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If your ds was retracted prematurely by anyone but himself please post here

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I wanted to start this thread because a question has been raised and now I am really curious about the short term and long term effects of what happens after a forced retraction has occurred. So if your ds has ever been retracted by anyone other than himself can you share the story here and tell about what happened at the time and how your ds did both immediately and long term since then after the retraction incident occurred? Ages would be helpful.

For clarity's sake I want to hear about all retraction from just moving of the foreskin at all, up to complete exposure of the glans.

What happened with my ds:
At his 4 month check I wasnt very good at expressing myself especially about genitals so I didnt say anything before the Dr. started the under the diaper check but I was watching him closely just in case since I knew to watch for him trying to retract. He did indeed retract my ds to the point that I saw the tip of ds's glans at which point I put my hand over his and said "please dont do that" and he gave me a look but stopped. Ds had no redness at all after it or any changes that I saw.

The second time when I had taken ds in because he was sick (still dont know what his penis had to do with anything since it was a upper resp. illness) I told the ped., a different one, before he looked under the diaper that I didnt want him to retract (have since learned using that word is a problem since Dr.'s hear it and think full retraction and not moving the foreskin) and he proceeded to again expose the tip of my ds's glans. Again there was no redness and ds has not had problems since then from the retractions. Both where very minor though and no force was used.

So while he was retracted it wasnt a full on forced retraction and he had no issues from it.
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at my ds 2 year appt his otherwise very good open minded provider did partially retract him during his exam. she did it so quickly i didnt have time to do anything... his penis got red around the tip and he would cry during diaper changes for about a week after. there doesnt seem to be a long term effect. we discussed it wth his provider at his next appointment and she seemed horrified that she had hurt him. she said she wouldnt try it again but now we know we have to make sure they know not to before they even touch him. i wish we had protected him better but now we know

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As an infant our son went to a babysitter two days a week. I had asked her if she knew how to properly care for an intact penis, didn't think to ask what exactly she considered proper care. It turns out that a past client had instructed her to retract and clean. So one day she explained that there was something wrong because DS would get really upset at diaper changes and that she'd noticed some white patches. I asked her to show me the white patches and she retracts his foreskin to show me under there (full retraction). I informed her that our doctor told me we didn't need to retract and asked her not to do so again.


He's had no ill effects since then. He was fully retractable as long as he can remember, probably from that. But hasn't had any infections, scarring or other issues. He's 7.

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When DS was 4 days old a ped not ours fully retracted his skin. He screamed so loud and it took us 15 min to get him to calm down. It was very hard for me I felt like such a bad mommy. We never went back to that office. We have never had a problem after that and he has had no issues. He is now almost 3. 

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With my ds1, at his 6 week check the doctor retracted. We shopped for a new doctor. A few months later, my older sister did it while she babysat him and said if I didn't do that, he would get a nasty infection. Luckily, she spoke to her mom an RN and was corrected and appologized.


DS2, a physician's assistant did and we threaten to leave the practice. I gave info to the doctor, I assume it was passed on. Neither have had any ill effects.


But I just ignore the current ped when he says gotta retract, whatever.

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My youngest ds will be 7 weeks old tomorrow.  He was hospitalized at 3.5 weeks, in a very, very good children's hospital.  Our stop in the ER before admission was not so very, very good.  Long story short, he was forcefully retracted during catheterization, enough to bleed on the next couple of diapers.

Physically, he seemed fine not long after, and continues to seem fine.  Emotionally, I'm a wreck, and haven't even been able to put the whole story into words yet.

I also have an intact 3yo, and have NEVER run into any person in any capacity ever hint at retraction talk or action.  I guess I was to the point where I didn't think it would happen to my kids.

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My nine month old was retracted by his pediatrician (enough to expose the glans) at his six month checkup as well as his nine month checkup. We won't be going back; I'm going to see Dr. Sears for his next well-check.


ETA - Forgot to add - other than a little bit of redness at the tip of his foreskin, we haven't had any issues yet.

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bump.gif I know there are more out there with retraction stories and it would really be helpful to have them posted here. thanks.gif
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It was a nurse at the ped's office. I saw her going toward it and told her not to retract. I literally had to pull her hand back while she resisted. I am still pissed about it to this day. I don't think she even partially retracted but I quiver to think what would have happened had I not been directly over her which she examined the baby.
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My now-19-month-old son was retracted at his 2 month appointment. The doctor pulled it all the way back. I was shocked at didn't say anything at the time. When we got home it was red and swollen, oozing drops of a clear liquid, had red "crack" marks around the tip, and he screamed like crazy when he wet a diaper.


Afterwards I wrote a letter explaining that he had hurt my son, he hadn't had my permission to retract, and that his actions didn't line up with any current medical recommendation I had seen.


He got back to me and said that since there was no bleeding, it wasn't a forced retraction. I said "but it really hurt my son, why did you even have to do that"? He said that he had to check for deformities. I said "well, if there was a deformity we would have been having problems. We weren't having any problems until you did that." I asked why he did this to my son without permission, and he said no permission is required, just as there is no permission required to use a tongue depressor. I asked him to provide me current medical evidence that supported his actions and he declined, saying that if I wasn't comfortable with him I should look for another care provider for my son. I said of course I'm not coming back, but I'd still like either an apology or medical evidence that your actions were entirely necessary and justified. No apology or medical evidence were given.

The fact that I was his child's teacher was the only thing preventing me from reporting him to the department of health (I have not idea whether or not that would have helped, but I was very ready to do it).


There is a slight chance that my son could still experience problems because of this (if it healed up wrong or something, no way of knowing as he has not been retracted since), but hopefully he is healed up fine.

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