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Finally - he's here! HWBAC

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1/30/11 weighing in at 9 lbs even and 21 inches long; our yet to be named baby arrived at home, in the water.


Saturday the midwife offered to sweep my membranes and being 42w3d I said why the heck not.  I was sure it hadn't made a difference just like the homeopathy and 2 rounds of acupuncture hadn't so I figured he just wasn't quite ready.  


I woke up at about 3:00 am Sunday clearly in labor.  Called the midwife at 4:30am to let her know then got up to eat and drink.  Ctrx were bouncing around in length and spacing, but were intense so I couldn't lay back down or sleep.


Around 10ish we called her after I had about 5 back to back and I started to lose it.  As soon as I knew she was coming I calmed down and so did the ctrx, heh.  She ended up staying though and the other midwife came.  They settled us in for a nap and my body actually let me rest for over an hour with only 1 or 2 ctrx. 


Around 5pm my sister came by and shortly after I started into active labor (though it surely felt active before that).  Shortly after 10 I started pushing and 30 minutes later he was here.  He came out like a rocket after a change in position in the tub.  I was SO done with labor I pushed like the dickens; too fast really. 


About 2.5 hrs after he was born, I transferred to the hospital b/c the placenta was being stubborn.  The midwife offered to go up and try a manual detach, but I opted for drugs if I was going to do that.  Because I'd lost some blood from that and 3 tears, I was too woozy and opted to go by rescue. 


In the end I'd lost a pint of blood and apparently was a bit anemic to start with.  They had me stay so they could check my hematocrit and hemoglobin the next day, which were 20.6 (crit) and 6.9 (globin).  I nearly had a transfusion, but they decided the risks outweighed the benefits for me.  BF was able to stay w/me and the baby without the baby being inpatient which was fabulous.


Thankfully the placenta was intact so it went home with my midwife who got it to her student to encapsulate for me.  That should help immensely when she brings it tomorrow.


He's nursing like a pro with the excepting of a pretty significant tongue tie.  We couldn't get an appointment to have it clipped before next Tuesday so I'm going to try to find someone else to do it sooner because holy hell this hurts.


Overall the birth was very intense and I'm still in awe that I did it (and I'm pretty confident I never want to do it again; or at least not any time soon). Between the blood loss and perineal trauma, it's going to be a long recovery, but it beats the hell out of recovering from another c-section.


Mommas who are still waiting, hang in there... and kudos to you mommas that have done this more than once!

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That's fantastic! Congrats on your HBAC.

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Congratulations!! Your birth story does sound intense. I hope you are healing well and enjoying your new bundle.

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Thanks everyone, I'm very slowly feeling better. I still can't sit or stand for too long, but it gets a tiny bit better every day. I'm still in awe that I did it and at home in the water! Crazy. He's just fabulous; so much more peaceful and mellow than my c/s baby was. I could, however, do without the tongue tie issues we're having though eyesroll.gif

I can't wait to be able to sit up long enough to write out the whole story (I have become one with my iPhone while on 'bedrest' - not the best for writing out a whole birth story).
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