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I don't know if this will help you but I was a runner and athlete prior to getting pregnant.  Here is my current workout regimen at 5 weeks preggo:


1.  I jog 3-4 miles at least 4 times a week in morning before it gets hot.

2.  I take 2-3 ballet classes a week

3.  I teach 7 pilates classes per week

4.  Every other week I take a 1.5 hour ballroom class

5.  I do stand up paddle on the lake once a week.

6.  I windsurf moderate speeds when the wind is good.  (this probably will be where I cut back the most)

7.  I do strength training 3 times a week.


This is actually less than what I did before getting pregnant.  Before I got pregnant I had some longer runs and I would run in the afternoon heat.  I was also doing a higher intensity of strength training and windsurf.  The most important part is to keep your body temperature under 102.  During my ballet class I take my temperature a couple times just to see where I am.  With running I just make sure to run in the morning or inside on a treadmill.  With my first pregnancy I stopped running completely.  I really regret that b/c it took me forever to get back to exercise after my son was born. 


Basically, if you are healthy and low risk, you can continue to do what you were doing as long as you keep your body temp down below 102.  The only things you have to quite are extreme sports which pose risks of falling or impact.  Otherwise keep jogging! 

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I highly recommend you check out the book "Exercising through your pregnancy" by Dr. James Clapp.  It's based on scientific evidence and is pretty amazing. 


Basically, no, you don't have to stay below the 140bpm. :)

I have a review of it on my blog here:



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Thanks Domerjen - it is SO hard to find valid info about exercise during pregnancy.

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Thanks for this thread.  This has been on my mind quite heavily, actually.  And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one in my situation.  This is my 4th pregnancy, but the first time I've had a regular exercise schedule.  I was already slightly overweight for my first pregnancy, and I just got into this sedentary slump and things just went downhill.  By the time my 3rd child was born, I was a good 30lbs heavier than my ideal weight.  Since then, due to what I think is mostly just the effects of near-constant stress over 16 months, I've gained even more weight, to the point where I would need to lose 40lbs just to get back to my previous pre-pregnancy weight.  That's a little daunting.  But in January, I determined to finally do something about it, and promised myself I would work out 5 times a week while my older kids are at school.


I was only 2 weeks into it when I found out I was pregnant.  And then it hit me how I won't be able to do a lot of the things I'm doing right now - like many of the weight machines, which aren't built for pregnant bellies, or the pilates class, which has you lay on  your back or stomach quite often.  And then I started searching the web, and came across the same thing:  That you shouldn't raise your heartbeat above 140.  That's ridiculous!!  I have a fast heartbeat at rest, so 140 for me is a lazy walk.  I have been feeling very good with pushing myself, and working myself up to jogging for a minute at a time.  It gives me more energy overall.  I think I'll check out that book that DomerJen recommended.  sounds like a great place to start on learning how to adapt things as I go.


I would love to see everything but my belly slim down as my pregnancy moves along.  I would love to end up more slim after I give birth than I am right now.  So that makes it hard for me to discipline myself to eat when I need to eat, instead of trying to eat less like I might if I weren't pregnant. 


As for diet, I had already started cutting back my after-dinner snacking.  Now, if I feel like I need a snack after dinner, I go for something like an apple or a vegetable.  I've added green smoothies into my diet (which actually seem to help my queasiness quite a bit!), and I'm having more fruits and veggies overall, and keeping my portions reasonable at mealtimes.  I'm also working harder to start my breakfast with something healthy like oatmeal and eggs instead of cold cereal or a bagel.  It does seem to make a positive difference.

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Leiahs - our goals are very similar. I'm actually hoping to continue to lose for the 1st trimester (I have at least 50lbs to lose so that is not a dangerous proposition - plus I'm doing this through a nutritionist) & then stabilize for the rest of the pregnancy. So the end result should be a slimmer mama & a healthy baby.

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