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IUD, 8 month old, missing AF...pregnant?

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I had DD2 on June 4th.  When she was 11 weeks old (before i'd had a period) i had a Nova T380 inserted (copper IUD).


2 weeks later i got pre-AF symptoms, then one day of very very light spotting.  That same weekend i began pumping for a friend on top of EBF my DD, and i never had any more bleeding.


Last day of November last year i stopped pumping for the friend and 29 days later (December 28th) AF came.  It was 7 days, moderately heavy (i was expecting that due to the IUD) but painless.


I didn't see any fertile mucus between quitting dumping and AF but i seem to have vague jelly-like yellowish CM since i had the IUD inserted (and it's been checked, no infection, it's just my body's reaction to the copper apparently).


On CD23 and CD28 we dtd.  On CD29 i DID see what looked like EWCM, but only once (i.e. not for a few days like normal).


It's now CD38 and no AF.  I have had vague cramps on and off.  My supply seems normal.  My nipples became very sore around CD28 but aren't now (they usually are before AF, nursing or not).  My cervix is high, closed and soft right now and the only CM i've seen is the yellowish jelly i've had since insertion.  Otherwise i am dry.


DP is buying pregnancy tests right now.  I am terrified.


Is it likely that increased nursing (which i'm not really sure about since i don't pay too much attention, since it's on-demand) has delayed my period?  I really really don't want to be pregnant right now.  And i've had 4 miscarriages in the past so the idea of having to face the 25% chance of another one (if i get it removed) or the 50% chance of another one (if i can't) is scaring me even more.




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Can we have an update?  Hoping for the best!

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Tests are negative, period is still absent.  So my update is that there is no update.


The logical part of my brain says, i'm nursing lots, i've only had one PP period, i have an effective form of contraception (IUD), therefore i'm just irregular.  The rest of me is screaming BUT WHERE IS MY PERIOD?  13 days late now.  Still, -ve tests this late have to be a good sign, right?

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This sounds normal with the Mirena. It makes most women experience early pregnancy symptoms because of the progesterone in it in addition to light or no AF. Just one of the many reason I took mine out-it was driving me CRAZY always wondering whether I was pregnant or not!


But the copper IUD has no hormones, correct? So I don't think that should be an issue. It could be that your body is just trying to get back on track and your hormones are just funky still from breastfeeding. I know that really doesn't help when your wondering what the heck is going on, but to me it sounds normal for someone who's 8(?) months PP and still nursing on demand.

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