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I am also thinking about switching.  I am going to try some Luna pads, GEM, and some WAHM's from etsy.

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I love Lunapads :) I have about 6 of them. I'm going to get a Divacup for the heavier days though.

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I love my cloth pads! I have 10 heavy ones. I pretty much do a load of laundry a day on my heavy days or I run out of pads.

 I made them myself and they have a fleece backing which works amazingly well. I use them on my heavy days because I bleed so much and erratically I constantly leak through tampons. But I made cloth tampons (yes you can do that) for my lighter days, or for exercising, swimming, wearing tight pants lol. I have a diva cup too and I alternate tampon/cup on my lighter days to keep things moist down there. My cup leaks on heavy days.

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I'm 28 and I've been using Lunapads' cloth pads for 10 years now. I started off with a small variety pack and expanded from there. I found my periods were a bit lighter with the cloth pads. I am also way less sweaty with the cloth pads then the disposables. The diva cup is a great cup for active days, and is really easy to use.On my heavy days I double up the liners and change liners every couple of hours and the whole pads about 4 times, where as when i used disposable it was a heavy pad an hour.


Lunapads (http://lunapads.com/) are a great Canadian company too. Their pads have changeable liners so you can stay fresh with a smaller pad stash, a variety of pad lengths, and they also have pantyliners for everyday use and cool fabric choices.



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I didn't realize disposables had a "stink" until I switched to cloth.

Ugh, yes.  I don't know how it didn't bother me before!  I used disposable pantyliners when I was treating a yeast infection (didn't want that cream to get on my pads) and they are soooo stinky!

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Lunapads has a great starter pack which has all the sizes of pads and pantyliners. It's about $55 but then you can see how which size you need the most and order more of that specific size. I have about 10 cloth pads all together. 3 of them are pantyliners and the rest are a mix of longer ones. I don't soak, I just throw them in with the rest of the clothes. Throwing them in with diapers can be done too, I did that before and didn't have a probem. (so not too gross in my book) shy.gif

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I got mine from etsy.com I like to buy from home made mommas as much as possible. I'd say just buy a few - start small - and see how you like it. I like the 100% cotton.
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