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I'm Andrea.


Due 6/18 ish, but 1st DD came on her due date (medicated hospital birth), 2nd DD came at 40w6d (unmedicated, birth center, water birth).  I'm expecting this one to be about 41 weeks.


3rd Baby (surprise!)


I'm in the San Francisco area.

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This sounds like fun.  Count me in.


I'm Jenny and due 6/27.


This is my 2nd.  My first was a non-medicated, hospital birth.  Hoping for water birth this go around.


And, I'm in Atlanta. 

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I'm Annabelle


My EDD is 6/16, most of my single came at 39 weeks, two at 37 weeks


This is our eleventh


We live in NM, but if all goes well we will be moving to WI w/in the next two months


This birth will UC, my 8th UC. My first born twins were born by c/s and my third was a midwife attended HB

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I'm Grace


EDD: 6/10 


4th baby UC at home (1st came 5 wks. early, 2nd came 2 wks. early, 3 was 1wk. late)- all natural in hospital

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I'm Tracy from Chicago

my EDD is 6/26

This is my 3rd baby. 1st was a planned c-section at 35 weeks due to vasa previa (cord draped across cervix and bleeding) 2nd was a homebirth with a DEM, planning a UC with this one.

My 2nd came exactly on her due date so I don't know what to expect with this one. I am having a late feeling, though!
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I'm Heather and I live in the California's gold country foothills. My plan is to have a home water birth with my midwives.


Baby #1

EDD: 6/30

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I'm Mary Elizabeth...due the 15th..but DD was 3 weeks late so who really knows:) DD was planned to be HB but ended up being a C-section :( This baby is a VBAC hopeful... but I have learned to never except the planned! haha I am at Ft Bragg but will be moving this fall to OK.

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I'm Beth. I'm due 6/21. I went 9 days over with DS, who's nearly 3. I had an unmedicated hospital birth last time and intend to do it again, but with a midwife and doula. DH and I did Bradley birth classes last time and loved them! I'm in central IL.

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I'm Jenni


EDD 6/15/11


Baby #4


Planned UBAC at home


I'm in North Texas

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I couldn't edit my other post..so here is a new one!


I'm Holly and I'm in Montana.


EDD 6/25 and I expect to go very close to this as I've had 3/4 deliveries in the 39th week.


This is my sixth baby/fifth pregnancy, and my third child. (I had three surrogate babies including a set of twins.)


All of my births have been unmedicated, vaginal hospital births, and this one will be the same.

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I'm Sara


EDD 6/1


My first :-) ...and I'm in LA...and planning for a homebirth with a midwife and doula...and maybe a tub

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I'm Imogen, planning a homebirth. This is my first child. I'm due somewhere around June 6. I've heard different dates from different care providers, but I'm choosing to go with the latest date I've been given so I don't get squirrelly if the baby is "late".

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Count me in! I'm Shell, this is my first, I'm in the Midwest, due 6/21, planning a UC homebirth. Like Beth I'm doing the Bradley Class's (starts later this morning!!!) (Beth- love love lovin the woolies in your pic)

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I'm Crystal. I'm in Central IL.


My EDD is June 26th. I'm expecting this one to be late. I have no idea why I feel that way - I just do.


My DS was induced at 4 days past his due date. The birth was very medicated and medically managed. I'd like to change things this time around. This will be my first home birth. I have a lovely home birth midwife lined up and she'll bring an assistant with her. I'm hoping to birth naturally in a birthing pool at home.


On Tuesday I'm starting a class called Baby Body Birth, which focuses on natural childbirth and a healthy pregnancy.


My DS is a vivacious, energetic, and slaphappy 3 1/2 year old. He rocks my world!

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Crystal, I vaguely remember you from when you joined the AP/CP group. It's funny who you "see" around. :)


Shell, thanks! I dyed the trim myself. They're for a trade. If your Bradley class is as good as ours, you're going to love it. It absolutely made the difference in my birth. It really gave DH the tools to support me.

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I'd be up for this. I think we should try to get buddies who are relatively close to our dates, but not necessarily on the date.

I'm due with my second on June 1 or 2 (I like to say 2) but DS was 3 weeks early so I'm not sure if I'll even make it to June. My first was a barely-made-it-to-the-hospital birth with a CNM, and this time I am planning a homebirth with a CPM.

Oh, and I'm in the upper midwest.
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Originally Posted by aleatha5 View Post

Yay!  I'm happy to see so much interest!   How do we want to pair up (with the exception of Paineferia and astar they seem a natural to be paired together) do we want to do by due date?  Or new mom/second or more time mom?  Or something else?  I liked doing new mom/not new mom with DS because I could ask all sorts of "what is going on now" questions to someone who had been through it before.  Or we could do a combination and try to pair a new mom/not new mom with similar due dates. 


Let's all write our due dates and some other basic info, and then we can get an idea of the people who want due date buddies and pair up accordingly!


I'm Kristin


EDD 6/24 (but DS was a month early, so I'm expecting to be early again)


This is my second child


I'm in Pennsylvania


DS was a non-medicated, natural hospital birth.


I plan to have a non-medicated, natural hospital birth this time also (stupid Pennsylvania and it's laws pratically outlawing midwives...grrr)

both painefaria and i are also in pa and planning hbs (mine will be an hbac). so it can be done. what part of pa are you in?

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This sounds fun.


I'm Nikki


EDD 6/19


This is my third child.  First was a disaster labour ending in a c-section, second was much smoother, non-medicated and ending in a VBAC.


Hoping for a medication-free labour again this time, in the hospital at my midwife's insistance due to risk of rupture, hoping to labour in the tub to help with pain. =)

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My name is Erin. I'm a doula & homebirth midwive's assistant.

This is my 3rd baby, 5th pregnancy. First in the hospital (unmedicated), 2nd at home as with this onesmile.gif

My EDD is 6/30. Ds1 was 13 days early and ds2 was 7 days early...this one too???

love this idea!!

oh yes-I am in NC

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Angel, really?  That's exciting, maybe I can find something yet!  I'm in central PA near State College.  What about you?

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