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Ladies, what to do with my running in regards to the race this weekend?  I have 4 mile easy tomorrow, rest/xt thursday, and 9mile LR friday.  THEN, Saturday morning is the 10k that I want to run in under 48 minutes so that I can seed for the half marathon in May.  Should I forgo the LR on Friday so that I can race fast Saturday morning?  Should I try to move the LR to either Thursday or Sunday?  What would you do?



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I have not done the BodyBug, but have thought about it.  Let us know, if you get it and how you like it!


Thanks, Lisa - I am pretty sure she doesn't have the H.  We don't have any impulsiveness or hyperactivity, just a complete inability to stay focused and process in any thing resembling a reasonable amount of time.  Poor kid.  She is very sweet.  She's also pretty smart.  But, sometimes it seems like I'm the only one that knows that! 


I am so tired I could cry.  I am hoping to run a little tomorrow during the day, and then strength training at night with tri class.

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Lisa - I would do three miles easy after your race on Saturday, and run like the wind, Bullseye!!!!

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Lisa, I wouldn't run long the day before the race, considering that you're using it for seeding. 


bec ~ good luck with your DD's appointment.  It sounds frustrating.


I went to the new chiro this morning and he did some kind of magic with my leg because it feels GREAT!  I just ran 4 miles with 5 x 1/4 mile intervals at a 7:15 pace and feel just fine.  I'm also running a race on Sunday ~ the biggest 5K in the St. Louis east metro area that usually fields well over 1,000 runners.  No way will I place because the women's winner for the last 4 years is in my agegroup and usually runs somewhere in the 18 minute range.  Yeah.... right!

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Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post

I also wish I was better at managing my time, because I am sure not as busy as most of you.

Me too.


Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
Can use any spare vibes.


Coming your way.

Originally Posted by mommajb View Post

Linus appears to have jock itch or some other fungal thing that can't be diaper rash as there are no diapers, I just found out the free sports physicals are a thing of the past and we need two of those. My flu, while receeding, has left me with pink eye today. Dh is out of town. Charlotte hates this family and having sandwiches in her lunch. Ian lost his student id so we need to go to BMV to get a non-drivers license (for his class trip). Alice stayed up all night making a poster of the water cycle for fun, not for class. How odd is that? Helen thinks it is unfair that I make her brush her hair and teeth everyday. This morning was so frustrating and resulted in a very therapeutic and sweatytempo run on the TM once I cleared my eye goup.

I apologize for laughing.  But still, I love the bit about hating having sandwiches in the lunch.  I've heard that too. eyesroll.gif


Originally Posted by MelW View Post

At first I read fir trees in black stilettos, and was trying to imagine a sexy fir tree image. Black silhouette I can picture... Have fun! I don't know if you have the same experience, but I get a terrific endorphin "high" from tattooing.

lol.gif  And Cheers to an endorphin high.  I get that too.


Originally Posted by bec View Post
I made an appointment with Katie's ped for her well child physical (I can't believe her birthday is here already, and she's going to be 10!).

Good luck with the visit, I hope you can get some insights that lead you somewhere useful. 


RM - Good luck with your race!  I'd switch the LR to a post-race 3 miler too.


I had a nice massage today, he worked on my psoas a bit, fun.  I'm in a limbo between needing to strengthen my core and fearing that if I start working on it while I'm in pain I'll lock in the evil.  Sounds like a lame excuse not to do the core work when I see it in writing.    Anyway, now I'm fighting a cold and have to prep up some food to take to a potluck this evening so I will bow out here.





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real~The Lookout Mtn tri doesn't actually go UP Lookout. I think it's completely around the top. So yeah, I think you'd be fine. And there were SO many people in that OR yesterday, it was crazy! Everyone had a student, practically! Two patients (mom/baby orngbiggrin.gif), one dad, one anesthesiologist, two OB/GYNs, a scrub tech, a scrub tech student, an L&D nurse and her student (RN transitioning back after being out of the workforce), the neonatal nurse practitioner, the circulating nurse, and me. Whew! And it was a teeny OR, too!

jaygee~We still have three weeks of peds left, then med-surg II next block. Which could be interesting or could suck, totally dependent on what kind of unit I'm on...

OB is done. One clinical rotation closer to graduation! It's so bittersweet. I'm thrilled to have 24+ hours of my life every week back, but really sad to be done with this clinical. And depressed that it could be years before I get the opportunity to work in OB again. I hope that's not the case, but I would have to go and fall in love with one of the hardest specialties to get into. rolleyes.gif It was a good day. I got to take the mom/baby whose c-section I observed as my patients today and they were great. I also got a fantastic review from my preceptor, and a pretty darn good final evaluation, so I feel good about this rotation. If only it was enough to get me a job after graduation... orngtongue.gif

Back for more clinical tomorrow...it could be depressing, but we'll see. We have to do an ambulatory care day for peds, and mine is tomorrow. I'll be working in the oncology clinic. I chose this option (other options were a cardiovascular clinic or a medical "school" thing) because it's what my SIL does and I wanted to see what she does every day. At least it's "only" an 8 hour day, but I'll have to get my patient assignment for Thursday after I'm done.

Time for some homework before bed...
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I woke up at 2:30 in the morning to the puppy having diarrhea in his crate.  Ugh!  I was up for 45 minutes cleaning up the crate, the carpet, the pad in the crate.  Moved the crate to the kitchen (it was in our bedroom) in case he was still sick.  By the time I was able to get back to bed, I was totally awake (although exhausted, if that makes sense), and nauseated.  It took me a while to fall back to sleep.  DH slept through the entire thing.shake.gif  I'm soooooooo tired, and I still have a stain on the carpet to work on.  I am also watching a classmate of Abby's before and after preschool, so the chances of a nap are slim to none.

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Eeeuuw, bec. So sorry! Nasty.


Not much time here. work is crazy.


FM this week: 5 miles monday morning, 3 miles yesterday with my students (great...some of them are up to going 2 miles with me at a clip!), 4.5 this morning -- gentle pace, quiet run. I miscalculated my training schedule by a week so I'm doing an extra week this week of general training and the end of next week is my half marathon. I am really not sure i"m up for a PR but you never know.


Have a great day mamas!

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Bec- yuck.  Sorry you had to spend your night doing that!  I Hope you can get some rest today.  


Go, Nic!  I bet the kids are having a lot of fun with you.


No run today for me, probably.  It's below zero and a little windy.  The kids are at grandma's and so I feel like I should run, but I'm not going to worry about it.  I have a ton of prep to do for this craft show this weekend, anyway.



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Oh, bec. Man. I'm sorry.


And mommajb - sounds like my days, sometimes. I'm pretty sure my daughter could be churlish and snotty about virtually anything I do, and every. single. time. I call her on it, no matter how gently, she bursts into tears. It makes me sad, but also so angry. <sigh>


I am quite excited about the tattoo and will certainly post a picture.  Even if it is not of sexy trees. smile.gif

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i wasn't sure if there was a new post for the month of march or not, so i guess I'm just going to post in February


I haven't posted in months as i was in limbo as to what was going on with my knee. I finally got an official diagnosis of a torn meniscus, and I just had surgery to repair it 2 days ago. The surgeon though also told my husband i had significant  arthritis in my knee and maybe looking at a knee replacement by the time I'm 50 (so in the next 15+ years)


that's about it. it looks like it's going to be a lot longer to get back into running then i originally thought, so i wont be posting here anymore bringing everyone down with my knee troubles.

I am on facebook, if anyone really wants to keep up with me: kristine miller joslyn is my listed name

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Hey Kris , that's a rough diagnosis.  I hope it doesn't bring you down too much and make it hard to heal, who knows what new treatments for arthritis are right on the horizon?  And don't worry about sticking with the dingos when you aren't running, I (ahem) know that you aren't the only one.  And sometimes we're good for a laugh. 

So, anyone else in denial that it's March? 


RR: Nope, back and hips still hurt all.the.time. but beginning to think about how to fit in pilates to try and address the invalid-strength abs I'm sporting.



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Well, it sure doesn't FEEL like March here!!!

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