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James Steven Frank S******* was born 1/29/11 at 2:56 am.  He weighed 9 pounds, 10 ounces and is 22 inches.  He looks EXACTLY like me!




I was told that he'd be 9 pounds, and I was planning on going into the hospital for induction, because I was scared of his size, however, when they checked me into the hospital, I was already in labor.  Long story short, stayed in labor, but nothing progressed- I never went past 7 centimeters, even though my water broke and I was in some VERY hard labor.  I was feeling the need to push, even though neither he, nor my body was ready.  It got so that his heart rate was getting dangerously low at each contraction and they could see that he was trying to come out face first instead of top of the head first so they did a c-section.  It's a good thing they did- his cord was wrapped around his neck twice, and so tightly, that there would have been very little chance of his head clearing the birth canal enough so they could have cut it.  Anyways, he's doing great and I'm recovering nicely and enjoying my beautiful baby.  stillheart.gif

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Congratulations!! He is beautiful.

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Congrats mama!  I was reading your post about the induction, but noticed a little cutie in your profile pic joy.gif, and was happy to read your LO has arrived!! 

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Congratulations! I am glad everyone is safe and healthy. 

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