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My DD also hated tummy time. She started crawling at 8 months. It seems she's been a bit slower than average (still perfectly normal) with gross motor development and a bit faster than average (still perfectly normal) with fine motor skills.


Also, crawling isn't a true milestone -- milestones need to be met, and they need to be met in order, or they can indicate a problem. Babies don't have to crawl, and crawling can happen "out of order" from the other gross motor skills.

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My first son showed no interest in moving until 10 months.  He then skipped rocking/scooting and crawled for a day or two, then walked. 

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I have had two big babies, 20+lbs at 6 months, who crawled later. I now have a 14lbs 5 month old, who is startlingly good at moving her self about. I was just telling my big kids today that it's time to start getting ready, she'll be on the move soon! Honestly, I thought I had a few more months, and I'm worried about her crawling early. It's more work for me! My biggest baby, my son, was about 10 months before he was reliably crawling, and then it was a funny one knee up, one down, scoot. He cross-crawled only after he started walking, and he didn't walk until 17 months. I did call Early On for a referral, but he started walking the next day! I would only worry at 7 months if baby had very low-tone, wasn't close to sitting, didn't have solid head control, etc.

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