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Doc appointments?

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I have one today, so of course I wasn't able to sleep in past 6 AM cause I'm too excited!  Anyways, I thought it could be good to have an appt thread

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My next appointment is 2/16 (same date as my u/s).  I'm never excited about my appointments though.  If I have to bring my DS, he acts up and it's so stressful for me.  Sometimes I can get my DH to work his schedule around it, but that's not easy.  So I mostly dread each appointment.  lol.

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Next midwife appointment is 2/15, I'll most likely have to bring both kids unless my DH can somehow get out of afternoon PT. Mine always run wild at appointments too, we just try to contain them to the main room and shut doors. 

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Mine is 2/17 and I am also having my ultrasound at this appointment. My DH will be present at this one, as this is the one where we find out boy or girl, but like Katie's situation, my husband usually can't get out of afternoon PT either! I was dreading it, but I brought my younger kids with me to the last appointment. My 1 year old sat in the stroller and my 2 year old sat in a chair quietly. I was pretty amazed. I didn't think it would be like that at ALL. Maybe it was just a freak occurance.

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Mine is tomorrow, with the 20wk u/s!  I'm so excited and praying for a healthy baby:)  DH and all 4 kiddos will be there, our appt is in the city so we get to go shopping and out to eat!

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My next appointments are on 2/14 (with the ob to get the orders for my ultrasound) and on 2/15 with the midwife.  I'm excited for all of my appointments.  I like when I can bring my DS with me, he usually just sits on the floor at the midwife's office and plays with their toys.  Either that or he'll be really clingy and sit on my lap the whole time.  

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My appt. is next Wednesday (2/8). That seems like eons away to me. I am so eager to hear the heartbeat again. We'll be 17.5 weeks then, so we'll be able to schedule our ultrasound for sometime soon! This pregnancy has been whizzing by.


My kids always come with me and my DH is a teacher, so he is pretty much never available. He takes time off for the 20 week ultrasound and would do more if I wanted him to. He went to all of the appts with our 1st and many many with our 2nd. I realized I'd rather have him save the time off for when the baby comes.


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My next appointment with the midwife is 2/24.  I'll be 20 weeks.  I can't wait because we'll be able to hear the heartbeat again!!!  Last week we heard it for the first time and I can't stop thinking about it. 

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My appointment is today!  In about 2 hours, actually.  I'm super excited because it's the first time we'll hear the heartbeat.  In fact, it's our first "real" appointment--the one I went to before this was just a pregnancy confirmation & then, I had an early u/s to date the pregnancy b/c there was a 2+ week window when the due date could have been.  DS (20 mos) will be there, but DH will be there too, so we should be able to contain him between the two of us.  DH went to all the appointments with DS and I'm hoping he'll be able to do the same this time around.

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our appointment this morning went well, we got to hear the heart beat.  I always get really nervous while they're searching for it, but it is such a reassurance to hear it, even though my body hasn't given me any signals that anythings wrong, I just always go in expecting the worst and hoping for the best.  We have an u/s appt in 4 weeks where we would normally find out the sex, but we're keeping it a surprise, and then doc said at our next appt I could get blood drawn to test for the statistics of downs and other things with the baby, so the next one will be a bit bigger deal :)

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I had my second appointment yesterday.  It went well.  DH has a very flexible schedule and is able to come to all the appointments with me which is nice.  We were able to find the HB right away and I had DH record it this time.   I listen to it over and over.  I find it very soothing.


My next appointment isn't until 3/7 and then I get to make an appointment for the 20 week u/s where we will try to find out the sex if s/he cooperates.


This is my first pregnancy and it's not at all what I was expecting.  It's been so "uneventful" which has been great (so far--knock knock).  


The appointments seem so far away but then I look back and can't believe that 15 weeks have already flown by.   

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