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Tj- that is awesome! That would be my dream job, but for now being with my kids is my dream job. I did a brief sit t as a PP doula, and I loved every minute of it!

RR: i ran a real good 4.5 yesterday with minimal walking. It felt good. I found out that along with some awesome benefits with dh's new job we get discounts on gym memberships. After I get my health stuff worked out I'm going to get myself signed up! I can get into Gold's for $16 a month! Can't beat that!

NRR: I got a personal phone call from my doc last night to go over my test results. Nothing really abnormal turned up besides a vit. D deficiency. She agreed that it is time to see a gastrointerologist. My mom gave me a good recommendation, so I'm going to make an appointment today. I'm so sick of being sick. If it takes surgery to get me well then sign me up!
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SECRET SPRINTER UPDATE:  I'm at an odd number - any last minute Dingos want to hop in?  I'll wait til this evening, and if no one does I'll gladly jump in on the party. :D  Expect your recipient info by morning!!!

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So excited for Secret Sprinter! 


JayGee - I hope you get some answers and FINALLY some treatment for the leg!  Geo is right, it's been going on too long!


So, with the 2 degree weather, I decided to buy another set of flannel sheets for my bed.  Turns out, according to Target, flannel sheets are "seasonal" items, and February with frigid weather is not the right season for flannel sheets. headscratch.gif  I'm sick of having to buy things in the wrong time of year.  It's ridiculous. 


Tri class tonight.  We're strength training, so I've been just lounging this morning.  It feels good!

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RR ~ 40 minute run on the indoor track, 50 minutes of spin class.  I'm so happy to be back on a regular, more intense exercise schedule.  It's doing wonders for my mood too!


Po7 ~ if surgery is what it takes to feel better, at least it's done!  That's how I've always felt about surgical stuff anyway.  I hope the gastroenterologist can shed some light on your issue and get you feeling 100% asap.


bec ~ last time I was in Target, it was all swimsuits, pool toys and other summer gear.  Um.... hello... it's February!  Maybe you can find some on sale.  Have you checked Bed Bath and Beyond?


geo ~ glad you're back!


We've decided to not do lacrosse this year, but re-evaluate his interest next year.  And I'm asking for two lacrosse sticks and a ball for my birthday so we can practice catching and throwing in the yard this spring.  I love the feeling of the ball plopping into the stick and then cradling it before throwing again.  Goofy, I know!  But for some reason, it was one athletic thing I was actually good at!  Even my high school coach was surprised after having me "Ride the Bench" for entire seasons of field hockey (which I really do suck at).

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Po7: Did you stop c25k? Nice that you're able to run 4.5! I'm on week 7 c25k, though I should be on week 6.

I'm SO tired today. DH should be home soon and I'm going to drag my butt to the gym and do 60 on the bike.
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MM- I guess I kinda did. I was sick for two weeks, and I really needed to just.run for mental reasons. I have managed to hold on to a lot of endurance....back in the day I completed a 50 mile ultra. I just need to build up the muscles to catch up to my endurance.
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JayGee and Po7, good luck to both of you with your health issues and consults. Fingers crossed for some answers.


Geofizz, did they count potatoes as veggies, or truly not have any? It's hard to imagine how anyone could plan menus without fruit or veggies!!


Still coughing, but managed bootcamp last night and a short 30 minute run with my husband this morning. I can breathe once I get the adrenalin going, but have horrific hacking for about an hour afterward... I also didn't get the chance to try out the runkeeper app yet, since my husband said that it would be "too depressing" to see how slow we were today. He's way more self-conscious about speed than I am.




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Originally Posted by JenLove View Post


Thanks Jennie!  When do we start?  End?

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Why don't we try to send the first package within the week.  Then we'll do 2-3 more with the reveal being the week of Spring (March 20th).  Does that sound okay?

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Thanks Jennie!  When do we start?  End?

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Crap! I said I was in earlier in the thread, but spaced on PMing you. Am I too late? I PM'ed you right before I got to the end of the thread. So sorry. If it's too late, oh well, I'll live. greensad.gifbag.gif
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So excited for Secret Sprinter! 


JayGee - I hope you get some answers and FINALLY some treatment for the leg!  Geo is right, it's been going on too long!


So, with the 2 degree weather, I decided to buy another set of flannel sheets for my bed.  Turns out, according to Target, flannel sheets are "seasonal" items, and February with frigid weather is not the right season for flannel sheets. headscratch.gif  I'm sick of having to buy things in the wrong time of year.  It's ridiculous. 


Um, yeah. This. I totally forgot that when I went to Michael's the week before V-Day last year to find some sort of Valentine-y craft for DS to make for his classmates, they had nothing because all of the Easter stuff was already out. irked.gif And so I did the exact same thing today. Headed there, only to find the puniest assortment ever. At least they were all on clearance, so DS's (somewhat lame, but the only option) valentines cost me a whopping 86 cents. rolleyes.gif

So very, very, very tired. Meant to go to bed at least an hour ago, but my pathology and med cards for my patient tomorrow took me much longer than anticipated. Hopefully it will be a good day. I have a 23 month old boy with an intestinal cyst. He's scheduled for surgery tomorrow afternoon, and I'm hopeful that maybe I'll get to go with. I can't believe I still have two more full days this week. Ugh.
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If Gaye makes another uneven, I'll even it out, even if that means we aren't "secret" to each other!  It's still a fun thing to do! 

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Ihave almost no time and am just reading along but while I adore my ss you can scramble me up to make thigs secret if needed. I haven't started shopping. lol.gif
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Sounds good, JenLove. I'm looking forward to it.


RR ~ 50 minutes on Sven.  Good times!  This afternoon I'm going to Power Pump at the Y too. 

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Oy mamas!  I've had three posts mostly done but not finished, wandered off, left it overnight only to find in the morning that my computer did a restart and posts are gone.  You'd think I'd learn, I think one of my New Year's resolutions was even to finish what I start but still....  Anyway, I'll keep trying.


JayGee and Bec - I'm very impressed with your swimming!  I get a mile done and then I just can't seem to keep myself focused enough to keep going.  It's not even a tiredness thing, I just space out and start floating away into lala land.  But, I will have you each in mind the next time I get in and maybe that will keep me moving.  Learning flip turns once and for all has definitely helped.  I get so focused on making the turn nice and at the right time that I just don't ever stop, at least until I realize I've hit the magic mile. Oy.


I sent back my underwater iPod, we'll see what happens, they sounded like they'd replace it but I didn't actually take the time to force them to spell out "We'll fix it for free" so I won't faint if I get a bill.


I did go back to TKD on Monday.  Class isn't what it used to be (1/2 hour shorter, much younger students) but seeing myself do jumping jacks in the mirror was the alarming sight I needed to get my a$$ back to the weight room.  So Tuesday I did upper body weights and then 20 minutes in the pool.  Yesterday I thought I'd go to TKD again but then there was a demonstration against the school board that coincided and I just didn't leave.  Today I'm nearly dressed and going for a run.  I need to do some leg stuff in addition.  My hamstrings are tight tight tight.  Stretching hasn't helped so I'm hoping maybe squats and lunges will break their will.  Hmm, healthy attitude, no? 


RM - Supre joy for your house stuff!  Renters that want to buy sound PERFECT!


Gaye - Thinking of you with the littles, I hope it continues to be inspiring.


DrJen - Thinking of you and all you're doing, I'm in awe as usual.


Jo - Love the blog.  I totally wept for Pokey.  Wept.  Not just a little tear in the corner of the eye.


Tortuga - Congrats on the job!


Po7 - Got you in my thoughts.


JenLove - Let me know if you need to do any rearranging too, I'm still flexible!


Re:Valentines - Thanks for the reminder!!! I am so lame about that kind of thing!  But I'll get on it today!


Okay, before I wander off - I hope to be a better dingo again soon!


<3 you all!

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We're in that frenzied, frantic time two days before we leave for a week's vacation.  I overthink and overplan and overpack, check the tickets a thousand times, never trust my alarm to actually ring in the morning, and obsess about every possible unlikely thing that could happen in order to prevent us from walking onto a plane in Boston.  The vacation itself, though, will be lovely.


Yesterday I spent half an hour on the rowing machine at the gym, which was a nice change of workout for me.  I haven't rowed in years, but I really like it.  Today my legs and abs are killing me, so that must be a good sign, right?  Timing for the gym didn't work out today, but maybe I'll spend some time with the hula hoop after the kids go to bed.


This morning I was in DS's preschool class for the first time, which was awesome.  I was there to read stories to kids who wanted to listen during their choice time.  I brought a bunch of books and really only ended up reading to DS and two other girls.  Good thing I have good self-esteeem!  After finishing the stories, though, DS wanted me to stick around for a bit.  Their classroom has lots of things to do, but the new exciting thing is a post office booth.  It's the most fantastically thought-out yet simple thing, to get the kids working in sequence, and pretending to write, and handling money, and interacting socially.  In the hour I was there, DS wrote two letters to his classmates and received one back, and the whole process was just so adorable.  It must be exhausting to be a preschool teacher, but so fun, too.


Now, since DS doesn't have school tomorrow, I told him he can pack his carryon bag.  I hear sounds coming from his bedroom that make me think he's become distracted.


Okay, lots to do before we leave, so I'd best get started.

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Good luck with the packing and the trip, LaLaLaLa!


I'm posting in hopes that it reminds me that I actually want to run again this week.


I did make it to bootcamp on Tuesday and have kept up with the 100 pushups program (yeah, February goals!!). I even managed a 30 minute run yesterday, but was rewarded with about 90 minutes of coughing afterwards. This cough sucks. The kids have had it for almost two weeks now, DD1s entire kindergarten class is sick, and DD2 is sleeping like cr@p. She doesn't even want to nurse at night- just wakes up every hour or two to whine *all*night*long*, and still wakes up tired and snotty and coughing before six every morning. Blah! I had planned a long run today, but am instead frantically catching up on course prep and laundry before class this evening. Spring can't quite come fast enough...

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Plady - The trick for me with long swims is to do drills.  If I have a workout written out and sitting on the pool deck, I am far more likely to finish it.  If I head out to "swim some laps", I'm lucky if I can get half a mile.  Unless, I set a specific goal (I will swim 2500 yards), it just doesn't work.  I can't just go out for a swim, or go out for a run.  I peter out and give up.  Oddly, I have no problem going for a bike ride.  Maybe it's the speed.  I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere with a bike.  On a side note, I still am not good at flip turns.  Way too often, I get water up my nose (yes, even when I'm doing everything right), and it is just painful.  I think, if we had a deeper pool (it's only 3.5 feet on the ends), I would be more inclined to practice, but as it is, it is just faster for me to grab the wall and push off.


La - Have a great time!  I always find it amusing to see what the kids pack in their bags!


Gaye - I can almost understand the seasonal difference in places like Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  It take's time to make a lot of the crafts that they are selling, so if someone is making a gift or decoration, they need the materials well ahead of the Holiday.  Frustrating, to be sure, but there is, at least, some logic.  I just don't see that Target has that excuse.  I am going to try Bed Bath and Beyond soon.  Maybe next week as a present to myself for finishing the yearbook!


Speaking of the yearbook, I am getting closer and closer to being finished!!!  Although, I did just talk to the yearbook company, and I am going to need to save each page as a separate file, rather than as the one big project that I've been creating it as.  That is going to be very time consuming for me, but I'm sure it will all work out in the end!  But, I can see the end, and I feel like I am on top of things!  All that is left is to create a page with the 5th graders words of wisdom (favorite moment in school, and advice to younger students), and possibly a couple more photo pages (assuming that the teachers get me the darned images already!) that were requested.  That's all that needs to be created.  Then, print it out, put it in order, and fill out all the envelopes.  It will be a busy weekend, but I think it is all pretty doable. 

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la4 - have fun!
bec - I told you the end was in sight! You're doing great!

Kind of fly-by posting here. 2 things. 1) DS's genetic test came back negative for everything, including 22q. I'm so RELIEVED. I can finally just parent him and stop worrying so much. 2) I ran 2.5 tonight with no walking. I went out the first mile at 9:30, then slowed down to complete the 2.5 at an even 10:00 pace. Kind of a rookie move to go out so fast, but hey, I felt good! I'm left wondering how much my pace will improve when I've lost ALL the weight.
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MM - That is awesome news, and you are getting speedy!! Great run!


YR (year book report, which I guess would fall under NRR) - I think I am finished creating pages!  I just have to separate it all out into separate files (PITA, but not hard), etc.  Unless, I get some last minute pictures.

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