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wanting period to return

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How can I get my period to return without nightweaning?
Any medications that can force it on?
Turning 39 next month and would like to think about conceiving...
(had to get infertility tx the last time: my ds is 19 mos.)
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I think you should talk to a doctor if you want to force on a period. However, it seems wiser to me to somehow reconcile your desires and then take the appropriate natural action for your body. You may have to choose between nightweaning and a menstrual cycle. Even the return of your menstrual cycle doesn't necessarily guarantee fertility, as you must already know.

Our fertility docs would not prescribe any fertility medications while I was still nursing, even if only once or twice a day. They did not push weaning, but did not feel that the meds should be mixed with the breastfeeding.

Have you tried this question on the TTC forum. There may be some herbal suggestions you could try.
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I've wondered this myself, not for conception, but just because I feel better when I'm having regular periods. My son is only 1 so there is no way I'd wean just for periods, but I'd love a way to find out how to get my cycles back. I asked my dr. and she said she'd give me a shot of provera (I think that was the drug)- like the hormones in the pill. I turned that down. I'd like a more natural solution. I plan to ask my midwife when i go in for my yearly, will let you know if I learn anything!
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Have you looked into Red Raspberry leaf?

I don't know if it would start up a period, but it does regulate it and helps with pms. Tones the female reproductive organs and helps to balance hormones. If taken regularly it will help contractions during labor and help with hemorrhaging.

My periods always have started like clockwork after having a baby even with extended breastfeading.

other herbs for female system are: blue cohosh, black cohosh, false unicorn root, rue, chammomile, blessed thistle squaw vine, cramp bark, chaste tree berry. I can remember what they do, but worth looking into.
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Some good, safe herbs that may help are: nettles, angelica, red raspbery leaf, strawberry leaf... actually Traditional Medicinals makes a female toner tea that includes all these, plus cramp bark and a few others.
Acupuncture could also be very helpful.
As well as high doses of essential fatty acids: 2 Tbsp. hemp seed oil each day, plus a multi-efa, sprinkle flax meal on foods, etc...
Oh, and daily exercise.
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