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Any moms near Ellensburg, WA?

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I am a first time mom of a 6month old girl, and am looking for like-minded friends in the central Washington area. I am a cloth diapering, baby wearing, breast feeding, vegan and I don't have any friends with children in this area. Hope to chat with some other natural mamas soon! :)


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((hug)) am on the West side, but wanted to say that I hope you find someone to hang with!



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Thanks Randi! :)

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I'm about an hour south from you. Maybe we could meet up in Yakima sometime. :) 

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Hey mama! We're moving there in 5 weeks....I too am everything you listed.  I have 3 little girls (6, 4 and 1) with another one on the way.

Let's get together!!  I am hoping you still live in Eburg?!?


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