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Anyone use doTerra products?

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If you used doTerra products, please share your experience! Would you recommend this product?



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I use them and love them!  Have you attended an essential oils class?  The products are amazing...but the education and use is empowering.  Email me if you have any questions:  doterrawomen@gmail.com

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I bought them too! :D Thanks.

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I love doterra!  We have a ton of classes on the oils here in Portland (they are free).  Have you checked out builddoterra.com they have a ton of info that you can go through to learn more about the oils on your own time too. 

We use them everyday in our family!  It is so empowering to be my families healer! 

This weekend we went camping and tried out the Terra Shield and loved it.  I love that I didn't have to worry about what chemical I am putting my my 15m baby girl.  Plus she loves the oils-when I open one she always signs "more"! 

I am adding my FB page site, if you want to see more ways that I use the oils in our family!




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I'm a happy doTERRA customer as well.  Excellent products!  I've been using essential oils for almost 10 years now (Aura Cacia, NOW, Mountain Rose Herbs) and when I first encountered doTERRA I was very skeptical.  But now that I've used the oils and have personal experiences to compare, I would never go back to the cheaper stuff.  doTERRA is definitely top of the line.  

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