrrr...) 


Congrats on the BFPs and PPAFs!!!!

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