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Meeting with Midwife about HBAC today

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I found out a few weeks ago that I'm pregnant again. It was quite a surprise! After the birth of my son, I decided that was it for me- no more kids. I really didn't want to go through that again. He was born by c-section after a very long, very difficult labor (failure to descend).


When I was pregnant with him, I had a very vivid dream. I was strapped down to a hospital bed, hooked up to IVs. They took my baby away, and I was left all alone. That's not at all what I was planning on, but the funny thing is- that's exactly what happened.


I had another dream about birth about a week ago. I was waiting on the midwife to get to my house, standing up in my living room with my husband, and I felt an incredible pressure to push, and my baby slid right out, as the midwife was walking up to the front door. I can only hope that this dream comes true, too!


I keep going back and forth between really looking forward to this birth and being terrified that the same thing will happen again. I have some serious cervical damage from the c-section, and I'm afraid that it won't cooperate.


Any thoughts or suggestions on preparing for a successful VBAC? I'm 9 weeks today.

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Hi Mama!  Congratulations!  I just succeeded in having my 2nd HBAC.  It is SO healing.  My advice is to read read read ... books and articles and posts here in VBAC and Homebirth.  Also - watch homebirth videos.  PM me if you want to see mine!

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I am about to hopefully have one in a month or so. So excited!! I love your vision/dream!

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 I just tried to have a HBAC. It was my second experience with transfer, as my first was also a planned home birth. This time it was a positive transfer experience and I was respected and listened to and was able to have a VBAC. I still wish I could have given birth at home (it has always been a dream of mine) but it wasn't possible this time. I am lucky I got a vaginal birth with the issues we had. I am trying to deal with my feelings of disappointment, I really thought it was going to work at home this time. Birth has just not been what I expected. I know I have probably been to attached to being at home, so I would advise you to really try to have an open mind and work on being emotionally okay with a variety of outcomes, because you can't control what happens at your birth. I didn't have a dream but I did have a recurrent thought at the end of pregnancy that I would transfer to the hospital right by my house and why, and that is exactly what happened. Intuition can be a powerful thing. For me though, it is hard to differentiate between intuition and fear at times.

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