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Facing possible chemical induction, I need encouragement

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So I get risked out of the birth center once I hit 42 weeks. I still feel great, and fluid levels/NST were great. I'm personally not in a hurry as long as baby is fine, but I am scheduled to start getting induced Sunday night, unless I can talk the center into allowing me just one more day.


I am pondering all the "what ifs," and in the meanwhile have been doing everything I can possibly think of to coax this little guy out. Tomorrow I'm getting acupuncture, the next day I'll get a membrane sweep, and the day after that they will attempt to induce me via breast pump and castor oil. If after all that I'm not laboring it will be a hospital induction greensad.gif. I will have to fight them NOT to use Cytotec, since that is "the standard" for this procedure.


I am trying to make the best of all of this. I have a great doula, but all the positives simply pale away when I realize I may have to birth at the hospital. The best I am holding onto right now is my cervix has moved anterior and is 80% effaced, which may still not mean much. Hopefully my worries will be for nothing and LO will be ready to come soon.


At least I do feel a little better posting my concerns, I'm really thankful for having MDC right now smile.gif

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Do you know why they prefer cytotec?


I still have no labor symptoms and baby is up high. However, we are in the middle of a really terrible blizzard, they are pulling the snow plows of the roads and I hear many roads are drifted shut, so I am taking a night off from hoping that labor starts.


I will be thinking of you. Hopefully the membrane sweep does it.


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thanks greenmulberry, I hope it does too. I was quite surprised hearing that about the cytotec from the MW to tell the truth. I'm wondering if they consider it to be more effective than other cervical ripening meds? I asked too about coming in for a sweep on Saturday. Then got told they really didn't like to "do much" or "schedule inductions" on the weekends, especially since that is what their back up doctors prefer as well. huh.gif I must have looked pretty surprised by that, and was then informed "that's how it is across the board" and "my due date having been on a Monday makes it tricky."  That's one of the attitudes I was trying to get away from by using the birth center *sigh*


Keeping my fingers crossed. I hope the weather holds for all who are expecting their LO's any day, or that the babe's can hang in till a good time!

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Keeping my fingers crossed for you that you go into labor naturally!  If it puts your mind at ease, I had to be chemically induced because my water broke but my body wasn't progressing into labor at all.  I still managed to have a natural birth at a hospital and had a successful VBAC:) 
My birth story is posted if you want to read it.

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Any news Intoit? I keep hoping to see you have gone into labor.


I think my baby flipped breech for a while yesterday and I was so upset. That would be an automatic c sections for me if I went into labor. She seems to be head down again but will not just settle down. I keep getting what seems like a foot out my right side.


I tried to walk up and down the driveway a bunch yesterday (I live in a rural area, no sidewalks) but it was really really cold and even all bundled up I only managed to do enough laps to make a 1/2 mile. Also DTD, spent some time watching TV in a squatting position or sitting tailor style, and had two huge glasses of RRL tea. All hoping to get this baby settled down and ready to come out.

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Still pregnant. But I am having some real weak "pre-labor" contractions, so keeping my fingers crossed and just trying to stay relaxed at this point. Baby is still doing well, and got the induction pushed up to Tuesday morning now, hopefully he decides to arrive before then!

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