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tortuga, congrats on the job offer. I really admire how my co-LLLeader has worked for change at our local hospital when she was hired as the IBCLC.

jaygee, in my mind the two dove bars is success. You didnt eat in the pantry not even realizing what you were doing ony to motice 3/4 of the way through the bag and then finish it just because. Two little bars! I hope Sven was fun. orngtongue.gif

MM, Hmm, knitting? I did get some done just before Christmas and then I bought more yarn and... I should use it. And on your other goals I hope my dh gets the taxes done soon.

Nic, it is good to hear the good report on your dd.

We had a nice gymnastics morning followed by lunch, a total day of leisure so far. Not to fear, the girls will be barrelling in shortly. lol.gif
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Nic - I'm glad to hear your daughter did well with her surgery.  I had to snort about her medicated confession!

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Nic - I'm glad to hear your daughter did well with her surgery.  I had to snort about her medicated confession!

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Nic ~ I am glad surgery went ok!  Here's to an uneventful and speedy recovery for her. :)


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Nic - Glad to hear surgery went well smile.gif

RR - just finished a 25 minutes nonstop run joy.gif Next week will be week 7 c25k for me. 25 min runs all week long. I think I'll do 30 min bike rides to round out the hour.

NRR - hang.gif That sums up my day - 5 or so loads of laundry washed, dried, and put away.
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Jaygee~ laughing that you are anal the other way!  :)


RR: supposed to run the 3 at 9:01 pace from Wednesday (when I didn't know the kids wouldn't have school today), but 8:37 pace felt good and 5.5 miles felt right, so I went with it.  :)  Oh well, I'd rather get more running than the plan then less, cause there are those times of less!


NRR: ds1 to therapy today went well again.  Thoughts of homeschool since he is so different than the mainstream...loads to think about. 


Nic~so glad dd's surgery went well and pray for quick healing. 


Eks~glad to see you here and on yahoo!


had more, but lost in thought of things to do before tomorrow...bbl

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Not much time for personals...but we had a heck of an ice storm.  We lost power tuesday night and were without power until last night around 6:30pm.  It got pretty cold, but we had a fireplace and kept the home fires burnin'.   It made it hard to run, well, actually I just didn't run.  I seem to have lost any interest since the Goofy.  I'm not sure what that's about. I know part of it is I am sick of the cold. I'm sick of dressing in so many layers it's hard to move.  I could use a secret sprinter this year, that's for sure!  It's odd to think that it was this time last year that I decided to do the Goofy. I wouldn't realize that if it weren't for DrJen being such an amazing ss.


Anyway, Nic - yay for good outcome surgery...


eksmom - you're always in my thoughts, listen to your soul.


Love to all! 

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I finally got caught up with the thread.

No forward motion for me for the last 2 weeks with a nasty upper respiratory bug. Then I had a flare up of those mysterious ongoing symptoms early this week. I'm really really starting to think it is what is left of my appendix throwing a fit in there. They never took it out. I had appendicitis in Jan 08, that went undiagnosed and lead to an abscess in my liver that was discovered in oct 08. We were so busy trying to get me healthy from that that a doctor never addressed the issue of the damaged appendix that was left behind. I spent the week in and out of the doctor. We repeated blood work and urine, and I had an ultrasound of some swollen lymph nodes. Depending on the results I am prepared to get a copy of my records and head off to the gastro doc.
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This week was ick for me.  But on the bright side, I was able to do kettle bell on Thursday and will be increasing my weight. :)


Thinking about running a 5K in March for St. Patrick's Day.

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Nic, glad the surgery went ok. 

Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post


NRR: ds1 to therapy today went well again.  Thoughts of homeschool since he is so different than the mainstream...loads to think about. 


Woah, have you considered homeschooling before now?  I'm not sure I've heard you mention that before!  Huge changes to consider!  He's so lucky to have you.


Yay for jobs, tortuga!  What an opportunity.


Glad your power's back on BBM!


Feel better po7!


DD just spent an hour and a half snuggled up with me trying to crawl back in.  After this week, I think she needed it.  Between not having enough brain power to remember to put on a shirt before going to school or to figure out how to apologize to her brother after stepping on his hand with her boot, she seemed to need the time to return to infancy to grow up.


10k for me tomorrow, race pace. 

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real~I'm pretty sure I saw your DH waiting for the elevator while we were on a break from class this morning. smile.gif

tortuga~joy.gif That sounds AWESOME. Congratulations!!!

nic~So glad the surgery went well, and I lol.gif at your DD's "confession".

Well, I have officially survived frontloading (the first two weeks of class where we allegedly get 50% of our course content). And I did really well on my OB exam. I was kind of scared after the amount of complaining that the group who took OB last semester did, but it was pretty easy. I'm really getting excited to start my clinical next week. Nervous, and not looking forward to the sheer amount of time demand, but super excited, too. I could be helping deliver babies as early as 12:30 on Monday! orngbiggrin.gif We have orientation in the morning, but I'm in L&D the rest of the day and Tuesday. Can't wait!

In the meantime, DS is off to Ohio for the weekend with XH. I'm going to take advantage to get up to ski tomorrow, then a run Sunday morning and a superbowl party in the afternoon/evening. A little bit of fun before life ends next week. orngtongue.gif 36 hrs of clinical time + 8 hrs of class time + 5 hrs of simulation + 5 hrs of commute time + ? hrs of homework/clinical prep/etc = dizzy.gif
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Geo~I love you!  You are just so smart and intuitive and cool and thoughtful!  :) Thank you for your kind words!!  On the homeschool question, I actually started down that path when the kids were little and was in a homeschool co-op and was teaching ds1 to read among other stuff before kindergarten.  Then ds1 really wanted to try public school so I went with it.  I've thought about bringing him home to homeschool every year since then.  Hearing some one esle's validation on how smart and wonderful he is and how he learns so much different than the mainstream just seemed to jump out at me.  Brought it up to dh and he fully supported it, even suggesting that at the end of this year would be a good time because he is finished with elementary school and making a big change anyway. 



NRR: BIG NEWS: the written acceptance letter (on the house we bid on last March) should be in our hand on Monday!  We still need house inspection, appraisal, and to sign the final papers (about 30 days) so we are cautiously excited.  Selling or renting current house would really be great too.  We might actually really move (another big change for the kids to deal with). 


Okay, must get ready for work. 

RR: rest day


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While I think I could homeschool my kids for elementary school, I think I would enjoy doing middle school.  Not that we're going to in this family of course. 


Yay for the house!  How far is it from your current one?  Would your middle ds have to change schools?


As DD and I finish up 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, we're looking for a good next read aloud - something that would be too much for DD to read on her own but engaging.  It doesn't have to be an adventure story, but it should hook within the first 3-5 pages...  (I say it has to be too hard for DD to read on her own because otherwise she'll sneak it and finish it on her own before I get to read it to her)

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Thanks for all the congratulations regarding the new job.  I am so excited and relieved to finally move in the direction I need to move in.  My long term goals include becoming a nurse midwife, so this will be great experience.


tjs-enjoy your weekend.  Your description of next week is eerily reminiscent.  :)


Geo- What kind of books do you and K like to read together?  We have some success with books written 50+ years ago, as the language tends to be different, and the themes not too intense. Apparently in our house we trend towards fantasy/science fiction.    Sophie's World (by Jostein Gaarder) is wonderful, but maybe too much a philosophy lesson?  Beauty (retelling of beauty and the beast by Robin McKinley, features a smart main character who isn't "pretty") Winter of Magic's Return (Pamela Service).  The Last Unicorn (by Peter S. Beagle), The Wee Free Men (Terry Pratchett) 

Some authors...Susan Cooper, Ursula Leguin, Philip Pullman, E. Nesbit, Enid Blyton, Orson Scott Card, Sidney Taylor, L.M. Montgomery, Katherine Patterson, Lois Lenski, Noel Streatfeild, Mary Norton, PL Travers, Madeleine L'Engle.  (Some of these authors would certainly be readable by her, but perhaps the historical context would help increase the difficulty level.)   It is hard to gauge what would be challenging enough to prevent independent reading for K.  Clearly though, I love to discuss and think about books!


NRR:  I need to mobilize to organize N for her dance class and Z for her gymnastics class.  N is chattering to her sister right now about our 11.5 year old dog having doggy dementia.  Too funny.


RR:  3-4 planned for this afternoon.

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RM ~ Nice pace! What kind of therapy is your DS getting? Mine has had physical therapy and will now be receiving occupational therapy. He's 3 and I've considered homeschooling for him too although he seems to be doing OK in his pre-K program. I think next year will tell for sure. Also, I'd like to cautiously congratulate you on the house! smile.gif

BBM ~ cold.gif I used to hate running in the winter too. Maybe after running the Goofy in the nice weather, you just can't bring yourself to enjoy freezing your butt off? And btw, what does the ss entail?

PO7 - I hope that you get some answers in regards to your health and feel better soon!

Gaye - wow, busy! Good luck and have fun with L&D!

No RR to report for today

NRR ~ I think I'm well on my way to another 3 pound loss this week, maybe even 5? My scale's a little wonky this morning and I'm not actually supposed to weigh until Monday. I started reading Fellowship of the Ring last night...I've had the books for a couple of years and am just now getting around to reading them. read.gif


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RM ~ like Geo said, homeschool middle school is a lot more appealing to me than elementary, especially those early grades.  Best of luck to you with the house!  So exciting!


Secret Sprinter would be awesome right about now cold.gif.  I woke this morning to 3 more inches of fresh snow and it's still falling like crazy.  I'm sad that I won't be able to shop at my favorite natural food store in Bloomington for my SS this year, and the pickins are pretty slim here in Southwestern Illinois.  JenLove, where did you go for natural stuff when you lived here?  Do I really have to drive to the west side of St. Louis just for Trader Joes and Whole Foods?


Gaye ~ I am so excited for you to be starting your L&D rotation!  Have a fun weekend of skiing!


MM ~ great job on the weight loss!  You're really doing well.


Nic ~ I'm so glad your DD's surgery was successful and your DH made it back home safely from the Northeast.


mommajb ~ unfortunately, I fell headfirst into the rest of those Dove chocolate hearts yesterday afternoon.  Sigh...


PO7 ~ I'm sorry to hear that you still aren't feeling well.  I hope you can get it all sorted out, even if it means having your appendix removed hug2.gif.


RR ~ heading downstairs in a few to spend some time on my bike before the family wakes up.  I am really sore in my upper body from doing Power Pump on Thursday night.

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I'd be willing to coordinate a secret sprinter. Begins in 10 days? 2 weeks? a week? Lasts how long?


Looking at my calendar I see Spring Break is around the bend.


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Secret Sprinter sounds good to me.


FM: Yesterday I went out for a hard run, did 5.2 good miles, and promptly bonked. I had planned to do 6. I have not been eating much at all because my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) seems to be acting up big time. I just ran out of energy, period. I think I will have to make some dietary changes but I do not know what they should be.


Hoping to get an easy 4 in today, and then 10 tomorrow. My parents left today, it was nice having them here while dh was gone b/c it would have been very complicated to manage with the surgery and the little kids. But I just (as in just now) put my house back in order, got some laundry done. Now the kids are decorating their Valentine's Day boxes for school (we never used to do this holiday but ... whatever. they like it and it's relatively harmless). I just unearthed a note in dd2's folder that I have to cook 3 cups diced chicken for monday because they are making Stone Soup (a la the book). Off I go to the supermarket for the umpteenth time this week. I am hoping to get to the farmer's market today. My parents went and kindly bought groceries but they know not of organic, etc. and came home with conventional milk, etc. It won't hurt for one gallon I suppose (and I hate to waste) but I don't like giving it to my kids.


My mom would not use my (farm fresh) eggs because they are the 'wrong color.' (they are not all the same color! they come from actual real chickens!) eyesroll.gif We also got into a rather odd argument over my cream cheese...I buy the blocks and keep reusing an old plastic tub (which I wash out between!) rather than keep buying new plastic tubs. It is way cheaper to get the good organic cream cheese this way and what's the hard part about stuffing it into the plastic tub anyway?! For some reason this really bothered my mom, that I just don't buy new tubs. Sigh. Sometimes I find myself arguing over the stupidest things.


Dd1 is pretty grumpy today and her eye hurts, as expected. The cold packs help and I finally gave her some kids' motrin. Anyone know if Arnica is good for this too? I have some but don' really know what to do with it. I hate giving too much ibuprofen or acetamenophin (sp) but after surgery she needs something more than cold packs. yesterday she still had most of the pain meds from the hospital in her system. I don't want her to be in pain.


Okay, off to my day. Stay warm and safe, Dingos!

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I tried to post at least four times yesterday, and was always interrupted before finishing more than two lines. So finally I'm trying to steal a moment...


RM- Congrats on the house!! I'm always considering HSing in the back of my mind, but my super-social daughter is thrilled with kindergarden at our community school. I'm very much less than impressed with her current teacher, and feel poised to pull her out the second that she notices... and in the meantime I'm "recruiting" for a HSing co-op so that we'll still have childcare. I think five families each sharing one day a week with the kids would be ideal for us.


tortuga- Huge congrats on the job!! I used to work OB, and felt like so much of the "change" with breastfeeding was just about planting seeds of ideas and minor successes- the couple of days of milk that a baby would get from a mama who decided to "try" it, and the idea that she might breastfeed a next baby, etc. And giving totally awesome support and buffering bad advice for women who wanted to breastfeed. Same went with less unnecessary intervention in births, too...


JayGee- You're making me want a trainer... ;)


bec- Glad the surgery went well!


MM- That's some impressive weight loss!


NRR- I survived the first week of the crazy new semester schedule, and even finished up and made it home a little early last night. Which was a good thing, since once again my youngest was up at five. I'm getting tired of the early mornings, literally. I can't sustain working in the evenings and getting up so early every morning. And she wants to nurse, so there's not really a chance to "trade off" with my husband. Not to mention that she's ridiculously tired all morning, so extra clumsy and whiny and generally needs tons of attention until after her nap :(


RR- Yesterday was a slow slog with the stroller- 30 minutes total but my calves were miserable on the trail trying to push the stroller through bits of mud. I left my usual trail early for the road, and threw in some walking to survive. And for today- hopefully the chance for a short run alone!!


Feb goals:

Increasing long runs to at least 1:45

Attend bootcamp every Tuesday

Continue with the 100 pushups program

Weekly meal planning for dinners





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Ooooh, I am SO in need of Secret Sprinter!  Both the getting of little things, and the giving! 


So, I haven't run since last Monday.  I have barely exercised at all.  I know I've been busy, dealing with sick kids, snow storms, AF, and likely fighting off the flu the kids have, but I am still feeling so sluggish!  And my eating has been out of control!  I need to get that back in hand.  Abby has a 2 hour party today over at the community center (AKA, gym!), so I'm planning on running while she's at the party.  Theoretically, I have 7 miles.  I am thinking of just running for 2 hours, and seeing where I'm at.  My legs should be good and rested, and I suspect I will feel good once I get into it.

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