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Our Ped seems worried that my son is not rocking or scooting. Honestly, I don't think he is near crawling. He really does not like being on his stomach, and now that he can roll over, as soon as I put him on his stomach it is not long until he rolls onto his back. I don't like forcing the issue with him, usually everyday I will put him on his stomach and I pick him up if he starts crying or he rolls over. 

My friend whose baby is only 2 weeks older than my son has been crawling but he also weighs 6 lbs more than my son if that makes a difference.

I am now worrying myself because I guess we haven't given him tummy time everyday up until now- it was just maybe a few times a week, just because he has never liked it. My grandma says we hold him too much.

Did anybody's baby's not like being on their tummy? When did they crawl?


Also, we think Leo will just skip crawling he go to walking. He loves using his legs, and bouncing! He can hold himself up on his own, I just have to be there to spot him. 

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You're baby is not quite 7 months? Totally normal, IMO. None of my kids crawled until 8 months. I think they started rocking around 7 months or later. Our doc has some growth milestone chart on his iPhone that he consults during appts to ask about development - I was once told that my baby should be waving bye-bye at 6 months... shrug.gif


I also have a friend whose baby did actually go right to walking.

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Yep, Cecilia is one of the bucking the trend babies when it comes to crawling-- generally speaking, smaller babies tend to crawl earlier. She was 6 lbs at birth, and remains on the small side now (15th percentile for weight). But she hated being on her tummy so much. Around 6 months she started being okay with it, and she was crawling by 8 months.

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 Oh peds are so fun to get you worked up like that! Mine thinks my babe should be having 3 meals a day.


And she's not getting around too much at 8 months old, just started scooting and rocking.

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Well this makes me feel a lot better, I was not expecting him to crawl until around 8 months. Though, now that he has hit the big 6 months there just seems to be all this pressure for him to be on solids and start crawling. I wish people would just lay off, and let him do his thing! 

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Oh mama, I'm sorry your ped got you worried.  Try to relax, it is TOTALLY fine for your 7 month old not to be crawling. All kids develop on different tracks.  My DD crawled early, but now she refuses to even consider walking.  She HATES when we coax her to, she will sit the second we try to ease her away from whatever she is holding.  I know it's easy to look at what your friends' babies are doing, but really, the sample size just isn't big enough to see the true range of normal. My daughter has soooo much time to learn to walk and yours has plenty of time to learn to crawl, or skip crawling altogether. 

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Oh, totally, I had SO much pressure. My sister's kids were very physically advanced-- her daughter crawled at 6 months, walked at 10, and her son crawled at 6 months and walked at 7 (not exaggerating). PLUS all of that about smaller babies moving sooner. So yeah, I was worried when she didn't show any signs at 6 months, could barely go on hands and knees at 7 months...but she got it together. One thing I have learned about my girl is that she is one of those kids who doesn't do things early, but does them very well when she does do them. It only took her a week to get herself moving well when she finally decided to crawl.

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  My first walked at 7.5 months after crawling for like 3 days My current baby is about 11 months (February 8th)  she just this past month learned to crawl well.. at 7 months I deffiently wouldn't worry.



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DS didn't crawl until after 9 months and didn't 4 point crawl until he was 10 months but he is developing very well and it is just his personality. He is also on a small side of the distribution. So there are lots of mamas here with LOs that crawled much later than 6 months. Your ped is worrying seems unwarranted.
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Oh, also, I forgot that there are the awesome WHO phyiscal milestone charts-- anywhere from 5-14 months is within the range of normal for crawling!

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DD is 9 months and still not crawling.  She has always hated tummy time no matter what I did to try to make it fun, and she is just now beginning to tolerate it (barely).  She can roll over and used to do it all the time, but now she refuses to do it at all!  She can sit all day long and does a great job reaching for things and pulling herself back up to sitting.  There is nothing physically wrong with her, and my ped is not worried.  Crawling is no longer a milestone, and not all babies do it.  He said that 100% of babies like my DD *will* walk eventually! orngtongue.gif

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I cannot believe your Pediatrician would ever worry you about crawling at 7 months.  My DD didn't crawl until almost 10 months, she was kind of "sniper" crawling and scooting at about 9 months and didn't walk until about 15 months.  My pediatrician never worried me about it and said some babies never crawl and any time before 18 months is normal for walking.   She is perfectly healthy and "normal" now, she just took her time. She was an earlier talker though, with close to complete sentences by 1.5 yo. Every baby has their own schedule as the PP's said.  My DS just turned 9mo and is just starting to scoot backwards and get up on all 4s.  He never really liked being on his tummy either.  My advice would be try your best not to worry (I know it's hard!) and don't rush it.  I am actually glad both my kids took their time, I got more baby time in without having to chase them around :) 

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my baby finally started scooting at 10 months! Now at 10 and a 1/2 months he can scoot himself clear across the room. Now just this week he is pulling up to hands and knees and rocking and almost crawling. I think your baby is not behind at all! I do know others who had really early crawlers and we were a tiny bit worried on ds's behalf- but once they do it they do it- it all evens out.

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Oh, pfft.


Both my babies started crawling at about 10.5 months. DD just sat still till then (she hated lying down/being on her tummy - she was also a tiny baby and bucked the trend); DS started rolling at 6 months and rolled until about 8 or 9 months, when he started creeping. He's only crawling (hands and knees) now - although he's a fairly advanced cruiser. DD walked at 13 months, and I suspect DS will be more or less the same.


Just enjoy it. It's a lot more work when they can get around independently! And... they will...

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nak. dd crawled around 9 months, ds at 6.  Both were big babies who were carried all the time with sporadic tummy time.  It just depends on the kid!  my niece skipped crawling all together and walked at 10 months old.

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My 11 month old does not crawl yet. She does rock a bit now and she does throw things in front of her and then lean out to reach for them, ending up on her stomach. She also moves while seated....maybe that is scooting? She doesn't mind being on her stomach now. (She didn't care for it when she was 6,7 months). She LOVES standing, jumping/bouncing and holding on to things and she is starting to creep along sofas, stools etc.  My son was crawling at 9 months.  I wonder if she will crawl or not. My son was very proficient and fast at army crawling. I do worry a bit that she seems to be late, but she is making slow progress and doesnt seem to mind just sitting.

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My 9-mo old DS isn't crawling yet, and I don't see it happening anytime soon. He really doesn't like being on his tummy, but it getting a little better at it. He does push himself backwards on his stomach, and is pretty good at it. He just doesn't get that forward motion or getting up on his knee. Also, he's been rolling over on his stomach during the night, but I don't know if that means anything other than one ticked off baby when he wakes up and finds himself in that position :P He seems to be a late developer - small at birth, no teeth yet, late to turn over, etc. So far our pediatrician hasn't seem concerned, so I'm not either.

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Thanks everyone for your comments- it makes me feel better. I think my PED was concerned more so because he is not showing signs that he is going to start crawling anytime soon (getting up on all fours or rocking). I know now that he is just going to do his own thing and am going to try to not worry. 

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My DD HATED tummy time. In retrospect, I think it may have been partially because she has low muscle tone so it was hard for her. She started crawling at 8 1/2 months. My pediatrician wasn't at all concerned about it. She never scooted. Up until she could crawl, she would just roll across the room. It's seems awfully early to start worrying!

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