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Wide Feet

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Just saw your rollcall, Rynna. I was totally laughing about the wide feet comment! Our ds has such stinkin' wide feet and they grow so fast! I kept all his shoes b/c I don't want to have to spent so much money on #2 if his feet are wide too. He wasn't born with wide feet, just big ones.

My mom says it will be my luck that #2 will have skinny feet just so I have the opposite problem and STILL have to shop at the special kids' shoe store.
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: In my family, the feet are either really wide or really narrow; there seems to be no in between, 'average' width shoe. I have a brother who wears an A width (double narrow for men). My sister has two girls, one of them has AA feet and the other EE. : They can't even wear the same brand (except New Balance) to say nothing of wearing each other's shoes. They also can't wear each other's clothing; the one with the skinny feet has a skinny body to match and the one with the wide feet is a big girl! The 7 year old wears 7 slims and the 4 year old wears 6 regular as long as it's cut really wide. It's soo funny to see them next to each other! :LOL It's even funnier to see the 4 year old stand next to Eli. She's very gentle and sweet with him, but if she accidentally runs into him, poor Eli goes flying across the room. :LOL He comes up to the bottom of her ribcage, I think. Standing together, they look like one of those twisted perspective room pictures. :
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