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Forgot to add newborn to insurance...any suggestions?

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I wasn't sure where to post this, sorry if it's in the wrong forum.

My DH covers our 5 year old under his Anthem policy, and we've never had any problems whatsoever.  When our second DS was born in August, DH told his employer he'd need to add him, and the employer said that they did. (So technically he didn't forget, but I presume we should have followed up and didn't)  Now, come to find out, he was only covered for his first 30 days.  To make it more of a big deal than being uninsured is anyway, both of my sons have a medical condition which, while totally treatable, is expensive.  I was told with older DS to never let him have a lapse in coverage because then any private insurance company could deny him coverage. Is it possible to add DS at this point?  Why would they cover him for 30 days at all?  my health insurance covered my baby for 30 days, I presumed because they were the ones that provided prenatal care, but how did he get added to DH's policy on anthem but not provided with continued coverage?  I'm baffled and freaking out (Anthem's offices are closed until 8 a.m.).  Has anyone been in this situation?  Any ideas what I should say/do? 

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Contact Human Resources at your dh's company.  We recently had a similar issue that came to light when our newborn was admitted to the hospital.  HR got it all straightened out for us in a day.

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That's what we tried, his boss says he'll take care of it, we'll see... 

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They typically give you a 30 day grace period to add the baby to your insurance (either yours or DHs, doesn't really matter), figuring you're sorta busy when a new baby is born. smile.gif If your baby is not covered now, then someone along the way dropped the ball. It shouldn't be a big deal because having a baby is a "qualifying event" for which you can adjust your insurance. The down side is that there is a gap in insurance while the paperwork gets sorted out, which is why usually they insist you get things sorted out within 30 days (to avoid the gap).

In some cases, especially if it's something the employer or the insurance company did wrong (e.g., lost the paperwork, input the data incorrectly, etc.) the insurance company will work with you to cover claims during the "gap", so it's not a big deal at all. smile.gif
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