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Hi all. I am glad to have finally joined this community. Been a long time lurker, but out of necessity I have joined and would like to make some local friends and some on-line friends. My forum name is a combination of bok choy, be okay, Okinawa, and mom...just in case anyone was wondering. I pronounce it be okay imom.


I am a mom of five. 1 girl 4 boys. Ages 13,10,6,2,5 months. We moved to Okinawa a month ago following my husband who is in the Army. I am pretty lost here and miss the ease of finding natural products, produce, and friends. I am learning Japanese at Kumon and hope to be able to communicate with the locals soon. I would really like to read product labels and learn how to cook local food. I home school. I lean towards free/homebirthing,baby wearing, raw food, natural remedies and am a conservative. Parenting styles have changed with each child. (They're all so different.) Thanks. Look forward to meeting everyone.

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Hello and Welcome to MDC!

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Hi and Welcome to MDC!!!

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Welcome.gif Welcome to Mothering!
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