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one week pp today-wow!


Still processing my birth, having a hard time making sense of it all. Things went from home in the water to hospital/drugs/stuck in the bed. So happy to have this beautiful baby in my arms!!!!!


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Aubrey Rose is 39 days old now!

I remember when I was pregnant dreaming about breastfeeding and really looking forward to it. It has been way different with Aubrey than with my last. We have struggled with thrush. I went through a course of antibiotics from mastitus. I think we are finally past the thrush, thank god!


Aubrey really just wants to nurse constantly! It is so draining and I am feeling a bit gulity for not wanting her constantly at the breast. All night long she nurses in bed while I try to get some sleep. All day long whenever she is awake she wants to eat. She is already 11 lbs and I'm proud of her chubbyness.


Maybe I wouldn't feel so drained if I wasn't still battling a headache! I've had it since she was about a week old.









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hug2.gifupnorthmama!!! it can  take a long while to process these things...i hope you find what you need to find in the process. 


trekkingirl-- aubrey rose is adorable!!! hug2.gif for the problems breastfeeding and the headache. i've had a headache the past two days but i've really realized i'm not eating or drinking enough to keep up with all the breastfeeding... so i'm adjusting, i hope your headache goes away soon!!!



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7 days pp here. My boobs are KILLING ME. I can't wait for the over-supply to correct itself :( Plus, my left nipple feels like someone is stabbing it with needles for the first 20 seconds or so of feeding her. It's awful. I dread feeding her and it made me cry the last time. I think it's from nipple damage from earlier and it's just taking a long time to heal itself. It's got a scab or something on the tip of it. Ouch.


I mentioned this one another thread, but I am not feeling all that great physically, which surprises me. It feels like my insides are falling out of me when I walk around. I wanted to wear a belly bandit, but i can feel my organs (?) hit up against it and it hurts. I had a really bad diastasis before the pregnancy, so I don't know if it has anything to do with it. I wish I could lay around in bed until I heal, but that is impossible with two little ones to take care of during the day.


Sorry that I am complaining so much. It's been a rough day today, both physically and mentally. Maybe it's the rain. On a happier note, the baby is doing great! I love her to pieces :o)

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Sorry upnorthmama, Trekkingirl and cagnew.  hug2.gif  It's so hard sometimes afterwards!


I'm actually really surprised at how fast I'm healing and how much better I'm feeling after this baby vs. DS.  DS's birth was long and ended up highly medicalized and I guess that took more of a toll on me than I realized.  DD was all natural - no time fo ranything else! and recovery has been much smoother.


My stitches are falling out and my perineum is almost un-swelled.  It felt like I was sitting on a golf ball right after the birth.  5 days out and we're doing much better.


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i haven't been posting much, but slowly reading along. things have been going really well for us- meryl (5 weeks, which feels unblievable,) is really an incredible sleeper and very content when she is awake. my other two were so uber-alert, but she is much more relaxed- she looks so zen, just kind of taking it all in. for the last few nights she has NOT wanted me to put the other two to sleep (i sit between the older two and nurse her till they are asleep,) and that has been a little hard- especially last night as my dh didn't get home till late. but, once she goes to sleep.....she sleeps! this is new for me as the other two were in constant eating mode through the night.

even so, with usually only one or two wakings in the night, i am unbelievably tired by evening. yesterday, i had a visitor with two boys- 3 and 4- and by the time that they left i was done for the day- i felt like i had been trampled. and my house too, oh my. i think i am still in "newborn" mode, too much noise really disturbs me. though yesterday gave me a new dose of "be thankful for your mostly well behaved girls"

my 3yr has started to be really clingy, but other than that adjustment for them is going well


a few pages back was chocolate talk and all i can say is- me too. i think about it all of the time and i even bought chocolate granola, which i always thought was the most insane thing- now i know how great it is!

i am down to 120lbs, but i don't look it and when i eat so many sweets, it is hard to stay positive about the possibility that i will be back to normal after three kids in 5yrs-and being over 30 now..it is early, i know.

other than craving chocolate- i ccrave spring---it is so close!

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Trekking- we're at day 38 and are in nonstop eating mode too! There's a growth spurt at 6 wks and I know that's what this is. Hang in there, it will be over soon. I hope!!


I am quite literally wasting away. I started out both my pregnancies at below ideal weight and lose more than half of what I gained during birth. Last week I noticed myself feeling frantically hungry and impulsively smearing butter on everything- despite this I've lost two more pounds this week while E has gained two! He's coming in at 12 lb 2 oz- it feels like the fat is literally draining from my body straight into his. Eek! I'm at 110 lb now- I really can't afford to lose any more than 10- I don't even want to lose that 10!


my husband went back to work a few days ago and while at least once a day the baby, the toddler, and I all collapse into a fit of tears, I think we've got it together. I mean, I can manage dressing them both and getting myself showered and dressed and lunch fed all before noon, so that's not doing too bad is it? lol

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my husband went back to work a few days ago and while at least once a day the baby, the toddler, and I all collapse into a fit of tears, I think we've got it together. I mean, I can manage dressing them both and getting myself showered and dressed and lunch fed all before noon, so that's not doing too bad is it? lol

hug2.gif It's an adjustment, isn't it? My kids are older so they can do a lot for themselves- dress, get snacks, find something to play, read, etc but I have WAY lowered my standards. Basically if everyone is fed & we're dressed on time to get ds to the school bus, I'm happy. Dishes & laundry I try to stay on top of so it doesn't build up. If I can clean a bathroom while wearing the baby & dd is playing & ds is at school, well that's just a bonus. DH works fairly long hours & luckily I'm still reaping the benefits of all the cooking & freezing I did months ago so suppers are easy!


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Sometimes DH doesn't get home until 10 or 11pm. We asked for frozen meals in lieu of gifts at the baby shower and we are STILL pulling out delicious home cooked meals, 38 days later. What a blessing. I generally get a panic around 5pm when I realize the dinner hour is near and I have NO idea what to do. It's been so wonderful to just midlessly pull something out without looking, throw some veggies with it, and relax.

My 2.5 year old daughter is very bright and really independent for her age (which keeps us on our toes more often than not!) and helps herself a lot. But the few days that I didn't set a goal of getting ready by noon, we were all still in pj's when DH came home at 7pm. I'm the type that needs to get dressed and leave the house each day to feel together so those days were really stressful to me.

I have really lowered my standards, too. I keep reminding myself and my partner- PEOPLE BEFORE THINGS. So what if I eat my breakfast cereal with a tiny kid spoon because nothing else was clean? At least we're all fed! lol.gif The laundry though-- oh my goodness. Who knew adding one more person would make the laundry build up that much? I swear that everybody's laundry multiplied- not just the baby's- even though we tend to not change after being spit up on.


That reminds me of a story from when my daughter was a few weeks old. We lived above our business downtown and so on breaks from work DH would take our daughter for a walk around a few blocks, up on his shoulder. An older woman stopped him one time and said "Sir, you have the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen-- however, you have spit up going ALL down your back!" And true enough, it looked like someone dumped paint down his shoulder- it was BAD. thumb.gif

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Wow. Day four here, feeling a bit overwhelmed. I actually felt really good the first two days and I think I overdid it a little bit. Now I'm kinda crashing.

My milk came in at the end of day two and I swear I always have enough milk to feed like ten babies, my boobs are killing me! Daria doesn't come close to nursing enough to relieve them. Also, for some reason her latch is perfect on my right side but on the left side she is chewing me to pieces. Ouch! Hoping to avoid getting mastitis and yeast infections, but I seem to get them every single time. Haven't been feeling too good since the milk started coming in.

My two year old and four year old are adjusting, but today seemed to be the worst day so far in adapting. My two year old is whining non stop, everything is majorly dramatic and she peed her pants at least 6 times today. Oh my goodness! My four year old has been pretty helpful actually, but is constantly hovering right over top of me and I swear I am gonna go nuts because I need some space! Gah!

We're moving back to the mainland at the end of the month, so I need to start doing some major packing, and haven't really been able to settle down and enjoy everything as much as I would like because there is so much to worry about.

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nosce- I have similar goals- showered, dressed, and fed and I'm okay. Like my mil says- the house will be there long after the kids are gone. Still... it's hard to remember that when there is crap all over the house.


baggybears- right there with you on the boob issues and toddler issues!

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Baggybears, I totally feel ya. My 4yo has been hovering, too, and its driving me insane. There have been several times I've coerced her to go and play in her room with something just to get her quite literally off my back. But on the flip side she's been a great help with DS. She's constantly playing with him which makes it much easier on me. And the time she doesn't want to play with him he's also generally ready for some alone time, so its worked out well. Good luck with the packing etc, I can't even begin to imagine having to do that right now! hug2.gif


And I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one really struggling to get a routine, even though I'm five weeks in now. Some days work out great, like today. I got two stretches of three hours of sleep, DH didn't leave for work until 2pm and I had time to get things done. So my house got relatively cleaned up, diapers are washed, dinner's half made and I'm even thinking about making cookies depending on how Lucas's napping at this moment goes. But two days ago...house was a disaster, Isaac threw his lunch all over the floor instead of eating it and there it stayed until the next day, pjs til noon, etc. Oh and then there was the day I completely forgot that Maddie had preschool. bag.gif And of course there is always the possiblity of things blowing up in your face. Since writing the first part of this paragraph two and half hours ago, I have burned the hell outta dinner making it inedible, Lucas screamed for over an hour and the older two got super cranky waiting for dinner. Fuuuuuunnnn....At least my house is still picked up.

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I have my mom here helping out this week and though I appreciate the help it makes it difficult to get into a routine. We started a bit last week but now it's all different again with her here. anyway, it's nice to have her here, she's great with the other kids & they just love her. Also I'm a planner and feel most comfortable when I have a routine or at least a plan in place and that's hard to do with a newborn LOL. I don't know when he's going to want to eat or sleep or how long he will sleep for or where- worn, bed, swing, my lap?? Oh well, I"m just trying to go with his flow as much as I can for now because I know this stage will pass quickly. I just try to fit in the stuff that needs to get done whenever I can and still enjoy his tiny newbornness. I won't always be able to just sit in a chair and look at him while he sleeps :)

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I hear you on the routine thing.  I can't wait til daycaregirl comes back on Monday - DS is watching TOO much TV, and is bored silly with no friends to play with.  Alice is very flexible and I'm not worried about her too much.

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I'm 3 weeks in now.  Jenevieve is still pretty easy like Maiya was.  However, she does NOT want to be put down.  Ever.  I'm big into my wrap right now but every time she is in it she falls asleep, which would be GREAT except then she is up all night to make up for it.  So she's not really wrap-able yet, unless I want to be a total night owl.  And I only have so much TV to watch, you know?


Nosce - I agree with you on all of us crying on occasion.  Normally, the ladies sleep in until 9, but today they got up at 7am.  I was BEGGING for at least an extra hour, but neither girl was having it.  They both fortunately took a nap at 10, but I felt like a terrible parent because I literally just sat in front of the TV watching Shaun the Sheep and Jack's Big Music Show for that 3 hours.  Classy!  I also agree with you on the laundry.  Holy crap, between two kids in cloth diapers and the family laundry, I feel like it is going to overtake me.  I've actually considered putting Jeni in disposable diapers to ease the laundry up a little bit, but I think the cost keeps me from doing so.


Is anyone going to work out of the home full time?  I only have another 4 weeks on mat leave and I've got to begin pumping and bottle feeding at least a feeding a day with Jeni soon.  SO dreading that.  Pumping isn't bad, but I hate the struggle to switch to a bottle, even if it is just 3 feeds a day.

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I can NOT comprehend two in cloth dipes right now. I know there are tons of people who do it, but not me, mama. My dd potty learned right as I got pregnant so she had nine months of solid underwear literally under her belt before the baby came. She's having occasional accidents now but nothing to stress me out and I am SO. FREAKING. THANKFUL. that I don't have that many more diapers to contend with!

I got a bit crazy with the dipe buying with her though and guiltily admit to having a stash large enough to cloth diaper two to three children for over a week without washing. Ahem. And Elliott's plumped up enough by now to fit in the one-size fitteds and pockets so I really don't HAVE to wash all the time, you know? So that's nice. But then when I do get to washing, I've got like 5 humongous wetbags to deal with and all the other laundry gets put on hold...vicious cycle!


I've started thinking up things to entertain the toddler that don't require me when I'm up in the middle of the night changing diapers or nursing. I used blue painter's tape yesterday and taped a hopscotch track on her bedroom floor and showed her how to use it. Cheap, impermanent, and effective. She's in there for hours hopping around. Good way to get her using those large motor skills, too! Honestly this is the only way I'm surviving her right now. Playdoh in the morning, lunch at noon, quiet play and then time outdoors, painting while we're fixing dinner, bath and bed. I just wish Elliott enjoyed being worn more- Iris LOVED it, thrived on it. Elliott arches his back and screams in pretty much every carrier but the mei tai and even that one's hit and miss. Chasing a toddler or keeping her stimulated would be so much easier if I didn't have to use my arms to hold him. And like I said- he's already over 12 lb now so I'm starting to feel the burn after a few hours!

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nosce- the  hopscotch is a great idea! 


aidden- yeah... my kids are watching a lot of movies. I remind myself it's temporary and summer will come and they will be outside all the time. Still... i notice a difference in their behavior when they are watching more tv than usual.

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Well, I feel better after admitting our crappy TV habits. On good sleep days, we go to the park for an hour in the morning and run about the yard for another 45 minutes or so in the afternoon.  I live in Florida, so I can't use weather as an excuse, because it's really lovely out right now.  And as much as I love mothering.com, I do feel guilty because we probably do let her watch too much TV, even on good days (about 2 hours a day, 1.5 of which is programming we all love.  Right now we're doing a BBC series on train travel).  But, I was raised on a ton of TV and I turned out okay.  I think.  :)


Good indoor-play ideas I've foisted Maiya on are books, play dough, dancing with mommy's music (I can only do Laurie Berkner for so many songs, you know?), and helping me bake.  We've made a LOT of cookies here lately.  Sometimes I wish she was a little older so I could do more things like the hopscotch idea (GREAT idea!).  Any other suggestions, ladies?


The potty learning - I am so envious!  Mai urinates in the potty sometimes, but she's not been super gung-ho to learn to do it consistently, and she always prefers to have a BM in her diaper, though she does do us the favor of telling us directly after she's done so it's not all mushy in her lady bits.

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Oh, that hopscotch is such a great idea!! I'm totally stealing that!! It's crappy weather here & I CAN"T WAIT until it warms up & dries out so we can go outside!!! Still, I manage to keep the kids tv to about 1-1.5 hrs a day and I'm so OK with that. There's the odd day where they don't watch any. Then there's the odd day where they watch more but I pay for that because they act crazy after too much tv. I don't understand how they can get bored and not have anything to do with the amount of stuff they have to play with but it just takes a little creative suggesting from me, or getting down with them and starting them on something and they will play well for a long time.

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so DH went back to work today after taking seven weeks off for bonding time! I am so relieved to have some me time. I love him to death but we haven't spent that much time together since we were teens. We work opposite shifts and don't always have days off together.


He gave me grief about CDing so I decided to wait till he went back to work to start using them. So other than a few times here and there, today is my first day with the cloth diapers. I can't believe how many sposies we've gone through already. It's time to break the vicious cycle.


So far I have as much wet clothes as I do diapers. I was thinking maybe I am not changing often enough. I guess that time between changes is different with CD?

Maybe I'm putting them on wrong? They seem tight.

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