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~Looking for Chicken Pox in NWA~

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I have a two year old and would love to have a pox play date! Have been having problems with  NWA Pediatric Clinic, they told us not to come back unless we start considering some shots. If anyone knows of a friendlier clinic in the NWA area that accepts Arkids I would appreciate the info! 


p.s. This is my first post hope I did it right...

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We are looking for cp as well, please let me know if you find them!

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Also looking but we are in the MS Delta. I'd drive for some though. We haven't seen a provider here yet and I'm hoping they don't freak out on me for our selective vaxing.


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We recently moved to NWA from Virginia and I'm also looking for a doctor willing to respectfully work with us, as we selectively vaccinate.  Have you (kctaylor614) found or heard of any since your original post?

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I've found Dr Tuttle with the Mana Group in South Fayetteville and while he frowned upon not having my children fully vaxed he didn't really give me too difficult of a time.

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I posted on here earlier.  Ended up taking two of my kids to Susan Averitt at Best Start Pediatrics in Springdale/Johnson area.  I did "catch them up" on some vaccines we have delayed in the past, but she gave me no problems about leaving others off the list.  I was glad that when her nurse first walked into the exam room she said, "I see you are on the alternative vaccine schedule; what do you want to do today?"  My experience with nursing staff in other offices has not been as friendly or positive!

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we use dr. fedosky he is very accepting of delay or no vax..his kids are not fully vax'd, though he is religious and it is all over his clinic.  i've also heard good things about dr. o'connell with mana

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i have pox in fayetteville


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wish I had seen this in a timely manner, we. are still looking for the chn. pox.
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