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anyone get pregnant very easily every time you 'tried' OR 'stopped preventing'

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title says it all. got pg two times, once at 17 and once at 25 both from one time slip ups. I am 28 now and we just started this cycle trying again and i am just so ambivalent that its not going to happen right away again. i dont know why. maybe b/c i have been reading so many posts about how so many people have trouble or taking longer to get pg the 2nd time around. the first time i was pg i didnt have a baby. 2nd time, i have my son. i just wonder like if my body changed or something after his birth. i dont know. plus, we arent really having tons of sex just to make a baby. we are just DTD when we feel like it and hoping it just happens.[which on average is about 2 times a week, which only turns out to be like 2 times in my fertile phase] if not this month, next month i will make sure we DTD a little more often in my fertile time. what is your experience?


for ex: this cycle so far the ONLY time we BD'ed that may result in a preg. is CD 15. I usually ovulate on CD 18ish. So, still a few days away from ovulation. and since I work night shift 2 nights a week, and sat. I will be working,I doubt we will be DTD again before I ovulate. I dont want to make it like forced BD at this point, don't want to make DH feel like its only to make a baby. ya know?

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Yep, me. I have never actually tried to get pregnant, it just seems to happen. We do it when we feel like it, but never with the deliberate intention to have a baby. I am now 41 and just got pregnant again. It's not supposed to be that easy anymore at this age, but there ya go. orngbiggrin.gif

Don't sweat it, you are so young still! You'll be pregnant again in no time. 

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me, too.  with our youngest, we got pregnant the month BEFORE we agreed to start trying.  So, there it is.  *sigh*  Give yourself some time :)

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yup once we are trying or I ovulate again ( it takes me about a year pp) it take roughly three months. no issues and it's not like we are going at it like rabbits. it's pretty casual

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it took about 6 months with dd but this time i was trying to "cheat the system" so to speak and NOT get pregnant by not having sex on fertile days (and really...not having sex all that often at all...) and it happened anyway... i thought i was in the clear being 35 and not obviously super fertile

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I got pg on the 4th month of trying the first time around.  But, I had been on the pill and was kind of uptight about it all, charting, positions, etc.  When we stopped preventing for the 2nd pregnancy, I happened to feel myself ovulate hours after DTD....bingo.  Pregnant.  The third time, we had sex 3-4 days before I ovulated, but apparently that was enough, as my belly is now swollen up to the size of a watermelon :)  It will happen.  Our bodies are meant to get pregnant.  Of course, some people do have difficulties (and I'm not trying to understate that at all), but the vast majority of people do not have trouble getting pregnant.


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pregnancy #1, weren't trying. we were actually trying to not. but got pregnant at the very first oportunity (first time I had even had sex near my ovulation). pregnancy #2, weren't trying. I was 13 months post-partum, and we were mostly preventing by not having sex near ovulation. still happened. after this baby, I'm getting some much stronger birth control, because obviously DF and I together are a pretty fertile couple. 

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With pregnancy 1 and 2 we got pregnant the first month we started trying each time- much to dh's dismay...  he was really looking forward to months of trying. lol.gif I had assumed we wouldn't get pregnant so quickly because I had read so much about how the "average" time it takes to conceive is longer. Now with pregnancy 3 it took 5 months. First 2 pregnancies dh and I had made the decision to try. This time around we didn't really decide to try- we just decided not to prevent... if that makes any sense.

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My first pregnancy took six months to happen. This time DH and I stopped trying not to prevent one week after I thought I had o'd and I wound up preggers! Shocked but happy about this new little one on the way.
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I totally know how you feel. My first was conceived after a month of trying and my second was conceived after the only time we DTD the entire month. Even with my history I was really concerned that we would have a hard time conceiving this go round. I contribute a lot of my concern to reading so many posts by people who are having a hard time TTC and I think that played off my worries about having a new husband (this is his first child) and having been 5 years older than the last time I was pregnant.


Well, it turned out there was no need to worry we got pregnant our first cycle of TTC this time and I wasn't really tracking my ovulation or taking my temperature or any of those things. So, try not to internalize the concerns of others because as I learned, if you have a history of being a "Fertile Murtile" you probably still are winky.gif

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Me orngbiggrin.gif With ds we always used condoms. For whatever reason, ex got the idea in his head that we should skip it. He played the whole "it's just one time, nothing will happen". Uhhhh..... yeah, 1 time is all it takes winky.gif  With dh, we always used protection (for most of our relationship we used condoms and the pill). We stopped all protection in the middle of December in the middle of a cycle so we figured the rest of that cycle would be the pill leaving my body. The very next cycle we only dtd once during my fertile time. I really didn't think we would get pregnant but.... here we are, due in October! LOL! Again, 1 time was all it took!

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First time we let nature do whatever it wanted to. Was pregnant within 8 weeks, lol. This time we purposely wanted to get pregnant and I got my BFP after 4 months of trying. I'm certain it would have been sooner if I wasn't dealing with so much stress for the first 3 months. The one month we decided to NOT try hard because we anticipated a move was the one time we got pregnant. Ha. Imagine that.

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Ive had VERY easy time getting pregnant. WIth my dd I was 17, we did try for my dd, and the full month we were just not preventing we concieved. Im 37 weeks pregnant now (20), and I ovulated a week late the cyce I became pregnant. We DTD Monday night and the next day I had side cramping like I was ovulating. Tested 2 weeks later and BOOM baby.


I wouldnt worry about it much. Itll happen mama. :hug:

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We got pg with both children on one try. The first time I went of BC and had never felt myself ovulate really. So when dh asked if we should use protection I said no that I had cramps and was going to start menses very soon. Um yeah... It was ovulation cramping. This time I knew I was ovulating and we STD once and it stuck. We're a little freaked out about our fertility since this is the last child we intend to have.
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Only have one LO, but I got pregnant the first cycle after going off the pill. I had been on the pill for years and had no idea what my cycle was doing. We just went about our regular business, unprotected, and wham. We're using condoms now, thinking about trying for #2 in the next year.
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We conceived DS1 the month before we were going to start TTC (I was 31) and conceived DS2 the first month of not preventing (I was 33).  Now we're stuck on BC since we're not planning on having any more kids.  Both times I had it in my head that it would take months of trying ... lol


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Well just to update this thread, my fears have been coming true. Mid cycle of cycle #3 TTC. First cycle, we were casual about it, not doing it anymore often "just to make a baby". then, last cycle, we upped the BD more and did it three days in a row right before ovulation, including the day of, day before and day before that. BFN greensad.gif This cycle, we would have had good timing, but DH had [ahem] techincal difficulties and didnt finish. That was tues night. I think the last BD that we had was around 3 days before ovulation, so im not expecting a BFP in the least.

This is all just sooo weird. My instincts were telling me way BEFORE we even started trying that it wouldnt happen right away and/or as easily as before, and its all coming true now. Very ironic!

I hope it doesnt take too much longer, but what can ya do?

here is my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2ae399
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I've been not trying but not preventing since March 2010, and nothing so far. Actively trying for a few months now and still nothing. Kinda jealous of all of you! orngtongue.gif


mommyinfl, try not to worry too much. I was so worried about getting pregnant when we first stopped using protection (didn't really intend for pregnancy but would have enjoyed it if it had been time), figuring it would happen right away, and here we are over a year later (and actually trying now!) and we're still not pregnant. It will happen when it is time. smile.gif

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We did seem to get pregnant easily, but we weren't exactly trying.  the first time was a surprise, due to laziness with condoms, the second time we were considering trying and it happened right away, and the third time we had stopped using condoms but had not been paying attention to my fertility, and were not doing it especially often. The third time took about 2-3 months.


Try not to worry!

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both times- first try.

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