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My experiment with weaning off was pretty bad.  I think I have to wait until I can get more time to myself as well.  I think when I can get a good nights sleep (will that ever happen?) and can exercise regularly, then I can look at going off.  I feel pretty sad and guilty about it, but I have to be realistic.

This is my experience too. Everytime I have tried, It has become a huge struggle. (And a source of anxiety...ha)

I have decided to wait until I have more "me" time.

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Here it is almost a year later and I'm still waiting to wean. I think I may just bite the bullet and start already.

How is everyone else doing? What worked for you? What didnt?


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Hey HippieHugger:


I'm still weaning...  I was on 50 mg when I started weaning a few months back - I'm down to a 1/4 of that today...  I had a friend suggest that when I was decreasing (three weeks per 1/4 tablet) that I take the new reduced dose 4-5 days of the week, then take the last dose for a day or two, then down to the new reduced dose...


For example - I was on 50 mg - Then I went down to 37.5 or (3/4 of a tablet - I cut the tablets with a cutter - in half and then the halves into quarters)... four days on 37.5 for five days, then 50 mg for two days, then back down to 37.5... did the 37.5 for a couple weeks...then 1/2 tab or 25 mgs for four-five days... then back up to 37.5 mgs for a couple days  - 25 mgs for two to three weeks...and so on...  It's taken a few months for me to get from 50 mg to 12.5 mgs... but slow and steady.


I got zaps (at least that's what I think they are/were)  I get a little out of control during the initial days of the decreases - it's hard to stick with it, but dangit - I need to see what it's like to be totally off of my crazy pills... I was having a real problem remembering and concentrating - now I'm anxious - but can concentrate better...


It's scary - especially when I think about where I was when I went on the Zoloft... but I don't like being forgetful - or what I think is forgetful because I don't have the anxiety reminding me to remember stuff... Take care.



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Hi all, I have read so many forums but never joined. I just had to write my experience. I have been on Zoloft since my senior year of college for "situational depression/anxiety" and I am now 31yrs old. Two and a half years ago I weaned off Zoloft during my last trimester with my first baby. I was on 100mg and I decreased by 25mg every week or two (I forget). I had horrible withdrawls (nausea, headaches, crying, hyper sensitive to my husband, brain zaps, fatigue, dizziness...) I wasn't working at the time, so I mainly rested at home. The first month was horrible. But once my daughter was born, I felt good. Probably because of the all the breastfeeding hormones. Once she began to wean my depression came back (I wasn't sad about weaning, I was ready and she was too). I reluctantly got back on Zoloft (100mg) to appease my husband. I remained on the Zoloft through my second pregnancy. My dd is 8month now and after seeing "the marketing of madness" on youtube and the fact that I was sick of feeling apathetic, tired, and loosing my shortterm memory, I decided to attempt to get of Zoloft and adapt a healthy life style (more plant based diet, vitamins, exercise). I have been decreasing really slowly...like 25mg every three months. I am currently taking 50mg. The jump from 100mg to 75mg, wasn't too bad. A few physical symptoms and the week of I a little down. But then it went away. But I recently went down to 50mg and felt super depressed and noticed my patience with my 2.5 yrold was super short. I didn't want to cook and the daily mess of toys made me feel out of control. It was been three weeks and I still feel a little down. I keep reminding myself of a women on the documentary that said it was harder to get off her psychotrophic drugs than it was to get off street drungs.So,I am determined to get off. I want my memory back and my sex life back. Thank you all for sharing your stories. It helps to know that other moms are going through it too.

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