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Hi Folks,


My 6 yo ds was just diagnosed with allergy-induced asthma after a terrible reaction to a friends cat (wheezing, inablily to talk), but I actually think he's had it for a while with his main symptom being coughing and throat clearing.  He also has some seasonal allergies and maybe dust mites. I've started to be concerned about gluten allergy based on some other symptoms too (bloating, accidents, leg pain, vision probs).


Last fall and winter he took Flonase and it completely cleared him up, so I took him off it in the spring.  He's taking the Flonase again, but he's still coughing at night (I've thoroughly cleaned his room), so I'm taking him back to the allergist next week.


I guess I'm just looking for any advice from others who've been through this.  How do I keep the asthma from escalating?  Do gut healing diets help with asthma? What should I ask the doctor? Are there online asthma resources you love? I really appreciate any advice.