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Plugged duct post weaning

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I'm not sure this is the right thread to put this on, so please forgive me.


I weaned my 4 1/2 year old in November and I'm still lactating a little. Well, I feel like I have a plugged duct and am on my way to mastitis. I'm wearing cabbage in my bra, am drinking sage tea and have taken homeopathic silica. My breast still 'stings' and there are red lines on it. 


Not sure what else to do. I don't want to pump cause I don't want to stimulate lactation. 


Would appreciate any advice. 




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You're doing all the good things to stop lactation but at the end of the day that blocked duct is going to have to get unblocked otherwise you'll be well on your way to more than just mastitis - sorry to bear such bad news - hot showers and compresses to get that milk down and out,  massage and just a little pumping to get rid of the block - or you could ask your child just to help you unplug - I did and ds was delighted to help out but understood that it was just to help because mummy was sore - you'll be amazed at how understanding the little ones can be! 


these are other homeopathic medications that can be used to stop lactation:

Ricinus 30 CH - normally in unidose - or certainly here in France they are but you can ask your pharmacist/homeopath

Lac Caninum 30 CH


if there is slight engorgement or tension in the breast Apis 9CH and Bryonia 9 CH - 5 grains to be taken morning and night until you are no longer engorged - or have a tight feeling - hope that this helps, but please in any case do not delay in getting rid of the blocked duct it must be dealt with immediately!  Just had a thought that maybe I'm not allowed to post the homeopathic remedies - hope that it's ok moderators!!??

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Susun Weed in Herbs for the Childbearing Year may have some suggestions for you. If I remember correctly, soaking the breast frequently in warm water can bring relief, so can applying parsley in a cloth on your breast. Frequent soaks - many times a day are recommended. You can soak the breast in a clean sink, or dishpan (whatever works for you). Parsley can be reused. I'd keep the parsley uncut for this - less mess. Can't hurt, right?


Dear Partner, former nursling or breast pump might bring some relief, but then again your body may just absorb the milk. If you are concerned, maybe see your practitioner? Careful about washing cabbage leaves, before using.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I will definitely try them. 


I asked DS to nurse a little to help mommie's owie -- and guess what -- he forgot how to suckle. A little sad after a 4.5 year run!


Off to get parsley and soak.


(It's feeling a lot better today, by the way.)


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