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Well, My Water REALLY Broke this time

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Hello ladies,


I have been following this DDC mostly, though today is my due date so I am kind of in between Jan and Feb.  I never posted my stats because I didn't regularly start reading in here until a few months ago and just never got around to it.  I've had a long terrible couple of days.  I thought my water broke days ago so my MW and I tried to get things going but never could, we tried some cohoshes and castor oil both of which failed.  Yesterday I did an amnio swab and it was negative so I decided to just conclude that the original leak was something else and baby wasn't ready. After letting go of the possibility of this baby coming anytime soon I had several hours of painful, four minute apart one minute long contractions yesterday and then they fizzled. 


Then today I woke up at 10 to a small leak that eventually turned into huge gushes.  It is is 2:16 now and I am still not having any big contractions but I am pouring water everywhere.  I was a stretchy 4/5 and 80% effaced yesterday so I thought when this finally happened everything would just go as planned and be over very quickly.  It isn't looking that way.  I can't even get excited.  My DH just fell asleep a few minutes ago.  He was crying before that, he says because he misses our other kids who have been at babysitters for two days but I think he is just exhausted with this roller coaster we have been on since Thursday.  My midwife and doula are stuck two hours away because of a terrible storm complete with tornado warnings.  My mom was a complete drag when I called and tried to talk to her.  She told me I just need to give up and go to the hospital where we will be safe.  She has been saying this for days just because she knew how dilated I was.  Hell she has been saying that for months or just avoiding the conversation all together.  I can't talk to her about this baby at all.  I wish I had never told her anything. 


I have been waiting for ten months and now all I want to do is cry.  I wish that I was sleepy so I could just skip some of these hours of my life all together.  I know it has only been four hours but the way things are playing out right now I don't think this is ever going to happen for me.  I am ready to just give up and go to the hospital for an induction already because of all the negative energy and the fact that I have been through so much disappointment in the last few days.  I know my MW will call soon to check on me and I don't even want to talk to her.  I don't want to talk to anyone.  What the heck is wrong with me?  None of my other labors were anything like this.  Everything was always text book and I was certainly never sad when things started to happen.  I just keep thinking that labor is never going to start on its own and I can't get that out of my head.



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How's it going Sunflower? You're almost at the finish line. There really isn't a hurry just because your water broke. I know most OB's will give you 24 hours but as long as you aren't running a fever and baby is active with no signs of meconium...wait it out. Try some nipple stimulation and see if you get any contractions.


Hope to hear back soon with your good news...Hang in there...you can do this :0)

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Sorry you had such a rough start.  I hope things are going better and your in labor or better yet holding your baby.  If not then hang in there, chances are good that something will happen soon. 

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I had a rather long labor and several times I got the this-baby-is-never-coming-out feeling. I ended up transferring to the hospital for pain relief. I wish I could have stuck it out.

I know it's hard but try to get some rest and think positively: your baby will be born and all of the labor will be worth it.

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It is 1:24 AM.  No baby yet. Still haven't had any real contractions.  No fever, normal vitals, good HB for baby. I am amazed at how much water is in there after three hospital births where I was lying flat after it was broken.  I am trying to sleep.  I really hope something good happens for me soon.  My wonderful doula is here.  We went to WalMart and bought a birthday cake, bounced around on the birth ball, talked.  Finally a few hours ago we all decided to get some rest.  I hope I have something awesome to report back soon. =(

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