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Looking for chicken pox in NJ, NY, PA

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I'm on northern New Jersey and am willing to travel.


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OOOOh ooooh... me too. I have a 4 yr old and live in Allentown and am willing to drive anywhere. What should be done to prepare for a pox party? What should be considered? 

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I'm not sure about the details, but I assume that someone will (hopefully) post if their child has the chicken pox and they are willing to "share."  Then we'd have to set up a time to get together and let the kids play together.  I've read that a good way to share the virus is through saliva so often lollipops or sippy cups are shared.

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Count me in....I have a three year old that needs to get it before school
I hope someone shares soon smile.gif
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I'm in...

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I am also in Allentown area and would like to get my 6 year old exposed.

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Count us in! We're located in NY, NY. Will travel.

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please include me!  i have three children i would like to expose to chicken pox!   i'm in central/southern NJ (burlington) but willing to travel.    

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please count me in!  i've been wanting to find someone w/pox for years!  i'm in burlington, nj (southern/central nj) and willing to travel!!

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I'm in upstate NY and will gladly travel if there's a pox party!  I want my kids exposed before school as well.

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I'm interested too.  In Philadelphia, but also willing to travel.


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I am interested also!! and willing to travel.

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I would also like to know if anyone is having a pox party.  I will travel just about anywhere

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We are close to Allentown too. Looking for a pox party!

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Hi PLEASE email me so I can meet for the CP party for my children.  I'm in nyc area but could travel.

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Just letting you all know say that there's a case of CP in Massachusetts, just west of Boston. A mom on the MA, CT, RI list posted today that her child is on day 2 of spots.





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How young can I expose my daughter to the virus? She is 15 months now...

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i'd be interested in a cp party as well!!!  i have 4 yr old twins, we are in southern chester county PA :)  will travel

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Is anyone planning a trip to Mass for the case of cp outside of Boston? If someone is successful in getting their child infected maybe we could get together down this way in PA/NJ for a party. 

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Hi, I was wondering if you or anyone you know of found a CP case in NYC? I'm in Brooklyn.
Please let me know, thanks!!!
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