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I love Raine and River for a boy and Willow for a girl but DH said no.


My DH is Serbian and my Fav Serbian name for a boy is Vuk it means Wolf and when I suggested it for this bubba DH liked it. I can't think of a middle name to go with it however.


I loved the name Lilly actually Lilly Marlene was our choice if DS was a girl but now it is really popular.

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alethea, my best friend (female) is named Eleri :) i really like the name.

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Not sure if this one has been mentioned..... Atticus

from To Kill A Mockingbird


Couldn't do it but like it :)



Atticus is actually on our short list. i have always loved it and DP thinks it's awesome. it's pretty much the only name we are agreeing on, but i would still rather name a boy Rueben.


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Cool. I am enjoying going through this whole thread! I just made a thread earlier (HERE) about the "way out there" names I am so attracted to. I am not too chicken, I think.... There is some spark going off for me this time, and I am really jazzed by unique names and combos! 

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my baby #4 is Zayd, my baby name for him is Zaydie, like singing funny little baby songs and stuff  :)  I of course am partial to it.

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Most of these are on the no list for us because they have been nixed by my mainstream-name-loving DH.


Boy names:

Odysseus (Odys for short, like Otis)



August (family name, but just too heavy for a little boy, I feel)




Paxton (turns out this is the name of the local elementary school near us after a recent move.  Dang!)





Girl names:

Octavia (Tavi, tah-vee, for short)

Zadie-- actually, would love to use this, as it is a family name.  But it sounds like a nickname, and I can't figure out a more formal name to base it on.  Ideas?









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Saariyah (for a boy it is muslim and means : clouds at night) way too many mispronounciations and misspellings etc. but it is beautiful IMO)

Cove... too..i dunno,but i like it

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Doulawoman: what is the pronunciation of Saariyah?
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I've been wanting to name a son Dima since I was pregnant with my son 7.5 years ago, but my husband will not go for it.  We had a little pregnancy "scare" about 10 months ago and I agreed if our baby were born on 11-11-11, I would name him/her Dovahkiin.  So I think it's only fair if he lets us name our child Dima - if it's a boy.


And Thadeus, but only because right now we have Dad & Madd and my daughter says "DadMadd" and it would just get out of hand if it was Dad, Madd, and Thad...


That's all I have, but I just wanted to mention how much I love all you Sci-Fi & Fantasy nerds!  <3 <3 <3



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I have a friend with a DD named Orla, DS named Rigel, and DS named Ford.  Nigel made me think of it.  Orla is probably the only one I'd ever consider using (I don't think the other's would fit any of my boys), but I think they are all great names!

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I'm not pregnant, but love talking about names!


I really wanted to name both of my sons "Oscar Mateo", but dh said it sounded like a Mexican boxer, and we aren't of latin decent.  Plus, Oscar has gotten to be very popular and trendy in my neck of the woods.


Other names I love but could never muster up enough guts for:

















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Penelope was on the list for my DD (who is 3.5 now). It was crossed off because my mother in law asked me if we were going to call her "Penny"


Anyways, it's always been my nickname.  My mother used to call me Penelope when I was a kid.  We ended up naming DD's stuffed Bunny Penelope.  We've always pronounced it Puh-Nel-A-Pee

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I've been really loving the name Penelope lately. Especially since DS named his new stuffed puppy that so I'm hearing it all the time. DH vetoed that one and I don't think anybody would know how to say/spell it anyway. Until I was like 15 I thought it was pronounced Pee-ne-lope because I'd never heard it said, just read it in books.



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I hear/see Willow and I automatically think of Willow Ufgood...  I like the name for a girl, but I still just couldn't do it!

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You sure you want to risk it? She did flay a guy alive and try to destroy the world. :p



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I don't know if I mentioned this, but I love Willa, but wouldn't use it.

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HI! I LOVE Lucius. We named our 2nd little boy Lucius Emmanuel. He is my little baby light! His older brother is Roman Gabriel.


Good luck! Harry Potter's Lucius ended up helping in the end (I think, I'm not a huge follower, just saw the movies).

i named my son Lucius as well, middle name Bastian. He has never been made fun of because of his name and everyone says it suits him. I rarely get any Harry Potter references either.

Guilty name pleasure satisfied! I wouldnt have it any other way joy.gif
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