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February Chat

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I started the chat thread because I had a lot to chat about.


(Just gonna start off from my stressed thread instead of going through the whole story again) DH did get to see his father & say goodbye. He came home Sunday night & his dad passed away at 3:09 Monday morning. We are all very sad, but trying to focus on the blessings. He was so lucky to have been able to go to Florida & see him & say his goodbye - all his siblings made it. We are also very lucky he did not suffer long.

I am thankful baby did not chose to come while he was gone. I started having contractions after he got home. They lasted all night but never became painful or regular. I had my 38 week appointment on Monday. I asked to be checked because I was still contracting and I felt like things were changing. I was a finger tip & thick on Thursday. Well, I was 3cm and 75% effaced on Monday. Big change in a few days. I really felt like yesterday was the day, but after contractions all day it fizzled out & I slept like a baby last night. Which I so needed after not sleeping at all the night before. Oh & I was gbs+ at 36 weeks but I had to be tested again last week because they forgot to test for resistance because I can't take penicillin. Guess what? I am now gbs -. How does that happen? I will not question it, just be thrilled to not have to deal with it anymore! My MW had no explanation. So sorry for the long post. It's been a long past few days. I am still contracting like crazy with no regular pattern or pain. So while I think it could be any minute now, It could still be weeks :)

How is everyone else?

How are the rest of my New Englanders getting slammed with yet more snow? We got 30 inches the first storm, 18 the next, and potentially 12 more today. I have renamed Connecticut the Snow Day state, lol. We have had 6 snow days and counting...

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I am glad to hear that your husband got to see his dad, and that his passing was fast.  That can be a real blessing.  So odd, the balance between new life and death, such a fine line really.


Great news on the GBS!  If I am positive I thought about asking to be tested again, just in case.  AND great news on the sleep and the dilation.  Soon!


Well as I couldn't sleep this very early morning I got some work done.  I keep feeling like this one might come early and would like to be done writing before baby comes. 

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mommytoallh - I am glad to hear that the timing was well on all counts of your FIL's passing, in terms of your husband being able to say goodbye and baby staying put during that time!  Also, excellent news on turning from GBS+ to negative!  I've never been GBS+, but my understanding is that we're all positive at one point or another since it's normal intestinal flora, so it's random when you'll test positive.  That's why they don't bother testing until you're full term anyhow.


sweeteleanor - I hear you on the early morning productivity.  My netbook came in the mail yesterday and it's made my 3-4am awake period much more productive!  I know you're a WAHM, right?  So I'm sure you're getting a lot done!!  :)


I got a break from my nightly BH and contraction show last night, though baby was SUPER active in the womb to the point that I could feel little joints (knuckles?  toes?) through my skin.  Since this is likely my last pregnancy, I'm trying to enjoy the little moments, but oy, that junk HURT worse than the BH contractions!  :)  But once I got to sleep, I slept like a baby.  I haven't done that in at least 2 weeks so it was a special treat!


Still motoring along with my retarded iron supplements.  I get a lot of upper GI issues from it, but not a lot of lower GI issues.  I'll take what benefits I can get.  Still crossing fingers and toes that baby either comes before Saturday or that this iron+blackstrap molasses+orange juice 2x a day thing works out to at least hold my iron where it is.  Happy thoughts?!

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mommytoallh...i'm sorry about the passing of your FIL, it's great that your DH was able to make it and say goodbye. Also good deal on being gbs- now :)


aidenn...good luck with the iron

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mommytoallh- Sorry to hear of your FIL's passing.. As for the GBS status, its my understanding that it can change from week to week so if its positive one week it might not be the next. Its why a lot of places want you to wait until 37/38 weeks to get tested.


Im glad Im not the only one awake early. I woke at 4am this morning and now Im TIRED (its only 530) but I couldn't have gone back to sleep if I wanted to.

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mommytoallh - I'm so glad that your dh got to see his dad - that's so important - and what a relief that babe stayed put until he got home. I'm sorry that you have the mixture of grief and expecting a new baby at the same time. That must be hard, but maybe a blessing in some ways too.


aidenn - I hope the iron goes up. Just thought I'd let you know - I've been on the platelet rollercoaster this week and I've been taking chlorophyll pills like crazy. Anyway, after only 4 days on the chlorophyll my platelets went up from 99 to 107 and my hemoglobin (one of the measures of iron) went up a whole bunch too. Maybe chlorophyll would help with your iron??



I've been going back and forth with the midwives over the platelets and saline lock and on and on. This morning I was pretty much told that with platelets below 100, I would have to have a saline lock or else not be allowed a homebirth. I was feeling pretty upset so I dragged my kids out to the hospital to get my blood done and it just came back that I went up to 107. My midwife called and said that we won't check it again for 2 weeks and hope the baby comes in that time. I'm only 37 weeks today and I wouldn't normally be in a rush to have a baby before 39 weeks but my last babe came at 37w2d so really it could be any time now. Otherwise, it was an added relief that my GBS test came back negative. One less thing to worry about.


So then, these are the last days I'll feel a baby in my belly. Bittersweet. Better get some more photos taken.

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mommytoallh-- sorry about your FIL...i too am glad your labor held off, but i'm sure it's just such a super emotional time in your house. grouphug.gif


i've had a really rough day myself as one of my cats has not come home in two nights...tonight will be the third. greensad.gif my eyes were just pouring tears this morning...thankfully i had to go to a work meeting that pretty much lasted all day, so my mind was taken off of it for a while...but he still hadn't been here when we got home ( i could tell because his white hair is all over the green carpet whenever he passes through) and so...i'm so sad. greensad.gif he was originally my mom's cat and so if he doesn't come home by tomorrow i'm going to have to call her and tell her...i know she'll be devastated too. hugs to my sweet oliver. i am grateful my other two cats have been staying close...they both slept right next to me all night last night.


anyways, i'm sorry i didn't add great news to the thread...i'm going to go soak in a bath and hopefully get these tears to slow back down...



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Ashley hug2.gif If it gives you hope I had a kitty return after a month being gone! He was injured but recovered quickly and lived another good 10-12 years after wards! I gave up hope ever seeing him again but he came home.

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Ashley, sorry about your kitty.


I can't believe I haven't posted in here yet.  We're in the middle of 'snowpocalypse' here - 15cm of snow overnight, and it's meant to start up again by noon and give us another 30cm.  Yikes!


I'm so sick of talking about being pregnant.  Forget that I'm sick of being pregnant, which sucks.  I'm mostly sick of having the 'almost done' 'yeah, soon' 'do you think you'll go early' etc etc. conversation.  I know people are trying to be nice, but I'm so cranky!


Everything is ready, except that we are almost out of groceries and the laundry is all backed up.  Not actually expecting a baby for another 2-3 weeks so not such a big deal.


Bluebird mama, I'm all about the pictures too - I have no good pics past about 36 weeks from DS (I had PUPPP and my relationship wasn't in a good place.  It wasn't a good time to be taking pictures.) so I'm determined to get them right up to the end with this one.

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Eden- Hope the yucky iron helps you out, even if it sucks!


Bluebird- Hope that you have that baby before your numbers drop.  It would be so  nice to have that worry out of your mind I am sure.


Ashleybrook- Sad to hear about your kitty.  You never know, maybe she will just appear, that does happen.  Hugs.


Well I SLEPT!  Hip hip hooray!!!!  Feel so much more human today.  No early morning work done BUT I have all day and with DH on evenings I should be able to get it done later this morning and still get things done around the house.  Three meals to made for a friend whose mother died, and for us.  Figured I'd make enough for us to freeze as well, for after baby comes.


One funny thing is that my silly friends finally pinned down a date for a baby shower.  They wanted to do it after baby was here, so that they could play "pass the baby".  Yikes!  I hated that idea.  Tell me I am not the only one!!!  I am a, "My baby is in a sling/wrap so that you don't touch it for at least six weeks," sort of mama and that just creeped me out, a bunch of people passing my tiny around.  So I finally got the guts to let them know that.  I just didn't want to be rude, or mandate a party for me, know what I mean?  So now we're going for the 10th, nine days before my due date.  I'm hoping to still be pregnant and to fully enjoy the Thai food restaurant it's at.  YUMMMMMM and a great way to help labor along, all that spiciness.  Again...yummmmmm.....eat.gif

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Ashley- I hope your kitty finds his way back home to you. It is so sad when one wanders.

Bluebird Mama- Great news on the platelet count and GBS! Yahoo! Sending you easing into labor vibes...

mommytoallh- So sorry for the passing of your FIL.

twinklefae- I hear you on not wanting to talk about being pregnant or due or any of it! Monday I had this conversation, "So, how are things going?" Me- "I cannot really talk about all of this right now. It's quite a story which I will tell you once this is all through. Right now, I just want to lie here and relax." "Is she still head down?" Me- "I don't really want to talk about any of this right now. I just want to relax." When is your next midwife appointment? Me-in my head of course- WTF?!?! How can I be more clear?!?! (Luckily DH intervened at that point...)

aidenn- Hopefully your iron count will be just where it needs to be!

Me? Bad doctor's appointment yesterday and I'm back on the "trying everything I can to convince babygirl that outside the womb is an okay place" rollercoaster . Sigh. It sucks. I had three or four crying jags yesterday which I'm sure isn't helping the hormone cocktail. I'm just done. Not with being pregnant...I don't mind that part...I mind the pretty much continual assault on my peace over the last two weeks. My blood pressure was up yesterday and even this morning after being in bed for 12+ hours except to cry, shower, throw up, and pee at various points it is still higher than earlier in the week. Oh, well. The acupuncturist is coming this morning with more intensive measures. I'm gonna do more castor oil this afternoon. It will be unpleasant but if I can avoid the medical induction that is now scheduled for Tuesday at the natural birth unfriendly hospital that is a good thing. As DH says, "A year from now this will seem trivial." I really hope so. I'm trying to find the lesson in all this. That valuable gem I can walk forward with. I guess maybe about surrender. But lately it is feeling more like infertility again with maybe the lesson being brokeness. Suck. Off to find some sort of happy place. I'll post later when I'm feeling better...

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Bluebirdmama - I'll look into the chlorophyll thing!  I had a nervous fit about the iron after having a consult with "Dr. Google" as he's known in our house.  Dr. Google seemed more interested in telling me about people trying to get their iron up to donate blood and I was being selfish.  I don't care about those generous people, I want to know how pregnant ladies did with it!!  :)  After I texted my midwife about my concerns that my iron would dip just a hair too low, she told me she had the exact same issue in her pregnancy 2 years ago and hers went up after only 10 days and she wasn't as militant as I am being about it.  So, I've concluded, I just need a project or something to keep my mind off of it.  


Thanks to everyone who's supporting me with this iron craziness.  I know it's not nearly as serious as some other problems that mamas here are having, so I appreciate you taking the time to support me in my relatively minor scare.


I had a really good night with DD last night where she was less cantankerous than she has been this past week.  I know the "terrible two" stage is normal (plus she's cutting a tooth), but I'm so nervous about moving from 1 to 2 kids, I'm trying to make these last few days (weeks?) good for her last time being my only sweetheart.  I know everything will go fine since she's probably too young to remember a time without her sister, but as an only child who LOVED being an only, I'm very boo-hoo-ey with the crying about it.  Stupid hormones.  Logic tells me this is all going to be fine, but when my heart gets in the way, ugh.


Twinklefae - Oh I so get it about being done having the pregnancy/due date conversation.  I work with a bunch of older (65+ year old) volunteers at the library and every freaking day is like BABYWATCH 2011!  I get the "you're still here?!" line at least 5 times a day from various patrons/volunteers and I am SO NOT the ambassador for pregnant ladies.  Yes, people, I could be here for another 3 weeks if I go to 42 weeks, so um, settle the crap down.  I feel a little bad about it because I know they're just trying to show excitement, but I don't want to be thinking about how I am a time bomb for potentially 3 more weeks and then have to rehash the "it's a due date, not an eviction date" line over and over.  Obviously, I'm pretty grumpy about it too.  :)


Jenne - While I am sure your husband is right about looking back, it's difficult (at least for me) to put that logic through my head when you're in the thick of it.  We're rooting for you here to have things go the way they will be healthiest for you and babe.  I can only imagine how daunting it seems to have everything change each day as to what your options are, especially when we're large in the belly and hormonal.  :/  


OkiMom - Your daughter's party is tomorrow, right?  The 4th where you're at?  Wishing her a happy birthday party and little man to come freely after that's over!!


Ashleybrook - I am sorry about the cat.  I don't have much help to offer, but I know how hard it can be with the uncertainty.  Here's hoping a swift and safe return!

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grouphug.gif thanks everyone for the hugs and good wishes. it was a rough night, and i told my mom this morning...so we both cried on the phone together. but i'm feeling a bit more solid this afternoon. i have heard of cats gone for a long time that come back...but it's so unlike him... we'll see.


in the meantime, my husband goes out early this morning and calls me telling me this dog is following him all around and doesn't have a collar. it's so unlike him, but he brought the dog home and now we're looking for a home for it. she's a beautiful, young grey pit bull and just about as friendly as i've seen. so far, i've got the cats inside and dog out in the backyard, hopefully we can find a new home before the day is out...because i know my cats already miss going in and out...


anyways, enough about animals! aidenn--chlorophyll is known for helping "build blood", i was taking that until i started on the magnesium...as they both have a way of making pooping too easy for me...i can't take them at the same time, which is why i switched to iron, to help stop things up! it doesn't taste great, but i mixed the chlorophyll with water and drank it. if you don't like the floradix, i can't imagine you'll like the chlorophyll, as i found it much more difficult than the floradix...but you never know until you try! :)


jenne--i'm sorry you're having such a hard time. hug2.gifi can imagine it's difficult to trust your body and baby when the outside world is saying not too. i hope your baby girl decides it's time to come soon...if not, i hope you find a way to feel empowered through the process. sometimes we don't like the process we go through, but we can find a way that we feel still powerful and creative....i hope you can find that. hug2.gif i certainly found that with my past miscarriages and trying to conceive, but i know it's not the easiest thing sometimes! love to you...on the journey!






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ashleybrook- hope your kitty returns soon! We had 2 cats that took off at different times, and only once ever- one cat was gone for a few days, the other for a few months! We were sure he was gone forever and one day he just trotted across the porch, we saw him through the living room window & all jumped up and shouted his name LOL.


I don't feel like I'm anywhere near giving birth yet but it's ok with me- I'm not due til the 16th and dh works up til the 11th then he has 2 weeks off. Also I'm still mostly enjoying being pregnant, savouring the last pregnancy & savouring the time with my other 2. I'm actually kinda bummed that baby didn't come today - my other kids bdays are 03/03 and 08/08 so it would have been cool to have the third be born on 02/02 but now I'm hoping for 02/11/11 LOL


I went through a few weeks of insomnia but it's not bad now. I take my MP3 player to bed & listen to the radio or some meditation tracks I downloaded if I have trouble falling back to sleep & that seems to help quite a bit- I'm no longer up for 1.5 hrs when I do wake up!


We got the same snowstorm that came up from the U.S. and ds had his first ever snow day. He takes a bus to school, which was cancelled, but also the schools were closed for the first time in 10 years!! Luckily my ILs were here to help from Monday to today.


The kids and I made a whole bunch of lactation cookies today- they are so good! And the recipe makes like 5 dozen so we ate some and froze a whole bunch for post baby snacks!

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Originally Posted by ashleybrook View Post


anyways, enough about animals! aidenn--chlorophyll is known for helping "build blood", i was taking that until i started on the magnesium...as they both have a way of making pooping too easy for me...i can't take them at the same time, which is why i switched to iron, to help stop things up! it doesn't taste great, but i mixed the chlorophyll with water and drank it. if you don't like the floradix, i can't imagine you'll like the chlorophyll, as i found it much more difficult than the floradix...but you never know until you try! :)


I couldn't manage the liquid chlorophyll either. I'm doing capsules now.

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mommytoallh, I'm glad your dh is home and that your baby waited.  Big hugs to all of you.


I'm so tired and miserable, I just want this baby out! It's frustrating because 2 weeks ago, I was having all kinds of bh contrax, I was dilated to 4 cm and now I'm a few days from my edd and nothing!  Well, I'm crampy, but it's mostly from moving around (lying down to standing up, picking up toddler, working around house).  I have another prenatal appt tomorrow and I'm going to ask her to check me.  I have biggish babies and a history of shoulder dystocia so I don't really want to go too long past my edd. Plus, I just want to see my baby! :)

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Cook my ass off today!  Oy!  Tons of mac and cheese, pizza crusts and chicken pot pies.  Some for us and some for a friend.  TIRED and still need to clean and work.  Again.  OY! 

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Well, we are up early to do more castor oil...here's to a productive day! orngbiggrin.gif

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@Jenne - Good luck with the castor oil!!!!! I think your husband is right that in a short period of time (like not even a year) this will all seem a lot less important.


I'm 39w 3d and so ready. Going to get checked today for the first time. Not that it'll tell me much either way, but I want to "do" something so this is something to do. Have been dealing with extremely painful hemorrhoids, though luckily the worst one (which was thrombosed!!!!) has cleared up with the help of acupuncture and 1000 creams and 300 bottom baths.


I can't help but feel like my toddler is interfering with me going into labor - he has been waking up SO much at night and wanting only Mama. DH has taken on being the main night person but sometimes that just sends DS screaming. And he's not sick or anything. I am wondering if my body is giving off "you are not the center of the universe" hormones which he senses somehow...

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Good Luck Jenne! I hope it works and I am sorry you have to go through all this. I am sure the stress of it isn't helping your blood pressure.


MommytoallH - I am sorry about the passing of your FIL. May he rest in peace and your husband and his siblings find peace as well.


Ashley - I hope kitty comes back. I have had them disappear on me before but like the song, they always came back. I even had one appear TWO YEARS after going missing. Actually he showed up at the shelter and I had him microchipped so when they scanned him and saw I was the owner, they called me. We made the news with that one.


Everything is going fine here. Trying to check off things on my to do list and keep busy. I just hit 38 weeks today. I have been visiting the chiropractor which has been helping me sleep better and in about ten days I go to the acupuncturist to do a pre-labour treatment.

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