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high bp reading, might not get to home birth :(

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I am so upset right now that I don't know what to do.  Less than a week ago I found out we would actually be able to afford a home birth, and I was so happy.  Now I'm panicking that it won't happen, and I'm really mad at myself for it. With ds, my bp going into the pregnancy was great, totally normal. I had 2 high readings later on in the pregnancy (directly after 2 very stressful events) and trace amounts of protein toward the end, but he was born before anyone pushed induction. After the post-partum time, I never really had occasion to check my bp (I'm terrible about getting regular checkups).  Well, just out of curiosity, I stopped at the bp machine at the grocery store this evening to check it, and it was like 148/89!! I was horrified, but I was hoping that maybe since it felt really tight on me that it was just inaccurate. Well, I did a little reading and it turns out that if the cuff is too small, it's actually likely to give a LOWER reading than is accurate.  I'm so mad at myself because I have totally not been taking care of myself (before getting pregnant anyway), and I gained back weight that I'd lost when bf'ing (got too used to burning the extra calories by merely sitting on my butt).  


Anyway, I know it's probably silly to get so worked up over one grocery store bp reading, but I'm feeling pretty sure that I'm going to be risked out of a homebirth, and maybe legitimately, which is even more upsetting. I guess because it's my fault? I don't know.  I'm feeling really bummed though.  


Wondering if anyone has any reassurance that it might have been a fluke, or experience with getting bp lowered in a relatively short amount of time?  Since it's so early in the pg, I don't think it would be PIH.  We're planning to rejoin the Y as soon as we get the money, and I know exercise is like the most important thing.  I'm thinking that if I put off the consultation with the mw, maybe I'll have a chance to get it down to a reasonable level? I'm going to be heartbroken if I have to end up with an ob birth, and the scariness of dealing with pre-e treatment (ie delivering asap) is overwhelming to me.  


Tell me I'm getting ahead of myself!

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Now I'm reading that time of day can make a big difference.... I took mine at like 9:30 pm, though I'd just gotten off work. I guess I'll have to take it again during the morning hours and hope for a better reading

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Those machines can be notoriously unreliable. Also if the cuff is too small for you, readings are generally reported as much higher than they are. There was this study a few years ago that looked at overweight women on blood pressure medication, and they found that many of them, if tested with a larger cuff, didn't even HAVE high blood pressure, and were being medicated incorrectly.


Anyhow I personally wouldn't take it to heart at all. Do take it as a personal warning though to start taking better care.. to make sure you are as healthy as you can be. You might also look at some natural options for maintaining good blood pressure.


Someone whose newsletter I read and enjoy recommended this website about naturally reducing blood pressure: http://www.bloodpressuremiracle.com


If you try to close the site they offer it for $1 with the rest to be paid in three weeks if you decide not to cancel. So you could check it out with very little risk.


Relax... it's good for your blood pressure! :)

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Talk to a MW. They often can help you lower your BP with diet before its an issue.

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Accupunture helped me lower bp.

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Those machines are pretty off in most cases. Also, it is so so early that I wouldn't stress over it. It take a MINIMUM of 3 high readings to label someone as having high BP.  Also, as someone said, your MW can give you ideas how to lower it ***IF*** it is an issue.

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Thanks for the reassurance!  I haven't been on much so I'm just now posting again, but I'm feeling a bit better now.  I'm going to call an OB tomorrow to get an appointment set up, as it's about time (8 wks Tuesday) and I was planning on seeing an OB as well anyway.  We've already taken steps to improve it if it is actually chronically high (which I don't even know yet).  Watching sodium, getting extra potassium, exercise, etc. Those changes can make a difference quickly from what I understand.  My step mom is a nutrition counselor whose job it is to offer guidance to people dealing with things like this.  


I know midwives can help this as well, but my concern is that because of the legal climate for home births in GA (not legal at all!), midwives will generally only take like the lowest of low risk clients because they don't have OB backups with whom they can actually work.  I'll have an OB, but he or she won't know I'm planning a home birth, and if they did they'd refuse to take me as a patient.  So, it's a sticky situation, but it's early still. My initial panic has worn off and I'm ok with whatever outcome.

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