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Looking for chicken pox in NJ, NY, PA - Page 4

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We'd love to set up a playdate asap.

Please contact us bddublin83@aol.com

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Hi Again

Just tried to pm but not working out.

Please contact us. We're in NYC


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Still very interested in sharing.


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Still waiting for invite to cp playdate....



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I read there is CP on the mainline, but sadly I don't know anyone to ask.  A warning went out to the JCC folks on the mainline. 

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I got pox!  In Philly near center city, break out started today.  I have twins, and the other doesn't have it yet, so I'm guessing we may be contagious a little longer than usual.


My house is a mess and being remodeled, but if any philly moms would want a playdate tomorrow (sunday) or even possibly Monday, let me know.  I'd be good during the day.  Please don't ask me to drive out to the burbs outskirts, because I have no idea where any of that is.  


Who knew that after purposefully exposing them a number of times and not getting it, that our first trip to Disney would result in chicken pox!?!?!?  

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I would happily drive out to philly on Monday to get pox!


I too have tried several times to get CP, to think all we needed to do was go to Disney World;)


Please contact me and let me know if we can come.

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Hi  Phllytwinmama,


For some reason I can't send a PM so I hope you get this soon enough.  I didn't get the Mothering subscriptions update until this afternoon.  I have a 7 year old son.  I would definitely drive down to the Philly area.  I live up in Macungie.  Unfortunately, I will be over in Harrisburg tomorrow(Monday).  I probably will get done there untill around 2:30 or 3:00 so it probably isn't enough time to drive to Philly.  If you think you might be contagious still on Tues. please please let me know.  If if anyone develops pox from exposure at Phillytwinmama's please also let me know.  Please PM me if you can.  Thanks.

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Hi Organicchic, 


I haven't heard from Phillytwinmama yet.  Let me know if you can,  whether you made it to Philly and if you contracted pox.  Maybe we could get together for a playdate.



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Anyone still available for CP playdate?

Let me know.

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Eagerly reading to see if this case will spread...

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I am also very interested in exposing my twin boys if pox is still out there.  budwanabirth@yahoo.com many thanks!

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Hey, I'm right over the bridge in Jersey and would love to come to a CP party if anyone gets CP from the last party.  Thanks!

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Hi Lestat24,


Let me know if you hear anything.  I live in eastern PA about an hour from Philly.  I just sent you a PM.  Let me know if you got it.  I'm not sure if it is actually working since I am having problems with my computer.  My email is:  erichcathyhansen@aol.com



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I just replied to your message.  I will let you know if I hear anything.

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lestat, I send you a private message.  my 2nd child started breaking out today.

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Please let me know if you are willing to have people over to share your pox!


I could be in Philly Wednesday with my boys.


I wouldn't have to stay long--I can send you an under-shirt if you child wears them around an hour over not yet crusted pox it's a good way to pass it along;)


Many thanks!


You can also e-mail me (jenterranova@yahoo.com)

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Still reading...we are willing to travel anywhere a couple of hours or so from NYC for Pox!

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We are still looking too. 

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Please let me know when I can meet up for pox with my 4 kids.  

Lee in nyc

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