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Anybody have any idea of how many babies were born this week? Seems like there was about 10-15 days of nothing, and then BAM! Babies everywhere. I'm surprised more didn't come out with the full moon- I felt mine dropping during those days, anyway.


My midwife had four clients due in Jan. and all of their babies, plus mine, were born last week. Poor Audrey, I can't imagine attending five homebirths in one week! yikes2.gif That woman is incredible. I had no idea I'd bond so fiercely to her after the birth- I mean I bonded that way to the doula at my daughter's birth so it shouldn't come as a shock right? I'm pretty sure I'd follow Audrey to the ends of the earth at this point!

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It's my due date today (and DHs birthday!) and had bloody show this morning. WAS contracting 3-4x an hour but its down to once an hour now. They were pretty painful too. drinking some RRL tea and hoping things continue to progress.



Do I get to consider myself a medical anomaly if 3 out of 4 kids are born on their due dates???


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Starting to get really discouraged now. Day after my due date (or my due date according to my charts) and it seems like the same old things. crampy BH's and nothing else.


Just tired and ready to have this little girl!! I did dream about her last night so maybe that means something.


Should I even bother timing my crampy BH contractions or just wait until they get more painful? They are pretty crampy right now.. coming about every ten minutes or so.. but it seems like that's been the trend and nothing changes.

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You totally do!  Good luck!

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Originally Posted by nosce View Post
I had no idea I'd bond so fiercely to her after the birth- I mean I bonded that way to the doula at my daughter's birth so it shouldn't come as a shock right? I'm pretty sure I'd follow Audrey to the ends of the earth at this point!

Dh and I found the same thing with our midwives and our theory is that it's the oxytocin. You just get flooded with love for everyone in the room, not just the baby...provided you were happy with your care of course.



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That makes sense. A lot, actually.

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Finally have a moment! smile.gif I'm back to a good place after having a really rough day yesterday. I finally leveled with the OB that I was not comfortable scheduling an induction for Tuesday. I imagine that in her practice I'm an anomaly at being over 40 weeks. She is nervous. My bloodwork came back good (the only concern is my uric acid level which is 6...still in the norm range but towards the top although it has been at 6 for at least 2 weeks) and the NST was perfect. I told her that I would definitely schedule for 42 weeks no problem but until I had a sense of peace I just couldn't commit to Tuesday.

I had a great morning today. I woke up about 5am and decided to go watch the sunrise. It occured to me after I had bought the starbucks that I wanted and driven over to the lake that it was raining. Then it occured to me that the sun was going to rise whether *I* could see it or not. That everything on this planet works the way it should because God made it so. If flowers know when to bloom, the sun when to rise, then of course between He and my baby they could figure out when she should be born. Or direct me down the path to get assistance with that. So, I'm back in a wait and see peaceful place which feels so much better than any of the bumps I've experienced and/or created for myself in the past few weeks. I'm not necessarily saying this will last but I'll take it for today!

Oh, and more serendipity my local birth network had a message about an opening for prenatal massage this morning and since I was awake I was able to go. Bliss! So much comfort and relaxation! Plus she loosened my hips some and helped my achy neck! Bonus!

So, that's where I am today... orngbiggrin.gif

bluebirdmama and nosce- My BFF said that after having her kiddo she totally understood why some women show up at their 6 week follow up pregnant! She said she was so overwhelmed by the love she felt for her husband that it was difficult to concentrate or remember that they had to wait! smile.gif So it makes sense that all that love would flow into others who were part of the experience as well.

okimom- Were your littles correct? Was Sunday your day? smile.gif How did the party go?

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I am exhausted but we made it through dd's birthday and two birthday parties. She is currently (finally!) sleeping, it's early but she still hadn't recovered from yesterday. 


I am dreading going to work on Monday, I'm still hoping that I'll go into labor before then. I kind of wish that DD had been born at 40 weeks so I didn't feel like it should be anytime now! DD was born at 37w5d, and I feel very silly but if I make it much past 38 weeks I think I will be disappointed. 

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Jenne - what a beautiful post!  I am so glad that you stood up to the OB if that's what brought you peace.  Other than her being grumpy and nervous about it, is she willing to go with a 42-week induction?


sarahkristy - This is me.  Crampy BH and it gets regular in the evening to the point of being every 5-10 minutes apart.  Wednesday I even called the midwife and explained I was having 5-1-1 but it wasn't painful.  She came down anyways and I'm still 80% effaced and 4cm.  I'll be this way forever.


I'm due Monday, but I think I will easily go over this time since no real progress is being made.  I am now assuming I'm going to have a Valentine's baby and that way I'm not feeling like such a time bomb.  It has helped me to NOT focus on the "holy crap, my life is going to irrevocably change any minute now!" feelings of anticipation.


lyterae - I know what you mean.  I delivered my daughter on 39w exactly last time and I think that is a big reason why I am so stir crazy this time (I'm 39+5 today)  It really feels like 39 weeks is my due date, not 40, just because it was that way last time.  I already perceive myself as "overdue".

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Jenne-Awesome story!! I also love that you added 41 & 42 wks to your ticker. thumb.gif


aidenn-Throughout this whole pregnancy, I had to focus on Valentine's Day. I focused to closely on my due date with my second and as soon as that date came and went, I slowly got jumpier and jumpier. Although I must admit it was a lot of fun to tell people I was two weeks overdue and watch their jaws drop!! Course, this time I manage to focus on a date two wks past my due date the whole pregnancy and the little booger comes early!!


*sigh* I had several things I wanted to share and now I can't remember a single one of em! Oh well, Lucas is waking up and will be demanding to be fed in about five minutes, anyway. orngtongue.gif


Hope you all are doing well!! I'm going to take some time tomorrow and get all caught up!

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Thank you all for your kind & supportive words. We are doing as expected and maybe even a little better. It helps that my FIL was always in FL for the winter, so it just sort of feels like he still is and not gone. I guess it will hit us later. The memorial service is for next Sunday - on my due date and it looks like it's going to be a bunch of bad feelings. We generally do not take our newborns anywhere public for the first 4 weeks. So I will not be going to the service. I know I could go for an hour and let my mom watch the baby - assuming she's here. But I have never left a baby that little - I don't want to leave a baby that little. And I am a nurse on demand mom, what if she needs me while I am gone? I would be miserable. My SIL's will not understand. They did not nurse. It's going to get ugly...

Anyway I have been in prodromal labor for a week now. It's exhausting and frustrating. The baby is so low it's making it difficult to move around because of the pain between my legs. I am very ready to be done, but I am trying to remember it does not matter if I am ready or not :)

Super Congrats to all the Mamas who have had their babies this week!

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Add me to the list of more painful than normals *rushes*.  I knew, yesterday, that they were not real.  Still, they came often and were uncomfortable enough to for me think well...maybe.  But no.  Just hoping that these are opening and softening and thinning so that when the real deal hits both my body and I are ready.  DS was two weeks over, DD started on her EDD, born a day later, so we shall see.  It would be lovely to not go until after Thrusday, when my work should be done and my baby shower is.  Thai food....nom nom nom and just the thing to get things going!


I have decided that if baby is still hanging out on the 18th I will allow a membrane sweep, as an attempt to give fate a little nudge and have him on my dads birthday.  They will share a middle name so sharing a birthday could be cool too.  AND my parents will be in town.  We.  Shall.  See. 

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So last night for a moment I thought maybe I was in labor. No. Her head was against my right pelvic/hip bone. Her butt against my left ribs. Lots of pressure. I could feel her head with my hands making a hard lump in my lower abdomen. Grrr. I guess it is better to know now that she is really poorly positioned. But GRRRRR! She was head down and beginning to engage 2 weeks ago. Oh, well. It will be what it will be. The monitrice is going to come this afternoon and assess the situation. If I'm wrong (AND I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope I am!!!) she will mess with my cervix (which is still way posterior) to try to coax to a more neutral/forward position. If I'm right we will try some repositioning things. I had the thought though last night that wouldn't it be absolutely hysterically hillarious if I avoided the hysteria response c-section only to have a poorly positioned/transverse c-section two weeks later? orngbiggrin.giflol.gif Or something...

mommytoallh- Be gentle with yourself. Hopefully your DH will be able to deflect and bad feelings but I'm hopeful that your inlaws will be very understanding of your situation.

lyterae- Sending labor vibes your way! orngbiggrin.gif

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mommytoallh-I really hope no one gets upset with you. It makes perfect sense to me why you want to keep baby home and stay with her, I would too! Hopefully everyone will keep their unpleasant thoughts to themselves if they have to have them at all!


Jenne--Hope that babe gets into a better position! My first two weren't really engaged until labor started, so it can change just like that!!


Having a postpartum doula has been kind of strange. Normally, I clean when virtual strangers are coming into my house. It really went against the grain to leave my kitchen a mess and not bother to pick up any toys in the living room. But I think with a little time, I really might get used to the idea of having someone else cook and clean. lol.gif Not every day, just a couple times a week. The doula is nice enough and does well with the older two kiddos. She sat and read books to DD for nearly 45 min! I'm not too sure how long I'll use her services, though. As nice as it is to have someone else come in and do some of these things, I've found that its making it a little hard to get into my own groove. So we may not have her come around for as long as we were originally planning.

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It's so exciting seeing all those announcement threads!


I'm glad Oliver came back.


I'm hungry and not eating nearly as healthily as I should. I need to figure out what DD and I are going to have for dinner, as DH is at his best friend's to watch the Superbowl and DW#2 is at work. It should probably involve some actual vegetables...


I wish he would just come now, so it could be done and we could be on the flip side. I'm still getting ready for Estrella War...I need to find my camp axe and fire extinguisher. They seem to have disappeared since the last time we camped. DS actually flipped a couple of times while I was napping yesterday...I went to roll over and there was his head, back up in my upper abdomen! I scolded him and laid back onto my left side again and he flipped back vertex.

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Goodness gracious there was a baby boom over the weekend! I was surprised to log-on tonight and see all the announcements, hope you all are hanging in there!


I've spent the past two days cleaning house, my floors are mopped and vacuumed, the laundry is washed and put away... The house is nice and clean, now I just need some groceries in the fridge and we'd be all set :)

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Holly - so exciting!!!!!!!!!


Ravin - I am craving WAY more sweets in these last few weeks than I have been the whole pregnancy. Every time I go to the grocery store (which is often) I get myself a cinnamon scone. Oops...


I thought it was happening last night but then I got up and peed and the strong contractions just went away. Today is my due date...


It's so amazing with all of these births happening at the same time!!!

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Yay Holly! ELV!

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Very cool Holly! Keep us posted!


I almost thought I was going to go last night but no.  We'll see if they did anything today at my appt.

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