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Best birth control for mama with PCOS?

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I have PCOS and used clomid and metformin to conceive both kids. I just got my first period after DD's birth over two years ago; I think it's because I night-weaned 2 months ago, I've heard that PCOSers are more affected by prolactin.


Anyway, we're not sure yet if we want more kids, so until we decide I figure I should use some kind of BC. It's just hard to get motivated about it because my fertility has always been imperfect. But I did ovulate two weeks ago, so now it feels more "real" that I could get pregnant. I hated hormonal BC when I was on it years ago, which I've heard is common for people with PCOS. Or is there a pill that works better for us? Other options?



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Hi there!  I see that you haven't really gotten any responses to this yet and I'm kind of lurking around this forum so I thought I'd pop in.


I have PCOS and was advised by my doctor that hormonal birth control, in general, is a bad idea for PCOSers because of the adrenal fatigue issues and the unpredictable hormonal issues they may cause.  I'll also let you know that both of my children, while wonderful, were conceived while on hormonal birth control (Ortho Tri-Cyclen and Nuvaring).  My doctor told me that this is pretty normal for PCOSers - your fertility may be affected by the HBC in a different way than someone with "standard" system operations. 


The options I was given were: non-hormonal IUD, the various cervical cap/diaphragm options, condoms, charting and no sex.  


I know that's probably not the answer you were hoping for - but I hope it helps! 

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Thanks for the response! Yeah, the options you listed are pretty much what my research has turned up. I might think about an IUD. I'm just hesitant because a) the idea of an object permanently (until removal) lodged in my uterus majorly skeeves me out and b) a friend of mine had a bad experience with copper toxicity from hers and that worries me too. My DH is super reluctant on condoms, and no sex is a no go all around. lol. He's allergic to spermicidal gel, so I don't think the caps will work well for us...isn't their effectiveness very poor without spermicide? Which leaves charting/FAM. I used it to help get pregnant, I guess I could try it to avoid.


It's so weird to even have to think about this...ever since I realized I had PCOS (diagnosed myself after reading taking charge of your fertility) I've been so stressed about whether I'd be able to have kids, and then after the first, whether I'd be able to have another as close in age as I wanted. Now I'm so lucky to have two healthy kids, just the age span I wanted. And now I have to think the opposite way! Well, at least we both feel like it wouldn't be a total disaster if we were to have a third, so that takes away some of the pressure.


Anyway, thanks!

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