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Any 40+ weekers?

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I'm technically not due for 5 more days, but with a history of going late and absolutely nothing going on of any interest, I'm guessing I'll be in the 40+ club soon enough. :)  Just wondering how anyone who has passed their due date is holding up.











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Well, I have been lurking on both the Jan and Feb boards and will be 41 weeks on Saturday.  I go in for an acupuncture appt tomorrow to see if that will get things started for me.  Sometime in the coming days would be nice.  I am not sleeping very well:(




Mama to 3 babes boy 10/04, girl 06/06, boy 08/08 and baby girl due any day now! Planned HB with hands-off MW smile.gif

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I am 39w6d tomorrow-- Do I count?! Lol Can't wait to finally have her here- im getting so impatient and terribly uncomfortable!! greensad.gif

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I'm getting impatient, not so much that I want the baby here but more so I'm SO uncomfortable and SO enormous and my back has been killing me, I just want to not be so cranky and snippy with my kids.  I can't even get down on the ground to help them with their shoes.



My MW had me start using EPO capsules a few days ago, not sure if it works or what, I wouldn't really do anything else more drastic than that...  I hope I go before 41 weeks, I don't see going by 40 but 41 is a realistic goal.  I hope.  LOL.

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I'm 40 weeks today...since it is almost 6pm and *if* these are contractions they just started around 4pm I doubt I will be holding a baby before midnight! smile.gif So, yeah, I'm in the club! Yahoo! treehugger.gif

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I'm getting close... I'll be 40 weeks on Tuesday according to my latest due date, which ranged from Feb. 4th (LMP) and Feb. 5th (early u/s), to Feb. 8th (ovulation). I go by Feb. 8th.

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I'm gonna lurk - I expect to be here shortly.  I'll be 39 weeks on Monday.  Don't expect to have a baby til 41 weeks.

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39+6 in about 3 hours LOL   due saturday :)   though I am having some more regular BH this evening and some even hurt a little...jinxing myself by posting this probably though :)

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well, when i first got pregnant, i thought i'd "think positively" and join my actual due month's club, but deep down i suspected that i'd go in february. regardless of how you slice my due dates, i'm somewhere between 5 and 14 days overdue. i'm hoping it's the latter which would increase the likelihood of a baby in my arms VERY soon.

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Laura, I'm due Tuesday too!  Based on ovulation.

My 20 week US actually had me due 1/28-1/30 (LOL).

Which obviously I knew was wrong since I was charting like a freak.


If I'm going to be late, I hope I make it to 2/14 - that would be a cute b day.




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Michelle, I remembered that we're due date buddies right after I posted! 


After I make it through this crazy ice storm, there are only two dates I hope to avoid: February 8th b/c it's my birthday and February 14th. My mom always made V-day special with decorations and small presents. I want to do that for my kids but don't think it'll work if it's also somebody's birthday. 

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I'm due on Monday so I'll be here soon. My sil took my son overnight last night so I was kind of hoping that would kickstart labor but no such luck. Feeling bh and other crampy feelings but who knows! I'm taking evening primrose oil too and have been eating all the foods(eggplant Parma pineapple etc) but those haven't done a thing. Got acupuncture on thurs which is lovely and relaxing if nothing else. Here's to hoping none of us are in the club for too long!
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I'm crossing over-had DS @ 41, but feeling stomach sick today and DHs team is playing tmw in addition to having 4-5 house showings (we're selling our house) so it would be a convenient for the baby;) 
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40 today! had bloody show this morning and contractions but then they fizzed out...I was so sure it was time, too! still getting bloody show discharge, so I plan on going mall walking with a friend in a couple hours then resting and hoping!

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Carrie - sounds promising!!  Good luck!


I had really strong menstrual cramps ALL night last night, not contractions just those horrible PMS cramps that normally would require 3 advil and possibly a bloody mary to subside.  UGH.

But they seem to have gone away.  I feel lots of pressure (what else is new) but nothing else going on.

Outside here is a sheet of ice so i can't get out walking but I might head to target with my husband later.


trying to drink some RRL tea.  this weekend would be good for us, otherwise I'll have to hang on til next weekend.  LOL.

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I know I still have a few more days until I'm even due, but I'm so tired of being pregnant!!! 


Whenever I read a new announcement, I'm so happy for the person but I also want to cry from jealousy! (and I'm not a jealous-minded person)

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I am 39 on Monday as well Twinklefae and am also expecting to go over. Hopefully not by much. My body is for sure in prep mode-more then my previous births so I am looking at all signs as promising that I won't head over the 42 mark this time

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I'll be 40 weeks in a few hours.  Again.  Always the 40+ weekers.  My kids are the most stubborn mules in the world...


I think I scared people today when I took my 4yo out to lunch after nursery school.  My stomach is SO enormous (measuring a few weeks head as it is) and SO low...

I might make people uncomfortable especially some men.  Of course people run to open doors and help carry things so it's not all bad.  :)

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Heyyy!  I am 40+1 today!  No more lurking for me!

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Just 39 weeks today but expecting to go over... this is my first. I was my mom's first and was a 41-weeker. Feeling really good considering, but starting to get pretty anxious to meet the little guy!

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