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40 weeks today.  Feeling twingey cramps but that's it.  Just the normal pressure and the constant feeling that someone ripped apart the tendons in my inner thighs.

Trying not to complain TOO much.   I know people say to enjoy the time with my kids now, blah blah but it's hard to enjoy anything when you really don't feel that well. 

My DH and I can't decide on a name, and I am starting to believe the stress of it is preventing this baby from being born.


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Here I am -- 40w 1d today. Various signs of impending labor but nothing real unfortunately. I'm a little anxious because my primary homebirth midwife is leaving Friday for a vacation :( Her partner is awesome but I will really miss her if we don't get to deliver with her...

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40w1d today but measured 45weeks at my appt.  OPPSIE.


I have my first NST on Saturday and one every 4 days after that.  UGH, such stress.


My midwife is OK in letting me go to 42 plus a few but I mean, how big will I be then?  50 weeks?  WTH.

I can barely walk my belly is SO LOW.


She told me to lay off the sugar and carbs and drink more water.  Blah.

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I'm sorry Finnegan's mom - I'm right there with you (due date was Mon). On Friday I'll have to schedule the NST for the following week. I just want to have the baby before then so I don't have to think about it.


And ALL i'm craving right now are sugar and carbs!! Seriously, like more than any other time in the pregnancy. I ate two pieces of my husband's birthday cake straight from the freezer yesterday (where I had frozen them so that I DIDNT sit around and eat them) and seriously contemplated having a third.

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I know, I'm a vegetarian so I eat a lot of breads and rices and pasta, and I don't really eat cheese or eggs or dairy.

She wanted me to cut out simple carbs...I mean, what's left?  Carrots and water?  Depressing.


I hope we both get things moving soon....Friday night would work great for me and my husband, I need to figure out a way to get this baby to agree to that.  LOL...




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Am I the only one left over 40 weeks?  I'll be 41 weeks on Tuesday.  I'm feeling kind of blue today, like nothing is ever going to happen.  I'm just enormous and bloated and exhausted and cranky.  :(


Anyone else in the boat with me?  (misery loves company, right?  LOL....)

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Nope, I'll be 40 weeks tomorrow.


I started a roll call thread and I think we all ran over there.  hug2.gif

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I'm here! 40 wks today. I hope something will get going in the next couple of days. My other kids were born at 40+4 and 40+2. I've been having pains in my back & belly all day but of course I don't know if that will amount to anything. Just trying to stay fed, hydrated & rested!


I am getting very uncomfortable though, I can't stay in one position for too long. Luckily I'm not too huge- at my 39wk appt I was only measuring 35wks.  Its frustrating not being able to play with or read to my kids much. I'm trying to enjoy them before I have a 3rd on my hands & overall I think I'm doing pretty well. DH is home now, he's off work til the 28th so he's being a big help. And my MIL is coming here sometime this week, either as soon as I call her or probably by mid-wk if she's not heard anything and my mom will be coming once I start labour. I'll be glad to have the help especially post-baby but I really dont' want too many people around at this point. I just want quiet. Afternoon naps with my kitten are my favourite things right now :)

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I am 40+1 today.  I wasn't shocked to see my due date come and go yesterday....I've never delivered before 42 weeks before.  My first went to 43 weeks.  I'm praying it's in the next couple of days though.  Between trying to keep the house clean so that we don't bring the baby home to a disaster and just normal living with a 4 1/2 and 2 year old I'm starting to lose it pretty bad.  The heartburn the past couple days has been unreal, never had anything like it.  Everything I try to swallow just burns.  Rolling over at night makes me want to cry but staying on one side too long also makes me want to cry.  I am just super duper ready and the thought of this lasting a whole other week, let alone two is just horrible!  I'd rejoice if my water broke right this second (both other labors starting with water breaking).  Lost some plug yesterday and I'm crampy here and there but no real sign that offers hope!

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Michelle, you know I'm still here due date buddy. And hopelessly miserable right there with you. 

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40 weeks today!


Lots of on and off contractions lately - I actually thought we might be in business last night - every 5 minutes for an hour, getting gradually stronger... but then they fizzled.  Hopefully soon!  (Or not til the weekend - I have a funeral to attend on Wednesday.)

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Laura - I'm sorry.  :(  41 weeks for us tomorrow! 


I know that due dates are estimated but there is something weird mental thing after 40 weeks.  I've been having strong menstrual cramps on and off for a week or so, last night they woke me up but they don't turn into anything.  I might be better about waiting it out if I didn't feel so lousy and crampy.  I'm just so short fused and cranky and honestly just want to lay in the tub or in bed.  Totally useless.


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hug2.gifmamas! i'm 39 weeks today...and i almost put myself into a panic last night as i was trying to go to bed at the idea of going another 2-3 weeks...i'm much more concerned about holding it together the next few weeks than birth...or motherhood! i send all of you big hugs!!! i know we're all just trying to take it one day at a time...i'm sorry grouphug.gif



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Im here! 41+1 today - just got home from another "non-stress test" ... can someone explain to me how those are named that? It's completely stressful!! Had the "if you get to 42 weeks" talk with my midwife, and the discussion about maybe touring the hospital since I never have before and it could be a possibility. Talk about depressing! I am trying to be positive - be content - remind myself all babies are born ON their birth days. Felt for sure last night that today would be the day... once again, I was wrong. I'm sick of calling wolf. Misery does love company :)

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Katie, Hugs!

I have another NST/US tomorrow.  I'm already annoyed because I wanted it in the morning but they can't fit me in until 1pm.  Ugh.


I keep saying, well I'm 41 weeks I mean HOW MUCH LONGER can I possibly go?

1 week?  I haven't really talked about induction, but I'm not sure how comfortable I feel going too over 42 personally.  I think I would be really anxious and stressed.


Trying to keep my mind off of it today....hope everyone else is hanging in there!

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40+2 today.  The bummer about always going over by a week or more is that my husband thinks i am crazy if i "feel" like i am going to have a  baby soon, (which i probably am)  And he isnt worried about missing anything so he went to a work thing 3 hours away......for the whole day!  I know i am not going to have the baby right now but i just like knowing he is close by working instead of at the min. 3 hours away.  I am still huge and uncomfortable and am pregnant a lot longer then most preganant women (mostly because they get induced because they are huge and uncomfortable) i guess just because i am a natural 41 to 42 weeker doesnt mean that I shouldnt be pampered a little......well by my husband anyway.


now all my friends who havent been around me during a pregnancy they are the opposite.  calling every day eventhough i told them that a more realistic due date for me is the 20th of feb instead of the 13th.  And they wont let me carry anything and freak out that i am out digging up the garden or taking the kids to the museum. 


can't win i guess,  finicky pregnant lady!

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Originally Posted by ashleybrook View Post

hug2.gifmamas! i'm 39 weeks today...and i almost put myself into a panic last night as i was trying to go to bed at the idea of going another 2-3 weeks...i'm much more concerned about holding it together the next few weeks than birth...or motherhood! i send all of you big hugs!!! i know we're all just trying to take it one day at a time...i'm sorry grouphug.gif



I hear ya, Ashley, I'm in a similar space and I'm not overdue yet, either.  I'm just so uncomfortable, I can't wait to be able to move around easier again.  I don't remember being this uncomfortable with my first greensad.gif  Any day now...that's my mantra winky.gif

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40 weeks today according to midwife, but really I think I'm around 39+ 


we won't be here long mamas, try to stay positive- we had a good dose of sunshine here today which helped a LOT. Nothing like sunshine and warm weather to steer away the end of pregnancy blues!

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41w1d today.  I have an NST at 1145 and an US at 1.  Wish me luck.  The baby is moving like a angry little newborn, obviously running out of room one would hope.  The kicks and pushes are so strong.  Hoping everything is fine, keep thinking what if they find something bad and I have to stay there for a c section...ugh.  Terrified of knives and surgery and hospitals.


I also had the strangest dream that my FIL and I were using a nail gun and we both ended up shooting nails through our hands.  How weird.  If anyone knows that dreaming of nail-gun mishaps is a sign of impending labor, please let me know.


Hope everyone is hanging in there today!  As a treat for myself, I might stop in at this store and buy this diaper bag I've been drooling over....  :)  It's right next to my midwives office and I visit it before or after every appt.  LOL.....

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40w2d.  We're off to a funeral today.  :( 


Baby seems to be a little straighter today and is head down and not on my hipbone anymore, so I'm not manicking anymore.  Still posterior I think, but that's easier to fix that a completely off kilter baby!

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