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La4: it sounds like it was a lovely vacation for everyone. Hard to see it end, I'm sure.


Bec: Yay for 8 outdoor miles! And on the earring thing, I'll just zip my lips. If you recall, I'm the mom who had to have her DD's earrings surgically removed from her earlobes. bag.gif We did it at a jewelry store that people in town recommended. Claire's is probably fine, though!


Kerc: good luck with the neighbor kid. Having a nearby babysitter is invaluable!


Geo: we also had a great babysitter who steadily added more activities and groups to her schedule as she went through high school. We kind of had to wean ourselves off of her over the years and it was hard to see her go off to college!


And thanks for asking about school. The pressure was off of DD after report cards - that was just a bad combination for her, the report card along with the letter that she didn't qualify for our county's gifted and talented program. She doesn't care about a title, but watches her friends get to go to a special class and feels left out and *dumb* (her words!). So, she is involved in a break-out math group during school, which helps her quite a bit.


You know, all in all, I am feeling like her needs are being met, to a certain extent. I feel that one of the central issues is that DD has a hard time concentrating on what is important in the classroom. I spend time in there every couple of weeks and notice that the teacher talks all.the.time, sometimes about important information (the teaching part) and sometimes about completely irrelevant information (a side conversation about one of the kid's pets or something). Then this class is relatively unruly, there are always several kids up and around, talking, etc. and the teacher has to deal with that, too. In auditory terms, it is simply chaotic, if you know what I mean. Sometimes I think that it is no wonder she can't follow the main theme of whatever subject is being taught. But other kids are able to focus, so maybe I am making excuses, I don't know. I just want to figure out what will help her master the situation that is there, not try to get her out of the situation, IYKWIM.


Weather is great here, too. I finally got out for 3 this morning. I did not want to get out there, but it was really nice and easy. I felt that I could have just gone on and on. Ahhh...



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Personals later. Reporting on my race today, 10K in 1:01:42. Not a PR, but since it was my first trail race -- Oscar Scherer State Park "Scrub J 10K" that was ok. Tough course, mostly mushy sand and some trails with soft pine needles (that hid lots of holes). Considering the course and the fact there was only one water stop at mile 2.5 with temps in the 70's I was pretty happy with my time. Came back filthy with sand and dust up my nose, in my ears, in my mouth and all over my legs, face, and arms. Mark of a warrior, boo-yah! 

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Melissa - I have been thinking of you and your daughter's experience!!!  That's one of the things that I am worried about.  Do you think it was caused by the place that did the piercing, or did other things factor into it?


Geo - I love the perspective you give us on food issues.  It has certainly opened my eyes and sensitivity to kids and their eating habits and how to gently guide them to healthy choices.


Babysitter - Our babysitter became one of those super involved in everything, Soccer super star kind of kids, and we barely see her now.  The thing is, all the things that make her such a great kid and super involved are the same things that made her a great babysitter!  I guess I wish she needed spare cash more often!


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RR ~ ran 5.1 this morning in 46:35.  For anyone who doesn't mind music with Christian overtones, I strongly recommend Toby Mac's album Tonight.  Every single song makes you want to RUN!!!!!  DS downloaded it onto his iPod for me and it really moved me along.  Great run!  And can I tell you how wonderful it feels for me to be able to say that 21 months post-injury joy.gif.


Nic ~ that is a GREAT time for a trail race.  Congrats!


bec ~ glad you got your nice long run in too.


babysitters ~ my BEST babysitter ever was our nextdoor neighbor from 2003-2007.  She was 13 when she started just watching Jacob for an hour or two, usually with her 12 year old sister and her Mom right next door.  Now, 8 years later, she's a real family friend and STILL babysits when she comes home from college for breaks. I used to call her and say, "Mama needs a run!" and she'd come over for an hour so I could clear my head with a couple of miles out on my own.


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I haven't gotten it in yet!  I have to get the kids from their classes, have a bite for lunch and then go.  I hope to report a nice run, though!orngtongue.gif

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And, now I can report a wonderful 8 miles!!! orngbiggrin.gif  It was so nice outside!  Most of the snow is melted away, so I was able to run on one of my favorite out and back routes (it is usually filled with snow from the plows, but was clear today).  It has some decent hills, but also some flat, and the best part is that it is mostly downhill on the way home, so it feels fast and good when you are feeling a little tired.  I maintained around a 11:25 pace throughout, and was only wishing I had my gloves for about a mile on the way home (heading into the wind).  I very much prefer to run outside.  It is so much more fulfilling to have actually GONE someplace!  It doesn't feel like such a useless act.  Anyway, now I'm home with the rest of the day ahead of me!  I'm going to shower and then whip the kids into a rousing game of Monopoly!

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Do you think it was caused by the place that did the piercing, or did other things factor into it?

No, it wasn't that. She had switched from her gold posts to a pair of "fashion" earrings (sterling silver, but not really nice ones). She tightened them too much by pushing the back too far onto the post. No infection, no pain, and the earrings could always be turned. But now I know that the backs need to be checked that they are not on too tightly. A friend told me that her mother would always check that there was a fingertip-width between the earring and the back, and that gives enough room for the earlobe.  Most nice posts, though, have safety backs that can not be tightened too much, so I think the problem is mainly with the cheaper fashion earrings.


Can I also tell you, my kids would heartbeat.gif you with your monopoly afternoon.


Wow, Nick- you are so truly tough!! One lousy water stop at 2.5 miles?? I would have expired.

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I missed your race report, Nic.  Bad assed warrior mama, indeed!!!


Melissa - I was reading about making sure the backs are not on too tight.  I will definitely keep an eye on that!


The kids really enjoyed our Monopoly day!  And we ended it before anyone got frustrated!  I have some not so great memories of Monopoly as a kid because my mom and brother were both ultra competitive and took it so seriously!  It usually ended with someone in tears.  But I loved the game, so I'm glad I'm able to rewrite that history.

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There was an earring post on Jezebel that had many, many more horrifying details that I can't even link to because it was that icky. But worth a look.


RR: 5 decent miles, getting over a cold, so I went pretty slowly. Hoping for some pickup in speed as I get the chance to run more and as I can breathe more effectively.


Nic, great racing! smile.gif

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Yay, nic! clap.gif And yay, bec, for a great long run! Hopefully I can channel your mojo for my 8 miles tomorrow morning. orngbiggrin.gif

And just to clarify, the test that I semi-bombed was NOT the same one that I got a 95 on...I'm not quite THAT much of a perfectionist to complain about doing horribly on a test that I got a 95 on. lol.gif

I *was* going to do my second care plan today and get it done, but I decided to take a mental health day instead. bag.gif So, I slept in (9:30!!!! joy.gif), went for a run (5.5 miles nice and easy), took a quick break from relaxing to do some revisions on the care plan I turned in last night, then ran several errands and picked up a couple of movies from the redbox kiosk, which I am about to pop into the dvd player. Ahhh.
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kerc--I've thought that about the camera too. lol.gif

bec--I'd take her to Claire's. My sister got hers done there (back in the stone ages, of course) and had a great experience. My mom insisted on taking me to a doctor's office and they didn't do such a good job.

La4--sounds like a nice vacation!

tjsmama--yay for being halfway through the month of crazy.

kerc--that sounds brilliant.

Mel--if you can help her figure out what is important and what isn't, that will be such a useful skill for later. I have college students who still have trouble with that, despite the fact that they also have my notes (in outline format so the most important points are obvious).

Nick--yay for being a warrior and such a great trail 10K. Those are rough.

JayGee-- joy.gif for a great run!

bec-- joy.gif that you also had a great run.

RR: I ran the Snowman Stampede 10M this morning and finished in an amazing (for me) 1:29:05! joy.gif My goal for the race had been to do about what I'd done last month, which was 1:33:51, a 9:23 pace. I figured I'd aim for 9:15 or 9:20 so it would a little faster, but I just wasn't feeling like my training had been intense enough to go much faster than that.

And then we started out and after the first mile (9:11), I realized I was running about an 8:40 pace, except that it felt fine. Or mostly fine. Around the 2 mile mark I noticed some cramping but decided it was nothing I couldn't live with for another 8 miles. So I kept hanging in there and it kept feeling ok. Also, have I mentioned that I'm crazy competitive and when it occurred to me that maybe I could finish with a sub-9 pace I could just taste it? redface.gif We were definitely moving fast. I remember looking at my Garmin at one point and we were running sub-8, which is something that happens very rarely for me! At any rate, I hung in there and ended up passing people during the second half. I almost ran negative splits: 44:12 vs 44:28. Splits: 9:11, 8:47, 8:49, 8:40, 8:45, 8:50, 8:52, 8:57, 9:00, 8:49. The best part was at the end. I passed two people just before we came into the home stretch. The home stretch is through a botanical gardens, so we come off the main trail, up a short but nasty hill (it was the one that nearly killed me in December), and down a dirt trail through the gardens before hitting the finish line. I could hear a few people behind me on the dirt section and no one was in front of me. So even though I was fully aware that a ton of people had finished ahead of me, it felt like I was the front runner lol.gif and it definitely gave me a nice boost for the finish.

One of my unwritten goals for this or next year had been to run a race at a sub-9 pace, so I'm feeling pretty stoked that I finished this at an 8:55 pace. It is a basically flat course so that helps, of course, but the only other time I've done a sub-9 pace was the time I did the downhill 1/2 that drops 2200 feet in altitude. I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, I can pull off some nice times later this summer on courses that aren't flat (like the Bolder Boulder???). Right now I'm thinking ahead to the 1/2 I'm running in April, much of which takes place on this same trail. I'd love a 2-hour finish. It has a nasty hill climb at the end, but hills are usually a strong point for me. We shall see.
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Real, WAY TO GO!!!! WOOT! Awesome race.


I am not sore at all today (thought I would be from the work of running on the trails) and may hit the road for another run. It's a gorgeous day here....don't want to waste it.


Good morning DINGOES!


And speaking of earrings,.....umm...I just got another pierce last weekend at Claire's in the mall. It ws fine, they did a great job. All is well.


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Good Morning Dingoes!


Real ~ fantastic race!  You're really getting fast.  An amazing pace over 10 miles!


Nic ~ go ahead, treat yourself to another run!


bec ~ go to Claires.  I got mine done at a jewelry store.... with ice cubes to numb and a sharpened earring back that he pushed through by hand.  No thanks... My DD1 is already begging for earrings, and she's only 6.  I told her "when you're 10" and she lost it!  I may be relenting sooner.


I'm planning on going to Tri club swim today at 1:00.

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Thanks for all the earring feedback.  Penelope, what is Jezebel? 


Real - AMAZING race!!!  I totally understand the competitive feel when you think you can reach a pie in the sky goal! 


Rest day today, but I have a girl scout site sale today.  It's at a pancake house, and my co-leader and I are going to stick around after and have breakfast (brunch?) together after.  eat.gif


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Just popping in to say "hi" before I head off to work. Loving the race reports nic and real! Planning on heading to the gym for a 30 minute (40 total with warm-up, cool-down) run on the DM and maybe an hour long bike. I really wanted to work-out yesterday, but couldn't with work and all. I need to keep up the weight loss and I'm so dreaming about getting on the trails, but not feeling quite ready enough yet to leave the safety of the gym. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of the cold.
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5 and 1.5?  My take on that is: no one may touch your body without your consent. Mom and Dad (and responsible adults) may step in to keep you safe from yourself and others, but unless you are consenting you don't have to have anyone touching you. 5 yo might just not be able to think outside her head at that complex powerless idea yet. Soon, but not yet.


Thanks for this. Basically the rule is no touching without consent, but with the power conversations thrown in when she's telling grandma or teacher or whomever about her "victimhood" to her younger sister's attacks. I am often prone to forgetting that my 5 year old with a high-school level vocabulary is NOT yet a high-schooler cognitively- so this was a very helpful reminder and on a day when it was very needed (it just took me several days to get back and say thanks!).




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I have TCOYF. Seriously why do they not pass this book out in high school. Ok maybe just the intro to how all this stuff works. Sooooo helpful.

yeahthat.gif Seriously. I had that exact thought when I read it before TTC DS. I think it should be required reading for my OB class. But of course, it's not.


I don't have TCOYF on my reading list, but teach the content and recommend the book very strongly when I teach OB. And so far I've only had one student who had ever read it/heard of it before. I gave a copy to my youngest sister years ago, and expect that my girls will be getting copies when they are teens.


Awesome races, Nic and Real!!!


LaLaLaLa- glad that the vacation has gone well and wishing you a smooth journey home.


NRR- I am mid-way through a massive reorganization and toddler-proofing of our playroom, because I was going to scream if I everything got dumped on the floor again. We've boxed up most of the playmobil, lego, puzzles, etc. so that they can't be reached. Fingers crossed that this works...


RR- Friday was snow shoveling and a hike to school because I didn't trust my car in it and DH had an appointment that he took the good car to. Yesterday I ran in the snow, and also finally had the chance to use RunKeeper (thanks for the rec, it worked perfectly). The good news is that my short route is exactly the distance I guessed!

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Hi Dingos-Hope all are well.


We have done the Claire's thing and had a good outcome


DISNEY runners my race is a week from today.  I did a 12 mile last week and only had a couple little runs since was planning on getting out today butbag.gif too much wine last night--for no good reason oh well.  Not sure that I will be able to get one in now but should be able to get at least 2 runs in this week.


I am wondering if you have any tips for the 1/2?   Or just negotiating a Disney race in general.


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Modmom, is that the Princess half? That looks like a lot of fun. 

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EEK! I'm 6 pages of posts behind!  LOL


This week has not been a good week for me goal-wise.  only made it to kb class once and only one day on the treadmill. :(  Must get better about planning/scheduling.  Next two weeks will be a challenge since dh's work schedule will be different.


Congrats on those meeting goals!  I promise to get caught up on reading. :)

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MM - Look at your ticker move! thumb.gif

I have a copy of TCOYF for dd1 but I haven't given it to her yet because I notied this book and thought it might be even better for the young teen. Has anyone read it? Perhaps I should give her both? I don't want her to think so much about fertility and achieving a pregnancy as getting to know her body and cycles, etc.

I personally had a horrific ear piercing experience at age 10, wear ony a wedding band and watch because of it. My children can get a piercing when they have their own medical insurance. End of story. No negotiating. I would wear earrings and really short hair if I could wear earrings.
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