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Jooj ~ whoa!  AbuDhabi now?  Cool.  I have a friend whose husband is stationed there and she lives there with her whole family.  They love it!


Nemesis ~ careful out there!  Good job on the run.


Demeter ~ yay for loose pants!  (wish I could say the same for myself....)


THANK YOU to my SS!!!!  Your package couldn't have come on a better day.  I love the soap, candle and little notepad and I can't wait to try that granola bar!  Thank you so much!


NRR ~ I watched my neighbors 4-year-old son for 3 hours this afternoon and was reminded how important open-ended play is.  We free-built Legos and he wanted to know where the instructions were and if he was doing it "right".  We built a train track in the basement and he was continuously asking if it was "done".  When I said that it was done whenever he felt like it was done, he was totally confused!  And when we made homemade playdoh, he was just totally in awe that you didn't have to buy it in a plastic canister, and it was WARM!  I'm just glad to have afforded my children a huge opportunity for open-ended creative play.

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RR: 5 nice miles for me! Yay! orngbiggrin.gif It's coolish out and I managed to dress right for the weather and to run at a pretty good pace.


Prepping for classes tomorrow and just trying to stay ahead of my week... I had a long and frustrating meeting yesterday, sent a terse email this morning, spent some time talking with the chair of the committee I'm on and finally said, roughly, "If this is the plan we adopt I will not want to send my children to this school." ... and by noon he'd changed his tune *significantly.* So odd to me - I had to throw a (figurative) temper tantrum and play the Mommy card before he took my concerns seriously. I never, ever do that as I think that reasoned - even blunt - discussion is a much better strategy. Who'd have thought. We'll see if it sticks. (The "it" being pretty damn important to my job. Sigh.)


Sometimes only running makes sense to me: Leave house. Move feet forward. Repeat. Return eventually.

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Great picture, Lisa!!! Why can't *I* ever get a good race photo like that?! orngtongue.gif

Another week of OB is in the books...I'm so sad that it's almost done. But also super excited at the thought of having a lot more free time in two weeks. I was in the NICU yesterday and it was booooooring. Sad, but true. There were only four babies, and none of them really had much going on. Three just needed to grow, and one was jaundiced and getting phototherapy. The NICU nurses were really nice, but *they* didn't have much to do, so they didn't really want to let me do anything. Oh well. Today was MUCH busier. I was back on mom/baby and I had two couplets today, although one was discharged by 11. I feel like I'm just starting to get the hang of things, and we'll be done next week. rolleyes.gif

Much, much, much to do tomorrow. I'm taking two patients for peds on Thursday, so I'm going to have double the homework. And I have to run by school to have a scholarship application signed, which hopefully I'll have time to do while DS is at school after I pick up my patient assignments. I need at least five more hours in the day tomorrow...
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tjsmama--boring in the NICU is a good thing. wink1.gif Also, I didn't post the pics of me that weren't so good. :P

Nemesis--that ice sounds less than fun.

I should do more personals but my brain is shutting down. Also, I need to stick the diapers in the dryer. So, goodvibes.gif to everyone.
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I can't remember now who mentioned Cycle Savvy, the book for teens by the same author as TCOYF.  Anyway, we have it and I thought it was pretty good and more interesting for a teen who isn't likely to be as interested in fertility issues.  DD1 has read it and thought it was useful, too. I thought it was pretty balanced on sexuality.  I haven't read it in a while, but I don't recall being worried about it anyway when I handed it over to dd.


I did a little updating of the results and race list - I know I missed the last person who posted, but hopefully I'll get back to that later today. 


NRR - I caught 2 babies yesterday.  The first was one of my teen clients, who I'd actually seen in the office on Monday afternoon.  After her appointment with me, she'd gone home and played Wii with her siblings and mother - and spent some time doing the Wii-fit hoola hooping.  Her mom took her out to supper, and while they were out, my client started to get uncomfortable - just achy, couldn't sit down comfortably, nauseated and couldn't eat her supper.  By the time they got home, she was having regular contractions.  She came in around midnight finally, and was 2 cms dilated, but the labor nurse said she looked like she was serious, so we had her stay.  An hour later or so, her water broke, and she was obviously in good active labor.  Around 3:30, she was grunting off and on with contractions while soaking in the tub, and so the nurse called me to come (they'd tried to do an exam, but couldn't reach well in the tub, especially since my client couldn't comfortably lean back.)  When I arrived, she was soaking with the whirlpool jets on, her mom was sitting on the side of the tub, and she had her arms around her mother and her head buried in her lap.  She was just deciding that she wanted to get because she was getting too warm - so we helped her up.  By this point, she was laboring pretty actively - in the time it took us to dry her off and help her back to bed, she had about 5 contractions that we had to stop for.  Once in bed, she wanted to know how close she was, so I did a quick exam and she was about 8 cms.  She was obviously having a lot of pressure and still grunting and pushing with the peak of each contraction, but not pushing in earnest.  She's a tall, skinny kid, and we were amazed at how well she was able to move around, both between contractions and even during a contraction.  She rolled from side to side, then would sit all the way up, then move to squatting and leaning forward, then kneel and lean over, then flop down for a while.  After about an hour, she started pushing through every contraction and couldn't hold back.  At this point, she decided she just couldn't push in the bed - and she needed to go sit on the toilet right now.  Partly, I'm sure she could feel a lot of rectal pressure and she mentioned a few times being worried about pooping - which we kept assuring her was a non issue for us, and partly she just felt better more upright.  Finally, I told her we could move to the toilet, as long as she didn't mind her baby being born there, and she basically sprinted off to the bathroom.  By now, I could see a little wisp of baby hair when she pushed, so I figured we wouldn't make it back to bed, so we got some pads for the floor and a couple of towels and I put gloves on to wait for the baby.  She was much happier on the toilet, and pushed great with each contraction.  Within a couple, baby's head was visible even between contractions.  I was still amazed at how much she was able to move around - with one contraction she'd put her right leg up on the garbage can and push, and the next, she'd prop her left leg up on my knee and push (I was kneeling in front of her.)  Baby had a lot of caput and molding, and it took quite a few contractions for the baby to crown and be born.  Her mother, the nurses and I all had a good laugh as baby was at the peak of crowning when the mama suddenly said "Now this is starting to hurt!" - apparently the rest of labor, during which she'd barely said a word, wasn't painful?  Fortunately, as soon as the head was out, she stood up, and the rest of the baby easily slid into the bath towel I was holding.   Baby was a little guy - 6 lbs 5 oz, with a ton of dark, wavy hair, born at 5:15 am.  Mom wasn't ready to hold him right away - she was sort of scared by his very molded head, and purple toes, and initial raspy breaths, so we wrapped him in a towel and a couple warm blankets, and helped mom back to bed.  The cord was so long I could hold the baby and walk ahead of her back to the bed!  Once in bed, she was happy to put him skin to skin.  Her primary labor nurse had just finished her orientation, and this was I think her 3rd birth on her own - but definitely her first birth involving a road trip to the bathroom!  I love teenagers sometimes, because not being indoctrinated into how things are supposed to be, they just do whatever needs to be done to get the baby out!


My second baby for the day actually started off early in the day.  This was mama's second baby, and he was breech for the last few weeks of pregnancy.  We have some newer OBs who are willing to do external cephalic versions, so after discussions of options with the client (and in my community, options are pretty much deliver by cesarean, or have a version) she decided to try to get the baby turned.  The OB preferred to attempt the version with an epidural, since he feels his success rate is higher if mom can truly relax, so mom came early in the morning for IV fluids and an epidural.  We knew this baby was likely to be decent sized (her first was 8 lbs 11 oz) but fortunately she had good amniotic fluid levels, and a relatively roomy uterus.  Fortunately the version was successful - even though it was quite a bit of work.  The OB worked on pushing the head flexed and down, and had me push the butt up and to the side, and after several tries, much sweating, and several breaks to rethink stategy, baby turned!  Because she had so much fluid, and baby was still moving around a lot, we were worried he'd try to move back, so since the plan was for her to be induced anyway, the OB went ahead and broke her water while I held the baby's head still.  Fortunately, that settled the baby nicely into the pelvis, and we figured he'd stay there.  After the version, the mom, who'd been rock steady all morning and such a trouper putting up with needle sticks, and epidural sticks, and all that pushing on her abdomen and turning her different ways, burst into tears and had a good cry - she'd been so worried that she was going to end up with a cesarean anyway, and so relieved.  The rest of her labor was pretty straight forward (if more medicalized since she already had an epidural going, and we started pitocin to get contractions as well.)  Around 2 in the afternoon, she was 3 cms dilated, but by 4:45, she was completely dilated and feeling a lot of pressure and a good urge to push.  She was worried at this point, because in her first labor, she'd pushed a long time and finally had a vacuum assist, but this time baby moved down well with each push, and was born at 5:23 pm.  8 lbs 10 oz, born over an intact perineum - which should make for a lot easier recovery than having a cesarean!


RR - well, as you can guess, I didn't do any yesterday!  Hoping to get a decent interval run on the treadmill today.

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drjen, you never cease to amaze! Thaks for the input on Cycle Savvy. It is ordered.

I surely wish I had more to report for my days. My life is still topsy turvy as we consider uprooting and making major changes but are not so far along in our plans as to discuss it with the children. Stress. om.gif

Today I noticed ds1 and dh hadn't showered. The shower head is spraying water all over the place. I noticed this yesterday and figured even if it wasn't a nice regular spray I could shower in it. They apparently can't so I will be pumbing today instead of waiting for my Dad to hep on Saturday. I have no answer to why they couldn't use the other shower or take a bath. Boys. eyesroll.gif I for one took a nice warm bath with some epsom salts and lavender oil.

I need to convince Linus to dress and brush his teeth so that I can go to Lowe's. Fun.

6 easy on the TM this morning.
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Originally Posted by MelW View Post



Lorijds, at the risk of sounding like a stalker, I think you may be the reason that I joined MDC. Years ago I used to lurk on the midwifery today boards, and I think it might have been you who mentioned MDC to a poster, and I came over to check it out. Six years and two kids later.... I'm still hanging around sometimes. And if it's not you, ignore and move on Sheepish.gif



Awe, I'm pretty sure that's me (not many "lorijds'" around).  Nice to be recognized (If that's stalking, stalk away)!


Dr. Jen, I would have stayed in OB/Mother/Baby if I could have worked with at least one doc like you.  Here I am on the medical floor, where no one tells me I can't get a patient out of bed, where I get to make the decision to hold medications that are truly unnecessary, and where I'm more comfortable with medical interventions because they really are needed.  I miss the mamas and the babies, but I needed regular hours and health insurance, so the hospital is the place for me.  I have nothing but the utmost respect and awe for those of you who continue in the birthing environment.


RR I went with myfitnesspal for a food diary app, and today's plan is to run a couple of miles and go to BodyPump.  NRR I have a paper to write, due at midnight, that I have not yet started.  The plan is to pull this off and still get my workout in.  

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DrJen ~ as always, you amaze!  I was laughing reading about your teen mom flipping around in the bathroom for each contraction.  Wonderful!


Today and tomorrow will be spent getting ready for my parents to arrive tomorrow night.  But first, a good swim while DD2 is at preschool!

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Quick RR ~ 2800yds in the pool including 3 x 500 descending (even though my 3rd 500 only "descended" by 3 seconds...

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real~I know, I know! It's a good thing not to have excitement and busyness in the NICU...except when you're a nursing student who just desperately wants something (ANYTHING) to do! orngtongue.gif

drjen~love.gif Your stories rock.

Done with track, although I had zero motivation and even less zip in my legs. 5 x 600 with 200 recoveries.

And now, I must shower, feed my kid, take him to school, get my patient assignments, get my scholarship app signed, go to the post office, grocery store, spend some time with my kid somehow....
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Thank you for the lovely post, drjen. You do things regularly that would be the event of a lifetime for the rest of us.


mommajb, if it is scale/lime deposit on the showerhead, CLR or the like could be enough to fix the problem.


Ran 35min on the track this AM, followed by some weight machines and then 15min on the elliptical. Skipped the whirlpool, but met a friend for lunch. Now, have to head down to the barn to feed the new crop of triplets before we do an ortho appointment, and I think I might just throw a bag in the car to take the kids to the Y again before dinner...which is going to be hummus and falafel tonight, I think. I wish I had a better memory for how good these longer workouts leave me feeling, and how much strength they give me to resist the carbs. Just have to stick with it.


Tomorrow, I WILL complete the taxes and other pending relo paperwork, and I will work out long and easy, followed by whirlpooling.

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Ugh to bad world news greensad.gif I haven't been keeping very current on events and maybe it's because I know deep down that it's just too depressing.

To all of those caught in colds, I hope you feel better soon!

Nemesis - I fall even when there isn't ice orngtongue.gif

doctorjen - lovely stories!

RR - I completed the C25K today! joy.gif I ran 3.1 miles in exactly 30:00. I am so thrilled. I was doing all kinds of math in my head during the last half mile, trying to decide if I could finish under 30 minutes and I did it banana.gif
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MM - Congratulations, mama!!!!!!  What an amazing accomplishment, and speedy, too!!!!!  I remember that feeling of power and victory!!!


DrJen - As always, I love your stories. 


Jaygee - The depression and feeling that society is doomed is the reason I purposely don't keep up with most world events.  I know that is probably the wrong way to think, but at some point, I have to feel that it is more important for my family's health that I keep a positive outlook than be informed and be depressed.  The thing to remember is that the wonderful, daily kindnesses that humanity is capable of are rarely reported.  I try to keep that in mind as I go through my day, and do my best to pay that forward.


I have spin tonight with my tri class, so have been using most of the day to clean, do laundry, etc.

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Ugh. DS was hanging on a bar at the playground today at school and somehow bonked his chin on the bar and bit his tongue. Badly. I was at the hospital trying to get all the info I need on my patients for tomorrow so I can do my homework tonight and had to leave to go pick him up. Poor guy. He was pretty upset when I got there. A popsicle significantly cheered him up and made it feel better, at least. It's really big and pretty deep, but the consensus from the ped's office, my sister (the emergency medicine resident) and her coworker (the peds resident) was that it's probably fine and doesn't need stitches. It's ugly, though.

And then I had to drag him back to the hospital with me so I could get more info on my second patient, which turned out to be a lengthy trip, since this kid has some serious problems. Since it's RSV season, kids under 12 aren't allowed on the patient floors unless they're a patient, but fortunately the woman in the clinical library was super nice and was totally fine with DS being in there with me while I used the computer.

I fixed a bunch of soft foods (mashed potatoes, yogurt smoothie, etc.) for DS while he was eating his noodle soup for dinner, since he can't have anything hard or crunchy for at least a few days until his tongue heals a little. greensad.gif

And now, time to (hopefully) bust out some serious homework and (even more hopefully) get to bed at a reasonable hour...
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Gaye - Oh poor TJ!!!!  I bit the tip of my tongue off when I was around 4, from a slide accident (that my brother caused, but that's another issue entirely!).  I hope he's feeling better quickly!


Had tri class tonight.  We had a 10 minute warmup, followed by a 35 minute endurance ride where we needed to keep our effort level at around an 8 out of 10!  5 minutes of cool down, and stretching.  It was tough and intense, but pretty fun.  We talked about strategy, etc. for olympic distance tris. 

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MM- Congrats on finishing!! Good luck with the bridge to 10k.

DrJen- Your story brought back a memory of a bathroom birth of a teenage mama that I had the honor of being the nurse for six or seven yeas ago. She had really overbearing foster parents and eventually found safety in the tiny bathroom. She sat on the toilet, the doctor blocked the door, and I crouched in the shower with a Doppler and a lap full of towels and blankets. I have some great memories of some bathroom births smile.gif

Tjsmama- I hope your son's tongue heals quickly!

RR- I was planning a rest day today, but ended up doing 5k on the treadmill plus some time on the elliptical while I was waiting for a free machine. My husband and I ran together on side by side treadmills and chatted. I did a bit of weight training to fill out an hour, too. It's snowing again, so I'm trying to figure out what to do for tomorrow's run, since the guym is closed for a class in the morning greensad.gif
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MM, way to go! Now to stay healthy through the next challenge!


Gaye, poor ds. That sounds terrible. I hope today is already better than yesterday. My poor ds got his braces worked on yesterday, and I told them we'd be leaving so they are accelerating the stuff. He got some gum taken off a couple teeth that need to come in, a chain bumped up 3 sizes instead of one, and I am not sure what else...but he is such a great patient.


MelW--rest day today, then?


Maybe a rest day here, but I hope not. Right after posting yesterday, I checked on the new kids and one was nearly dead with hypothermia. So he came along with me to school and the orthodontist, and then we set him up in the house to nurse him back from the brink. His brother went down later too, but the third has been nursing well. (Also the biggest.) So the two little ones spent the night in a tote in dd's room. I fed them bottles at 11:38, and now they are still (all) sleeping. I'm warming bottles while I down my coffee, and once they are fed and my own kids are off to school, I will take them back to the barn.


My mom might come today. She has a doc appt in town. I hope she doesn't mind being sort-of ignored.

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bec, thanks for the BOB notice.

jo, it was a much bigger plumbing issue but thankfully once I started the job dh was able to finish it. I hope the kids pull through.

gaye, is your ds feeling better today?

It is raining and I have a cold but only 5 easy miles today. I am trying to decide what the smart thing to do is. I am probably going to try an run on the TM at the gym if I can motivate ds2 to get dressed.

I don't much to contribute but don't like going missing from the thread.
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mommjb ~ it's yucky here today too.  Drizzle and cold.  I'd opt for the TM if I were you. 


Speaking of missing from the thread, has anyone heard from sparkletruck???  I was thinking of her this weekend when we took the kids to the rock climbing gym.


Jo ~ so glad you were able to rescue the kids before the cold got them.  I saw the picture on your blog and he is so TINY.  Adorable.  As excited as I am to read all about your adventures in Abu Dhabi (or Dubai!), I'll miss your farming stories.


tjsmama ~ OUCH!  I hope your DS is doing much, much better today.  I know how painful it is to just bite my tongue, nevermind go through the skin.  Yeowch!


MelW ~ love the image of you and your husband on the treadmills, chatting away


MM ~ fantastic!  Have fun bridging to 10K!


bec ~ do you do any kinds of intervals during those endurance rides, or just ride hard?  Do they play music?  Get any instructions/encouragement from the leader?  I get so bored with my trainer  rides and need some ideas on keeping the endurance ride interesting.


My parents are flying in from New Hampshire today.  They'll be here for the next 12 days.  I'm excited and apprehensive all at once, because historically speaking, my Mom always says/does something that really irritates me around the 4-5 day point.  I'm sure she'll have something to say about the fact that my kids aren't sleeping in their rooms, but instead on mattresses on the floor in our room.  And she's already mentioned my dad's "low sodium diet" about a million times, so I need to be really careful with my cooking.  But the kids are super-excited to see their grandparents and I am looking forward to doing stuff with them too.  And I'm really excited to have some built-in babysitting for runs and rides over the next week!!!


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Typically, she does lots of intervals during her rides.  Hills, sprints, etc.  Last night, though, she wanted us to JUST endure!  Try to maintain cadence of about 100rpm, and an 8/10 effort.  She has great music choices, and she, herself was spinning at a much lower intensity so she could talk to us.  She is definitely able to motivate.  She does cadence checks periodically, will run through some visualizations with us (in between songs is going around a turn, for example).  She had us do a couple of pickups towards the end and talked us through it by saying, "Ok, you're picking someone out from the crowd in front of you, and you are going to be passing them".  That sort of thing.  It's the thing I don't  have at my home trainer and the reason I love going to class! 


The consequence of all that is that I am tired with a capital 'T' today!  I'm supposed to run 4.5 miles, but may decide to take a rest day instead!  Or do less miles.  We'll see how I feel a little later!

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