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Our baby girl is here...

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She actually came pretty early based on the 9w ultrasound.  But I think it was wrong.


Loretta Marie was born on 1/28 weighting 9 lb 3 oz  21 1/2"  long.


She is a really sweet easy going baby.  Her siblings can't keep from kissing and loving on her.


I must say I am very happy to not be pregnant any more.  I had a sinus infection with a cough come on just before labor and was feeling really bad at the end of the pregnancy over all.  I am looking forward to feeling like my normal old self again. 


Blessings to all you other mamas waiting to hold their little ones.

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Congrats!  When was your "real" due date per the US?

9# doesn't sound too early.  LOL.  :)


Congrats mama, hope you're feeling better.

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Congrats!!!!!!!!! joy.gif

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joy.gif congratulations!!!

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Congrats and no, 9 pounds does not sound early!

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Congratulations!!! Welcome Loretta! joy.gif

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Congrats on such a big, healthy baby! Sounds like full-term to me!

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