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Hi there,
I was referred to Neurogistics(.com) by my midwife a few years ago, but since I was pg and the bf'ing, I never considered it until now. I was on Lexapro after DS2 was born, and I really, really want to get off it as soon as possible. I'm really hoping that this will work, because I HaTE taking meds and I don't even think it's working at this point. I've felt like crap for a while now and it's getting worse. I'm super depressed and anxious all the time and my family is suffering right along with me.
For anyone wondering, Neurogistics takes a sample of your urine and tests it for exact deficiencies in your brain chemistry, and the formulates a protocol of amino acids and supplements for you to take. It is supposed to regulate your brain chemistry and almost literally re-train your brain to work properly (for lack of better terminology). Anyway, you can check out the website if interested.
Also, any advice for getting over the hump? My husbands so sick of picking up the slack, and I can barelyget my ass out of bed most days, and my temper with the kids is at ZIL.